Be The Best Version Of You In 2016

New Year, New You…. yeah right. Ok, so we can peddle the usual media churning of the New Year New You theme but you know what, we think you’re fabulous just the way you are! Our readers are some of the most self-styled, quirky and unique individuals ever to grace this planet, so why would we want to change that?

Instead, we think that 2016 should be about being yourself; the best version of youself. Forget the fad diets and extreme makeovers. Be true to your own unique self but with a few healthier, happier tweaks. Cuckooland is always on hand to help out with those all important lifestyle additions and the new year couldn’t be a better time to cast out the bad habits and invest in some much-needed good ones.

Grow Your Own

One of the biggest and most cliched resolutions of any new year is to lose weight/eat better. So we have a crazy, if not ingenious approach to this goal of goals. Why not focus on growing your own grub instead? Within our Country and Garden Gifts, you will find an incredible range of garden accessories to help those shrubs grow into delicious and healthy kitchen staples. The Orla Kiely set of three herb pots will bring tasty, fresh herbs into your home. We have gardening gloves aplenty as well as garden tools, sheds and watering reels to create the perfect foodie garden for those with Winter Weather Green Houses and Converted Conservatories.

Orla Kiely Garden Accessories

Orla Kiely Set Of Three Herb Pots From £33.95

Drink More Of The Good Stuff

One of the best health inspired goals you can easily achieve in 2016 is to drink more of the good stuff. No, we’re not talking whiskey or wine, we’re of course referring to that health restoring H2O! So get more of the good stuff with a citrus boost by grabbing yourself a Citrus Zinger Water Drinks Bottle. This inventive little water bottle comes with its very own juice infuser so you can enjoy fresh, cool water with the fruity real taste of squeezed juice.

Citrus Infuser Water Bottle

Citrus Zinger Drinks Bottle From £9.95

Get Happy With A Hobby

If 2015 felt like a never-ending cycle of work, with not much else thrown in then it’s time for a change, for 2016 should be about discovering your inner talent centre. With this in mind, it’s time to find a hobby! If you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, now is the time, or if you’ve always fancied running a marathon, pop those trainers on. If, however, you want a hobby but don’t know where to start, then we suggest taking a look at our Gifts for Cooking Enthusiasts. Within this range of culinary inspired treats, we have a plethora of starter kits for those who are lacking skills in the kitchen department. Our Make You Own Cheese range will have you churning curds like a pro and gaining a new skill in the process.

cheese maker

Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Kit From £16.95

Be Present In 2016

For many, time-keeping is an Achilles heel. If you suffer a slightly off body clock and are permanently late to appointments, meals and social gatherings, then we have just the thing for 2016. The Aight Designer Slap Watch not only looks the bees-knees it’s also great for ensuring you’re always on time. The 1AM watch is available in a range of bright colours which are guaranteed to always catch your eye and keep it on the time. So be present in 2016 with a Digital 1AM Designer Slap Watch.

1AM Snap Watch in Green

Aight Designer Snap Watch in Green From £49.95

Rediscover A Past Love

Remember the good old days before responsibilities and life got in the way of your happiness? A period of time when free time was in abundance and you fell in love with music, travel or endless Summers. Bring that past love back to life in 2016 by making a promise to yourself to spend a little more time on you! For music lovers, we have a superb range of record players and audio to rediscover that past love. If you have a record collection which is busy collecting dust and not much else, treat yourself to a retro inspired record player and relive those glory days. The GPO Attache Record Player is the perfect vessel for transporting you back to those good old days of music appreciation.

GPO Record Player in retro green design

GPO Attache Record Player From £69.95

Be Tech Savvy

Take your finger off the technology pulse for a second and you’ve missed another phone release, software update or new bit of tech to confuse, befuddle and baffle us. So keep up to date with the latest tech in 2016 with a Mighty Purse. This beautiful range of handbags, makeup bags and purses all contain an in-built phone charger so you never miss a phone update again. The Mighty Purse range will let you remain in control of your tech and gadgets at all times with a blast of battery when you need it most.

Phone Charing Wallet in Black

Mighty Purse Stud Wallet From £84.99

Get Out More

Forget boring and monotonous exercise, 2016 should be the year you get out and about and explore the great outdoors. Nothing is better for the soul than a brisk stroll with loved ones to clear out the cranium. To aid in your exploration, we have a cracking range of boots and footwear which will make exploring the great outdoors, well, a walk in the park! Take for example out Nordic Grip Non-Slip Boots with patented Non Slip IceLock Technology. These rootin’ tootin’ boots will keep you upright at all times. For those fashion conscious walkers, we have the Blackfox Sheepskin Style Waterproof Snug Boots. The Blackfox Snug Boot are a beautiful pair of waterproof boots which will keep your toes warm and cozy.

nordic boots with Icelock technology

Nordic Grip Non Slip Boots From £44.95

Do More With The Kids

There’s nothing more important than family. In a world where time flies faster than the Delorean from Back To The Future, it’s essential that we all make time for our loved ones. So this year, boost those family ties by spending more time with the Kiddie-winks. Here at Cuckooland, we are known for unique and creative Gifts for Kids but our favourite by far is our collection of make and do activities. Our activity packs have everything you need to create an afternoon of madness and creativity with the kids.

Seedling Activity Set

Seedling Make Your Own Cape From £29.95

Make 2016 the year of improving the masterpiece you already are. No need for reinventions, drastic changes or lifestyle overhauls to keep up with the Jones’. Be the best version of you this year with a few healthier, happier choices. From the entire team here at Cuckooland, we would like to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2016.

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