Celebrate all Gadgets Great and Small this National Techies Day

Go go gadget greatness! Yep, we’re in full geek mode as we prepare for National Techies Day on the 3rd October. We’re leading a charge to get those microchips off our shoulders and embrace the awesomeness of e-volution. What the fudge roll is it I here you ask? Well, it first shot onto our cultural mainframe back in 1999, it’s a worldwide celebration of what makes the 21st century so expansive, evolving and exciting (e-volution!). So, lets crank up the virtual dials and show you why we’re all just nerds at heart really!

Here’s Cuckooland’s list of the 10 smartest tech purchases money can buy, for your loved one or favourite tech head to enjoy…

10. Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wrist Wrap Headphones

Gahhhh, the nightmare of tangled earphones! Don’t you just wish someone would solve it for good? Well, thanks to Wraps who have delivered their Wristband Headphones to the tech market, we never have to suffer through a wire detangle again. It’s one of those ‘I-can’t-believe-no-one-thought-of-that-first’ type deals – by coiling them around your wrist, tangles are totally banished to another, redundant time. The phone jack locks into the middle of the ear buds, keeping the easy-wear device in place.

Wrist Wraps from £14.99

9. Wine Decantiere 7-in-1 Wine Aerator

Wine aerator by Vagnby

Showing off your appreciation for genius doesn’t mean an uber-flashy gadget, necessarily, as this Wine Decantiere proves. With a clever filtration process, it lets you pour wine like you’ve just stepped out of a French vineyard, authentic flavours swilling around your tongue. That’s because, as a bottle attachment, it runs air through the booze, opening up all those glorious scents and tangs to their peak form. It also prevents spillage when you’re eagerly topping up your glass. A fragrant glass of aerated vino next to your laptop -can’t get more 21st Century than that!

Vagnby 7-in-1 Wine Aerator from £44.95

8. Berlin Boombox


Packing the entire spirit of the 1980’s into one, this flat-packed beast is no mean feat. We’re super glad to announce that sunglasses, caps and ridiculous hairdos can groove afresh to the Berlin Boombox. Featuring a whole spectrum of arty getups, they’re made entirely from cardboard and ingenious electronics, letting you put it together from scratch. Don’t worry though – there’s no glue involved, and it works seamlessly with a speaker jack. A 21 st Century take on a classic 80’s theme. So geek but so cool!

Berlin Boombox From £59.95

7. Trobla Amplifier

Trobla Amplifier

Now, brace yourselves for this one, because we’re knocked out by what Trobla have managed to accomplish here. In a nutshell, this new designer has gone back to basics, and it feels revolutionary. By crafting a simple, wooden amplification device, made to hold a smartphone in its docking station, there’s not a wire in sight, as the natural shape projects your tunes with an achingly sweet timbre. Eco-conscious music lovers will appreciate it even more when they learn of its sustainable, recyclable makeup. E-volution meet Eco-lution.

Trobla Amplifier from £84.95

6. aOWL Bluetooth Speaker

Kreafunk aOwl Bluetooth Speaker.

Hoo are you listening to? Whatever hits grace your playlist, this wise audio solution has a hefty pair of full-tone speakers to blast them loud and clear. Aside from its relatively small stature, the aOWL Bluetooth Speaker does exactly what it says on the tin: hooking up to your smartphone, PC or mp3 player for portable entertainment at a moment’s notice.

aOWL Bluetooth Speaker from £129.00

5. SEYVR Phone Charging Men’s Wallet

Phone Charging Wallet for Android or iPhone

Okay, so your best bloke may bemoan his phone running out of juice for now, but give him a Seyvr Charging Wallet, and he’ll never have to worry about missing that invite to the pub again. And since this gadget holds half a dozen cards and generous space for his cash, he won’t be turning out his pockets either. Ideal for business trips, days on the move, and nights where the photo evidence is not to be missed…

SEVR Phone Charging Men’s Wallet from £39.95

4. The One Fashion Headphones

Jewellery Headphones by Jaxmotech

Joining Kreafunk’s latest offering are these delightful headphones, designed by Jaxmotech. Combing fashion with function: jewellery and audio devices finally become One! This beaded accessory slinks down from both ears, perfectly imitating a necklace, allowing you to make calls and switch music tracks with its nifty control button. Suddenly, the compromise between style and sublime listening is no more.

The One Fashion Headphones from £65.00

3. aHead Bluetooth Headset

Legendary gadget maestros Kreafunk hit a high note here, bringing a fashionable headset to their range of quality tech. Designed with typical Danish verve, the aHead Headset combines good looks, convenience and pin-sharp sound schematics for a listening experience that’s hard to top. A complete lack of cables makes for smooth, fuss-free tuneage on the morning work jaunt, or a night-time jog through the park.

aHead Bluetooth Headset from £85.00

2. Minispresso Portable Espresso Machine


Coffee devotees usually have to flit between different cafes for their fix on the go, but no longer: the Minispresso is a super-addictive coffee grinder, delivering fresh espresso shots wherever you are. This hand-operated system removes the need for batteries or changing packs. What’s more, there’s a built-in scoop and espresso cup, a must-have for anyone who’s bean serious about a good cup of the strong stuff!

Minispresso Portable Espresso Machine from £44.95

1. Podo V2 Wireless Selfie Camera

Praise be to the gods of Podo – this crafty American manufacturer has built a camera small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or anywhere else for that matter. The Podo Wireless Smartphone Selfie Camera sticks readily onto flat surfaces, bringing weird and wonderful viewpoints to your photo skills. Attach it to a wall, car window or even your own body for a uniquely staged snap, using Bluetooth connectivity to transfer the results.

Podo V2 Wireless Selfie Camera from £59.95

Phew… we’re still reeling from this heap of wizardry. Like Marty McFly, our minds boggle at what the future’s got in store. Luckily, we’re giving you a heads-up on the current tech trends, so you’ll beat your mates to the post when the gadget race is on. Now go forth, and brandish your mechanical marvels for all the world to see…

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