Camping and Caravanning: 6 Staycation Essentials!

Travel.  Everyone’s talking about travel nowadays!  Whether it’s disappearing off to a villa on southern Europe for a week, or going off  to build wells in the heart of Africa, we’re a generation obsessed with travel!  But why not start at home?  From Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, to Stonehenge, all the way up to the Scottish isle of Lewis and Harris – recently voted Europe’s best island – there’s so much to see in the British Isles!  Why not consider a return to tradition this summer?  Join the camping and caravanning craze and become a tourist in your own country! 

This is a gift guide for those who are planning on enjoying the sun this summer at home, on a Great British staycation! tweet this

The Great British Staycation

Donkey Bicycle Bag

What’s a staycation without visiting one of the UK’s National Parks?  The Lake District; the Yorkshire Dales; Snowdonia; all of these are places of great beauty, guaranteed to attract roves of adventure-seeking walkers and cyclists.  And for the cyclists, there’s this six-bottle bicycle bag!  Sick of rucksacks giving you back-sweats and throwing you off-balance?  This handy bike-saddle will fit six bottles (or whatever you please that’ll fit in there – including newspapers, maps, travel guides!) – including the Eau Carafe!

donkey bicycle bag

Caribee Zen Toiletry bag

Let’s start with an absolute essential – the toiletry bag.  There’s nothing worse than travelling from place-to-place then, after a hot, sweaty day of hiking and cycling, realising that you left your toothbrush and deodorant at the last campsite!  Keep it all together in this Caribee Zee toiletry bag – an essential gift for him for when he’s out on the road!

Caribee toiletry bag

Lotus Grill

The Lotus Grill is certainly the hottest (geddit?) topic on our range at the moment, and that might have something to do with the fact that barbecue season is just around the corner.  But a succulent meal of bangers and burgers needn’t be limited to garden life!  The portable, smoke-free and easy-to-clean Lotus Grill can be taken anywhere – perfect for anyone  who fancies a pop-up pig roast in the woods, on the beach – wherever you like!  In the sun or under the stars, the Lotus Grill is a fantastic gift for caravanners and campers!


Field Candy tent

Gifts for campers?  Well… what better than a tent?  But not just any tent – the quirky and unusual designs of our Field Candy tents make them a unique gift for travellers who are sick of having to scour the campsite to find their way back to their sleeping quarters!  After all – who else is going to have a tent with a watermelon design?

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The Eau Carafe

For the adventurer who has everything, the Eau Carafe serves not only as a convenient gift, but also as an exquisite tribute to travellers throughout the ages.  Yes, that’s a lump of charcoal stuck in there; that charcoal serves to mineralise the water and balance its pH; a method originating in 17th-century Japan that travellers have sworn by since!  Not only that, but the beautiful container, crafted from hand-blown glass, makes for a unique gift for all avid travellers!

Eau Carafe water bottle

The Mighty Purse

One for the ladies.  Sorry, let me rephrase that – THE one for the ladies.  The Mighty Purse has got to be the ultimate gift for her.  Ladies, we’ve all been there; we’ll go to the seaside or on a nice, woodland walk, and once it comes to carrying things, a lady’s handbag is what holds the whole trip together!  But the Mighty Purse is more than just a handbag… it contains a phone-charger, compatible with all of the top mobile phone models, because – let’s face it – there’s always somebody who needs their phone charging!  The very best in gifts for ladies – no longer will that low battery bleeping ruin your staycation!

How the Mighty purse works

So now you’re all prepared for a good old, traditional British summer holiday!  Gifts for him, gifts for her, and gifts for them – this summer, with our help, nobody should be ill-prepared for a bit of camping in the woods, caravanning in the country, or hiking in the hills; all performed, of course, without setting foot on a plane!  We hope our unique camping and caravanning gift ideas have given you an idea how to prepare for your trip, and we hope that just having a read-through of this article has inspired you to step outside of the box, and become a tourist in this beautiful country of ours!  Happy holidaying!

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