14 Cuckoo Ideas for Creating a Quirky Home

Everyone wants to make his or her home as unique as possible. Some people will go to great lengths to make their homes a true reflection of their personality. Of course, each has their own opinion on how a home, specifically their dream home, should look like. For those craving idea’s on how to make a home as unique as possible, here’s a guide on creating a quirky home.


1. Go old school with a Weathervane

A weathervane is a creative yet practical way to add a touch of personality to the exterior of your house. Not only is it helpful in providing weather and wind information, people would also clearly remember a house with a weathervane simply because it is different. Your house becomes a landmark of sorts. Why not add a little more of a personal touch and choose your favourite animal as the weathervane design!

quirky home ideas

2. Stairs turned bookshelf

This is great for people who love books but do not have the space to accommodate all the books they own. Renovate the stairs and turn them into bookshelves. You could even arrange the books in such a way that they leave a message with their titles!

unusual stained glass door

3. Stained glass for doors

Stained glass doors are a great way to add colour into your homes, literally. The coloured glass throws coloured shadows along the floor. It also brightens up the room because it lets natural light in.

rainbow fan

4. Rainbow within a fan

Keep the room cool and colourful with your electric fans. Just colour each individual blade with full colours. You don’t even need to buy paint for these; markers are enough to turn this appliance into a rainbow generator.

jar diy

5. Recycled jars and bottles as decorations

Look at all those bottles and jars harbouring what was once quality coffee and recognizable jam and preserves. Just get paint and a couple of sharpies and glitters and go crazy with designing them. You could even colour coordinate these designed recyclables with the room. No one could mistake these crafty jars for old coffee bottles and Pringles containers. You can find more great inspiration for this idea here.

wallpaper for girls

6. Designs rather than monochromatic wallpapers

Rather than get your walls covered with some monochromatic wallpapers, get the designed wallpapers. These wallpapers would look more interesting and more artful than a plain wall. Cuckooland offers different types of wallpapers for girls and boys that would look great for the kids of the house.


7. Wall stickers rather than wallpapers

Alternatively, you could just colour your walls in plain colour but place wall stickers around the house. These are a great way to express your creative individuality. It would also be easier to place than framed pictures, as you don’t need to make frame hooks for these.


8. Recycled sports equipment

Want your sporty side reflected in your home? Get your unused or broken sports equipment and turn them into house decorations. For tennis players, remove the strings from your rackets and replace these with a mirror. Get all your golf balls and paint them with flower or bug designs for the garden. Use your old baseball bat as a hat rack. Turn your skateboard into a swing seat.


9. Drawing pin covered walls

Choose a wall with no designs whatsoever; in fact, a white wall would be great for this. Cover the wall with Drawing pins and hang your favourite accessories there. Take your hats and bags and use them as wall design. Not only would it brighten up the room, it would also keep it clean and organised.


10. Curtains as dividers

Curtains are a great way to partition the room and make a corner more private. Choose a favourite spot in your house and turn it into a secluded private area by hanging curtains around. Curtains also work well as mess cover especially on those wall cabinets you keep forgetting to organise.


11. Bath tub couch

What better way to make a home quirky than using furniture for an entirely different purpose? Turn your bathtub into a couch. Have it cut lengthwise and design it with a nice fabric. Add a few throw pillows and you’re good to go.


12. Screen Door Pot Rack

Is your screen door broken and in need of replacing? Don’t throw away the broken screen door- use it as pot rack in the kitchen! Not only would it help conserve space, it makes a great decoration in the kitchen. Have it hanging from the ceiling so it could double as an extra shelf.


13. Aquarium Console TV

Did you keep that old 80’s console TV?  Good, now turn the old thing into an aquarium. You just have to be careful in removing the electronic parts. It would have a very retro appearance and an even more interesting aquarium design.

Children's beds

14. A Treehouse Bed for the kids

Recreate Neverland for your kids with a treehouse bed in their very own room! Yes, evoke the limitless imaginings of your child with a bed that is completely out of this world.

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