Cuckooland is the place to go for this year’s most Unique Christmas Gifts is expecting their British made Weathervanes and their new to the UK PILL Hot Water Bottles to steal the show this Christmas.

The atrocious UK weather (and the seasonal madness that follows) are the main reasons us Brits scamper up ladders and onto roofs in mid-Winter to install a device that helps us stay in touch with these rather bleak depressive elements…because a shifting wind could signal an early summer (yayy!) or gasp, that winter is here to stay. And this, our dear readers, is the reason why the humble, unassuming Weathervane slowly swings and twists its way into our list of products that are spectacularly pedestrian in their contribution to Cuckooland sales. Why then are we predicting old faithful here to top the list this Christmas? Because this Christmas is like no other Christmas, this Christmas we are able to design and produce any kind of Weathervane our customers desire… any shape they can dream up! Whimper and another gasp we hear. But it’s true, and so far this season our customers have challenged our ingenuity by ordering Rat Weathervanes, Labradors sniffing the derrieres of Spaniels, Crazy Bats and Airy Fairies as well as Retro VW Campervans, A Beautiful Ballerina, one Sad Looking Snail and a Bear! All of which were polished, boxed and delivered with the speed of a Peregrine Falcon (we can make this too!).

Each Weathervane is made using real British Steel, then machined, individually balanced and coated in High Density Polyethylene, making them incredibly durable and accurate! So if you don’t find the weathervane you’re looking for, well presto just call our team on 01305 755 621 and we’ll make a plan (or in this case a Weathervane).

labrador dog weathervane

Now what’s so wow, weird and wonderful about our other contender for mostUnique Christmas Gift? Well, it’s the coolest (err hottest!) product ever to call itself a Hot Water Bottle – ever seen a turquoise oval shaped Hot Water Bottle? Enter Pill with 5 additional equally outrageous colours! And that’s not even the coolest thing, what makes this Hot Water Bottle so unique is its made out of Neoprene, which is the same material used in Wet Suits, which means you can surf with it and then when used for its intended purpose, this super cool Designer Hot Water Bottle stays warmer for longer! Oh yes, and it has a pull out anti-scold funnel so you can lie it flat on the kitchen counter and fill it directly from the kettle without burning the bejesus out of your hands!

hot water bottle

Says company CEO Zebarella, “It’s probably the best thing to come out of Germany since the Bratwurst, the PILL is also the only confirmed cure for the common cold and most importantly our customers absolutely love it!”

Cuckooland prides itself on its immaculate customer service and offers Free Delivery Options, Free Returns and Random Acts of Cuckooness as a “thank you” to its swelling legion of Cuckooland friends and customers.

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