An Illuminating Buyer’s Guide To Lighting

Lighting has taken on a whole new meaning in the world of modern décor. Once regarded as essential fixtures that did what they said on the tin, lights are now fitted to serve multiple purposes – adding ambience, accenting, and functionality to interiors rather than just increasing visibility. But to achieve the desired effect, you need to get your hands on the right type of light. And that’s where things can get a little murky.

The last thing you need is to be kept in the dark when it comes to lighting fixtures, so we’ve written this illuminative guide to cast some light on the sparkling collection available at Cuckooland. From ceiling lights, to desk lights, to lights for outdoor spaces, we have all the fittings you could possibly think of. Reach for your shades and join us as we stroll through some seriously dazzling solutions…

Tripod Copper Floor Lamp

Tripod Copper Floor Lamp from £205.00

Dancing on the ceiling  

Ceiling lights determine how warmly a room will welcome visitors. Too dim, and the surroundings can seem sombre. Too bright, and they risk quelling the mood and making guests feel a little overwhelmed. For the pitch-perfect greeting, you need the pitch-perfect fixture.

Choosing a ceiling fixture that beams a healthy amount of light into the room below is naturally important, but it’s equally crucial to select a model that works with the rest of the décor. Remember, you can always opt for dimmable bulbs and/or lamps to give you flexibility when you need it. If you’re seeking to establish a continental vibe through your lighting fixtures, the Grand Paris Vintage Ceiling Light can reinforce a sense of Parisian elegance, whilst eye-catching statement pieces like the Bamboo Hanging Ceiling Light or Hand Knotted Macrame Chandelier will throw your room into the Eastern Hemisphere.

Grand Paris Ceiling Light

Grand Paris Ceiling Light from £65.00

Of course, you might be seeking something a little more simplistic. In which case, minimalistic pieces like the Industrial Factory Pendants (available in different sizes) from HK Living will slot seamlessly into Scandi-style environs. Regardless of design, it’s always worth considering the size of the room and setting a buying budget before you begin. Fixtures that steal too much space will prove distracting, and you don’t want to run out of money before you’ve finished adding all the lights you need. Keep the bigger, more extravagant ceiling lights for larger rooms and use small pendants/hanging lights in compact spaces. If you want to throw a bit of spotlight on a particular feature (perhaps a table or worktop), you’ll need to ensure the light is strong enough to illuminate the object from where it’s being installed.

Industrial Factory Pendant Ceiling Light

Industrial Factory Pendant Ceiling Light from £169.95

A spotlight on your activities

Whether you’re curling up with a good book in the evenings or punching away on your laptop long after the sun has set, you’re going to need a bright light companion alongside you. We have a fab range of Table Lamps and Desk Lights in stock here at Cuckooland, casting those all-important rays of light onto your novel or workstation whilst adding a charming touch of sophistication to the surroundings in the process.

Curved Study Lamp in Antique Brass Finish

Curved Study Lamp in Antique Brass Finish from £129.00

Our range is so comprehensive that you can pick out a model that functions as an eye-catching centrepiece or one that subtly blends into the neighbouring décor. For example, our Curved Study Lamp in Antique Brass is a beautiful addition to a wooden desk, with its vintage appeal making your workspace appear both classy and professional all at once. The Bamboo Table Lamp is another head-turning fixture, sporting a dome-shaped structure built with natural bamboo that works well in a Scandi-style living area. On the other hand, if you’re opting for an understated look (with visibility higher on your list of priorities), your desk could benefit from one of our Task Table Lamps or Stirrup Traditional Lamps. They’re guaranteed to bring a dash of style to the room, without diverting attention from other furnishings.

Bamboo Table Lamp

Bamboo Table Lamp from £59.95

But if you want to really spice up your home space with something flashy, the kooky Teapot Table Lamp and the inimitable Brass Palm Tree Table Lamp aren’t just useful lighting fixtures – they’re genuine conversation starters.

Teapot Table Lamp

Teapot Table Lamp from £94.95

Wall-to-wall brilliance

Wall lights, for a long time, were associated with gastro pubs, glamorous restaurants, and chic bars. But now these fittings have found their way inside the average household, adopting all kinds of fascinating shapes, sizes, and forms to offer homeowners a way to flex their creative muscles.

Chiswick Wall Light in Clay

Chiswick Wall Light in Clay from £30.00

The first thing to note when shopping for a wall light is the amount of space you have to work with. A lone fitting that’s too small will look like a peculiar afterthought, whereas a light that’s too big will dominate the wall to the point where it becomes something of an ornamental albatross. So consider dimensions when measuring up for your new fixtures. The next thing to remember is that you won’t get the most out of wall lighting by slapping fixtures across your property in a haphazard manner. Instead, they should be used as guiding lights that lure inhabitants through hallways, or as splendid standalone fittings that complement other items in the room.

Vintage Wall Light in Gloss Green

Vintage Wall Light in Gloss Green from £134.95

For example, the Chiswick Retro Wall Lights are diminutive fittings that function brilliantly when racked up in rows in a hallway, blending in nicely with various décor styles. However, the Dutchbone Vintage Wall Lights are perfect examples of fixtures that are big and distinctive enough to hang alone, ideally alongside similar vintage-style products resting below. If you’re craving a modernist feel, it’s worth considering Extendable Arm Wall Lights from Zuiver. These sleek designs work both on their own and as part of a strip, arriving with adjustable arms that can be modified to cast light in different areas of the room. Of course, you can grab a great set of wall lights for your garden area too, but we’ll discuss this in more detail a little later…

Flex Extendable Arm Wall Lamp

Flex Extendable Arm Wall Lamp from £94.95

A dash of decoration

For a burst of colour that’s bold enough to take the breath away, it’s worth checking out our superb selection of lampshades. Built with top-notch materials and out-of-the-box shapes, these products can function as fantastic, striking centrepieces in any room.

Nuvola Paper Lamp Shade

Nuvola Paper Lamp Shade from £40.00

With a multitude of options to choose from, including the Nuvola Paper Lamp Shade, Caspian Paper Lamp Shade, and Cumulus Paper Lamp Shade, you’ll be able to cast soft light into your lounge or living room space with a beautiful paper-crafted fitting. The dome Large Seashell Ceiling Light Shade is a ready-made bedfellow for Scandi interiors, sporting an iridescent grey exterior and constructed with seashells meshed with a silver frame.

Cumulus paper Lamp Shade

Cumulus Paper Lamp Shade from £48.00

Some of our lampshades come with light bulbs included, but others will need to be purchased separately. In either case, the accompanying product descriptions include information about the type of bulbs you will need to buy. Plus, it’s good to know you can come back to Cuckooland to pick up some replacements whenever your fittings start to flicker.

Brightening up outdoors

It’s easy to neglect your garden and play it safe with a night light, but with the right fittings in the right places, you can create a twinkling outdoor nirvana that offers a sublime background for summer parties. There are all kinds of ways to inject some life into your garden with lighting fixtures, from slapping wall lights onto sheds to slipping garden lamps alongside your outdoor chairs.

Astall Wall Lantern

Astall Wall Lantern from £60.00

To add an aesthetic (and practical) touch to your outdoor porch or patio, lanterns work a dream. We’ve got Astall Garden Wall Lanterns, Grosvenor Garden Wall Lanterns, and Swinbrook Garden Wall Lanterns among others, allowing you to take your pick from a wide selection of colours and shapes that look great in your garden space. If you’re hunting for that perfect lighting fixture, we hope this guide has brightened up your day. We like to think we’re a bright bunch when it comes to lights, and our jam-packed collection of lighting, lampshades and bulbs makes it easy to mix and match.

Grosvenor Garden Wall Lantern

Grosvenor Garden Wall Lantern from £110.00

If you have any questions about our lighting range, or if you’re looking for a particular type of product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Cuckooland team on 01305 231231 or via email. There’s nothing we love more than engaging in some incandescent chatter…



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