7 Outrageous Kids’ Rooms You Must See Today

Think back to when you were little, and the time came for your bedroom to be decorated.  Do you remember those grandiose fantasies you used to have about having an amazing room?  This was at a point before you really understood money and you thought that the sky was the limit for your bedroom design.  Luckily back then, being a kid, you were easily appeased by a bit of branded wallpaper with matching bedsheets –  but you’d still dream of having a room that actually resembled the interior of a spaceship, or a princesses castle. Well, get ready for a nostalgia trip, because here are seven of the most outrageous kids’ rooms Google Search can find! Remember, for further inspiration, check out the creative range of children’s bedroom furniture at Cuckooland.

1. The Aquatic

No prizes for guessing which Disney film inspired this pink, oceanic little girl’s bedroom (the clue is on the left-hand wall).  Well, we say little girl, but that little bar-like table over on the right tells us otherwise – and… wait, is that a FISH TANK TABLE?  We don’t even know where to begin with this one – we don’t know what we love more; the seabed effects on the walls complete with shells and starfish, the fishtank in the far-wall (which we’re willing to bet has actual starfish in it), or that central “giant clam” circular bed.  All we know is that we want it.

quirky childs room

2. The Medieval

From an aquatic throne room “under the sea”, we surface in the kingdom of Camelot in the bedroom of young King Arthur himself.  Everything about this kids’ bedroom screams details, from the tiny knights sat on the steps to the sword and shield at the side of the bed, should the young knight need to rush off in the middle of the night to save a fair maiden.  Oh, and you’d better believe that’s a slide over there on the left.  I think the only thing we’d be against would be that big suit of knight’s armour… wouldn’t fancy waking up in the middle of the night to see that thing looming over me.

 unique kids bedroom ideas

3. The Astral

Remember what we were saying earlier about having a spaceship room?  Yeah, scratch that, this one’s far cooler.  And the best part is, unlike the last two, this one looks totally within the budget of a regular person with a shred of sanity!  It just goes to show you how much life a little bit of creativity can breathe into a cosy room.  With the solar system on the ceiling, reflected on the bedsheets, and a cosmic blue colour scheme all around, I’m pretty sure our young selves would be willing to settle for this if we couldn’t sleep in an actual working spacecraft!

quirky kids bedroom

4. The Royal

No, not the Channel 4 1960s hospital drama – far from it.  This children’s bedroom (or at least this bed, which is all we can see, but we’re willing to bet the bedroom is pretty glamorous too!) also takes less-than-subtle inspiration from a popular Disney film – once again, no prizes for guessing.  Although this picture focuses on the grandiose bed, fit for a Princess, we get a sneak-peak of the rest of the room, which is decorated with a not-too-over-the-top pink which really breathes a hint of regal class into this little girl’s bedroom.

Unique childrens bed

5. The Nautical

We’re taking another trip under the sea, only not so deep this time.  This ingenious room seems to be set just a couple of metres under the sea, but with an awesome twist.  Yes, that is the underneath of a ship you see with a rope bridge leading to it, and we’re willing to bet anything that there’s a bed hidden in there!  Oh, but wait… cast your eyes down and notice a walk-in wardrobe full of suits.  Is this really a kid’s room?  We’re willing to give the chap on the bridge the benefit of the doubt and class him as a “big kid”.  The only thing that could improve this room would be something nautical from Cuckooland’s kid’s room range…

 Pirate themed childrens bedroom

6. The Great Outdoors

Unfortunately practicality and the Great British weather dictates that allowing your children to sleep outdoors is a limited endeavour at best. This didn’t stop this unique family from creating and outdoor forest inspired setting for their children to dream in. Stopping short of installing a tree swing, this kids bedroom is perfect for a young Tarzan and/or Jane.

Unusual childrens bedroom furniture

7.  The Space-Age

When writing this blog post, it took us a while to figure out which rooms we’d like to start with, and which we’d like to finish with.  So eventually, we decided that the best place to end the list would be in the year 3014.  It’s good to see that, despite the Kindles rising up and conquering the human race, these future-kids are keeping the resistance strong with a sturdy collection of paper-backs.  And we’re not sure how comfortable those hamster-wheel things are, but we can only imagine they’re some kind of future seating mechanism used for curing back problems and digitally absorbing the entire contents of Wikipedia into the brain via some sort of future advancement on WiFi.

unique childrens bedrooms

Alright, we’re done teasing you now.  We know that these rooms are probably out of the question for the vast majority of living people, so having a Little Mermaid-inspired or actual-forest-like bedroom for your kids will have to remain a distant dream.  That said, you can come pretty close!  Cuckooland is the one-stop shop for all things quirky and unusual, and children’s bedrooms just happen to be one of our many specialities!  Dare to dream, and come and take a look at our vast range of children’s bedroom furniture and decor (including the very creative Mathy by Bols collection) and, who knows?  Keep at it, and perhaps one day you can dream of a castle-esque room of your very own!

unique childrens beds

The Mathy by Bols Caravan Bed must be seen!

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