10 Best Valentines Gift Ideas 2017

It’ll soon be time to pack the kids off for a night, turn down the lights, and let the butterflies of love waft through the room on a perfumed breeze (or whatever offerings emanate from the oven). To set the tone for a sizzling February 14th, it’s time to search for the perfect gift – a little reminder of how those butterflies danced and how sweet that breeze (or special diner) should always be.

We’ve picked out 10 romantic valentine’s day gifts for this the day with the gooiest of centers:

10. PILL Hot Water Bottle in Red

PILL Hot Water Bottle In RedPILL Hot Water Bottle in Red from £30.00


Much as we’d like to, we may not always have a warm body by our side on those typically chilly British nights. For those nights you’re away from the love nest, let the PILL Hot Water Bottle fill that role, offering up the warm smooch of a thermal aid. Unlike a typical hot water bottle, PILL has been commended for its handy pouring cap, as well as its wet-suit properties that stop the material from scolding anyone. Designed to be hugged tight till they or you return.

9. Men’s Society Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Set

Beard grooming set for men

Men’s Society Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Set from £25.00

Some of us can’t get enough of the touch of a moustache or beard with that morning kiss. For bristly beauty, this grooming kit from Men’s Society is a cut above the rest, containing a vial of beard oil, special wax and a wee ‘tache comb. Boxed in a gold tin, the retro dude of your dreams is in for a treat, giving his assets (err… not those ones!) an authentic makeover.

8. Basket For The Ladies Luxury Hamper

Virginia Hayward Luxury Ladies Hamper

Basket For The Ladies Luxury Hamper from £71.50

Ohhhh yes, now we’re talking! Any gal who gazes on this heavenly collection of sweets, chocs and pampering goodies is going to melt on the spot. There’s a chocolate flower, for a start, syncing two Valentine’s favourites in one; also, a bottle of pink rosé and a scented candle to while away a bath session (with or without own input!). Us girls are a sucker for lush presentation, and this Virginia Hayward hamper comes in a white willow basket, giving her a display feature long after those crumbs have been snaffled up.

7. Red Haribo Heart Marshmallow Sweet Tree

Haribo and Marshmallow sweet tree by browns

Red Haribo Heart Marshmallow Sweet Tree from £21.99

You might think that love doesn’t grow on trees, but you’d be a teensy bit wrong… This confectionary flora delivers marshmallow straight to a waiting heart (and tongue). We don’t know a single person on earth who doesn’t appreciate a shower of Haribo, so you have their palette covered for the 14th February, lending an extra taste to those lips. You can give us a message, and we’ll scrawl it on the glass sweet tree base – another sugary feeling, no doubt, to savour together.  

6. Silver-Plated Champagne Love Flutes

Culinary Concepts flutes

Silver-Plated Champagne Love Flutes from £64.95

Toasting is twice as nice with Champagne Love Flutes, created by the ace Culinary Concepts. Twinned to each other, these glasses are a perfect summation of your closeness, as elegant as a pair of swans on a mercury lake. Clink to the good times, and those still to come! And, if you look closely, you’ll see that the looped design resembles a special, silver heart…

5. Aight 1AM Slap Watch in Punk Pink

Aight 1AM Designer Slap Watch In Punk Pink

Aight 1AM Slap Watch in Punk Pink from £49.95

It could be time for an upgrade in your partner’s fashion arsenal: the Aight Slap Watch, dressed in the new Punk Pink finish, is a chic-as-can-be piece of wrist wear. Bold, minimalist and water resistant, it’ll count down the seconds to style nirvana, with a silicone strap that clasps nicely on her skin.

4. GPO Attache Record Player Suitcase in Red

Vintage Record Player

GPO Attache Record Player Suitcase in Red from £59.95

“You spin me right round, baby, right round…” We all know the rest of that track, but it’s true – relationships can seem like a vinyl on super-speed, blurring emotions at a mad BPM. Create a mini party for the two of you with this Record Player Suitcase by GPO, packing up into a portable music hub for your jaunts. There’s already a built-in speaker system, so you’re hot to trot as soon as you get that needle going…

3. Lomo Instant Mini Camera

 Lomo Instant Mini Honolulu edition

Lomo Instant Mini Camera from £105.00

Digital pics are just a bit… well, easy and therefore forgettable really aren’t they? They usually just end up gathering cyber dust on a social media account, or deep in the vaults of our laptop memory. Make your memories come alive with the Lomo Instant Mini Camera (Honolulu edition), encompassing a quick-flash button, wide lens and instant snaps that are the right size for your wallet. Ideal for loved-up getaways!

2. Personalised Hubs Watch in Silver

Personalised Hubs Watch

Personalised Hubs Watch in Silver from £79.00

Reward your man with a great watch-piece, only think of a dashing sentiment first! Designers Lisa Angel can inscribe a special date, lyric or name on the face of this item, which also comes in various sizes to match your partner’s preference. Silver can go with pretty much anything, adding a timely lick of class to his conference suit or Friday night getup.

1. Personalised Horizontal Bar Necklace in Rose Gold

Personalised Bar Necklace

Personalised Horizontal Bar Necklace in Rose Gold from £19.00


Sticking with a bespoke flavour at the top of our countdown, we can’t recommend the Bar Necklace highly enough: it’s a capper to your Valentine’s haul, cementing your partnership with whatever words are carved into the 14-carat rose gold. Get two of them, and wear your bond proudly all year round! For lovers with eyes wide as dishes for one another, this is the ultimate symbol of what you’ve gone through, and what lies ahead…

And that, dear lovebirds, is another Valentine’s Day in the bag. Any pressure you had over what to buy has, hopefully, vanished into the ether, replaced with a dawning trust in Cuckooland’s smooch-tastic gift collection. Call our customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 for more amorous offerings that’ll put a notch in Cupid’s arrow, or view our complete gifts for him and gifts for her collections!

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