Create a Cuckooland for your Kids with these Unique & Unusual Childrens Beds

Outside the obvious wishes of winning the Lottery or having a voice like a young Barbara Streisand or Living Forever (growing old but not actually aging that is!) my wish would be to go back in time and be a Zebra foal again- the thrill of playtime, galloping through the Valleys of Weepawoo with my friends; the sleepovers & midnight feasts & scary stories & whinnying through the night…the innocence of it all! Simple pleasures! Living in the present where having fun, laughing, playing and competing on such a basic untainted level felt so tangible & real. The times we had… they’re over now and we’re all grown up with responsibilities, commitments, stress, human heads on zebra shoulders. We’re sliding down the Bannister of life whilst hitting every splinter on the way- well not really, but why is growing old so painful sometimes?

Enough of growing old… I’m determined to be a foal again, if only to connect with my children on this basic & glorious level. Knowing now how important playtime was to me (with this benefit of hindsight) I’d make my bedroom extra wow weird & wonderful and fill it with Childrens Bedroom Furniture from some of my favourite Cuckooland suppliers.

A Kids Tree house Bunk Bed like this would do:

White childrens play bed

Or a Childrens Cabin Bed like this with brilliant flap (including poles) & toys drawer: 

Tent style childrens bed

Or this Unique & Unusual Bed for Kids thats in fact a Caravan Bed complete with sunroof, built in bookshelves, personalised number plates & optional back storage & tow bar! childrens caravan bed in white

I love this furniture and our Belgian friends who make it! My buyers are now searching for bedroom pieces like children’s bookshelves, rugs, bins, children’s wall art & wall stickers, everything we can think of to compliment these amazing kiddies beds & to design the most unique & unusual Cuckooland Childrens Bedroom possible! Keep watching this Blog for these & other inspirational ideas!

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