5 Unusual Wind Vanes You Simply Must See

Wind Vanes, once a quirky figure head for the top of buildings are making something of a comeback for 2014. A quick search reveals hundreds of unique and strange creations which are just waiting to adorn the top of your home.  So, in the spirit of all thing quirky and creative, we have created a list of the top 5 unusual wind vanes to give you some much needed inspiration for making your house a home of wonders (Ps, You can order your very own bespoke design wind vane at Cuckooland – contact us for more information).

The Violin – The Church of Great Ponton, Lincolnshire

This little beauty actually has a pretty awesome back story.  It is believed that in the 17th century a very talented fiddler won over his parish so graciously that they raised enough money between themselves to enable the fiddler to study the Violin in America. Their generosity was repaid when the famous fiddler made his fortune and in return he purchased the violin shaped wrought iron fiddle for the church. The Violin still swings majestically after many years and is a symbol of community spirit and giving.

violin wind vane

The Bishopsgate Beaver, London

The beaver wind vane was commissioned by the Hudson Bay Company when the firmed resided in London in 1670.  After a heady life of trading in London, the Hudson Bay Company moved into Canadian territory in 1870.  The Hudson Bay Company moved head office in 1970 from London to Canada, they now own and operate a large number of department stores across Canada but the Beaver remains in London as a beacon of where it all began.Beaver wind vane

The Panda by The Profile Range

As a symbol of wildlife protection and conservation all around the world, who doesn’t love the Panda? With their cute eyes, two toned bodies and adorable bamboo eating ways; the Panda is adored by millions and it’s easy to see why. The stunning Panda Wind Vane is perhaps a little out of place in the usual wind vane category hence why it has a place on our top five list.  Designed using machined parts, the high density polyethylene coating will ensure this it lasts, the real beauty is in the creative design, featuring an adorable Panda, this quirky styled wind vane is sure to be a hit with our readers.  Why settle for the stereotypical arrows or cockerels when you can have something which is far more sweet and adorable.

panda weather vane

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The Grasshopper Time Capsule, Boston

The Grasshopper wind vane has a very interesting story behind it.  Built in 1742 in reference to the grasshopper on the Royal Exchange building in London, this Grasshopper was actually used as a time capsule!  The first note placed in the grasshopper was in reference to the earthquake of 1755 and read  “To my brethren and fellow grasshoppers, Fell …early in ye morning by a great earthquake by my old Master above,” Each time the grasshopper was repaired or cleaned a new note or coin was added.  However, in 1974 the Grasshopper went missing, it was recovered but the original content has been removed. Thankfully the tradition continued and the Grasshopper now has a belly full of notes and knick-knacks from the past.  As if that wasn’t enough of a rich history, the Grasshopper was actually created by the first American wind vane craftsman, Shem Drowne.  It’s fair to say that this little critter has a brilliant history.

The VW Camper Van by Profile Range

Designed for fans of all things retro and vintage, the VW Camper Van weathervane is the perfect addition to a house full of quirky style. Most VW Fans are ready to shout from the roof tops about their passion of motoring and freedom and now they can with this unique VW Camper Van Wind vane which has been designed with a special coating to ensure it weathers out our fluctuating British seasons. So whether your a camper van enthusiast or just a seasoned traveller, this could be the perfect wind vane for your home.

VolksWagen wind vane

At Cuckooland we love all things unique and creative, and welcome you to share your favourite unusual windvanes in the comments section below. If this post has left you wanting more, please also view our ‘Famous Weathervanes‘ post. The aeroplane windvane of Yukon Transportation museum in Canada truly must be seen.

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