7 must-have iPhone accessories for Dad

Good old dad. It’s not so much that he’s a technophobe, but he’s just of a different time – he doesn’t really understand the unwritten, techie “faux-pas” of the modern age. Back in the mid-00s he thought that wearing his hands-free set in the supermarket was, not only acceptable, but made him look professional and with-the-times! And nowadays he’s making a point of getting his e-cig out in every public space just for the novelty. But when he’s not liking his own posts of Facebook, you can at least give Dad the credit of leaving his comfort zone and embracing the digital age, so here are a few tech gift ideas for him to help ease him into the 21st century – here are our top 7 iPhone accessories for Dad!

Hands-free set

The absolute benchmark of dad design has always been, and continues to be, the hands-free set – as we mentioned before, bemused dads walking around in public with their hands-free sets in is about as cringe as it gets. That said, however, hands-free kits are pretty-much an essential for the busy dad on the move. Sometimes phone calls can’t wait so if he’s the type of bloke who spends a lot of time travelling for work (or for any reason, for that matter), then a hands-free set is the perfect gift for him! Check out this Parrot MiniKit+.

Just PLEASE tell him to leave it in the car. I know hands-free sets are pretty-much invisible nowadays, but that doesn’t excuse anything! If anything, he looks like he’s talking to himself!

iphone hands free kit

In-car FM transmitter

On the subject of iPhone car accessories, be sure to pick one of these up for him if he can’t stand all that modern tosh on the radio and likes to listen to his own music. Sure, it might mean going back to basics and explaining what mp3s are and how they work, but once he’s got the hang of it, he’ll appreciate the liberty of being able to listen to his complete “Yes” discography while he’s on the road – much to Mum’s dismay. If you’re looking for a top of the line model you can do much worse than this Belkin TuneBase FM Transmitter.

Belkin iphone accessories

Custom case

Dads love a bit of novelty, so an iPhone case is the perfect gift for the techie who has everything. Really put some thought into what kind of case Dad might like to be seen carrying his iPhone in, or, if your dad’s really just that unique and one-of-a-kind, get him a custom-made one! There are websites and services all over the country who can manage just about any design you like, normally for a reasonable price.

iPower Station

For the dad who’s just graduated from the school of disposable Nokias and entered the Smartphone big leagues, the shorter battery life may come as something of a shock to him! Make sure he’s not caught out far from home with an empty battery with the help of the iPower Station, a handy device that plugs into your iPhone to extend its battery by an extra 250 hours! An absolutely invaluable gift for him, and one that’s on sale! Get them while they last!

ipower phone charger for iphone

Speakers! (or not)

Going back to the in-car FM transmitter, your dad will certainly be taken aback when he finds out just how many songs he’s able to store on his iPhone without having to switch between CDs. Well, wait until he finds out he can plug his iPhone into some speakers! The gift that keeps on giving, but don’t expect mum to be thrilled with the resulting 24/7 Status Quo marathon.

Patrona Magnetic iPhone Wallet

Truly the daddy of all iPhone cases, Patrona’s designs are smooth and sophisticated, and will certainly give Dad that professional edge to go with his enthusiasm for gadgets. Whether in monochromatic black or white, or with a manly alligator-skin design, the Patronia magnet iPhone wallet is the perfect gift for him.

iphone wallet from patronica

Honourable mention: Nappali iPhone case

Equally as trendy as the Patrona case, the Nappali case is a great “gift for him” for anybody on a budget. With its cosmopolitan leather design, the Nappali case is a sophisticated gift for a sophisticated dad.

unique leather iphone case

So there are seven great gift ideas for dad and his iPhone. Do you have a techie dad? Or maybe you’re at the age where you, or your other half, is a techie dad! If so, what are your unique gift ideas for him? Let us know in the comments below!

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