Roses are Red, Violets are Cheaper… but our Cuckooland Gifts will make him a Keeper!

So the day of love is drawing near, and as butterflies fill the stomachs of young lovers everywhere, the world is turning red and heart shaped before your yes. Yes, St Valentine is about to begin his yearly celebration of love, and as your quirky ‘go to’ place for Unique Gifts we have all the Valentine’s Day gifts you’ll ever need. From staple classics like chocolates to the more unusual and obscure; we have a little something for everyone. So kick back and relax with our guide to this years’ greatest Valentine’s gifts for him and for her!

Be My Sweet Tree-at!

Nothing says ‘adorable puppy love’ like those little packets of Love Heart sweets, but why have just one little packet when you can have an entire tree. Yes, our delicious Love Heart Sweet Tree is sure to win the heart of your sweet love. With popular hits such as ‘Kiss Me’ and ‘Be Mine’ this is one lip smackingly good Valentines day gift to give your loved one.


Love Heart Sweet Tree

A Splash of Opulence

For some, the perfect Valentines evening is spent in the comfort of their own home with a romantic meal, music and a roaring fire (if you’re lucky enough to have one). So why not make the night extra special and serve your very own cocktails from this LSA Paddle Board Cocktail Set. We’ll drink to that!

Hearts and Handbags

Nothing makes a woman’s heart flutter like a handbag (sorry guys); receiving a new handbag is a big deal for any woman. So prepare to knock her socks off with a Mighty Purse. The Mighty Purse features a built-in rechargeable battery which can bring her phones back to life in the most stylish way imaginable. Just imagine how happy she will be come Valentines Day with a beautiful new handbag and never having to suffer the indignity of a dead phone battery again. Winner!

 Something Warm and Fuzzy

Give her a gift that is as warm and fuzzy as a hug with a giant bear – The PILL Hot Water Bottle is the perfect little gift for warming the heart this Valentine’s Day.


Heart of Silver

Chocolates are of course a staple classic of Valentine’s Day so why not spruce up your Valentine’s Day offering with a Silver Plated Heart Plate, perfect for presenting some decadent choccies. This stunning sliver plate has been created in a hammered style to give it a perfect edge of substance and style. Available in two sizes to better suit your overall Valentine’s Day decor.

heart shaped silver plated plateAnd They Called it Puppy Love

If the lady in your life loves dogs and accessories the next gift is a no-brainer. The luxurious Dachshund Cashmere Scarf is a super soft and elegant scarf which features a cute Dachshund pattern. Each cashmere dog print scarf comes beautifully boxed which makes it a fantastic Valentine’s present.

dog print cashmere scarf

The Gadget Gift

Gadget’s to men are what shoes are to woman; you can never have enough! So give him a gift he will truly love this Valentine’s Day with the Seyvr Chargeable Wallet. This clever little wallet has a built-in MircoUSB charger to ensure his smart phone is never out of battery again. The Seyvr Chargeable Wallet range includes different charger ports to ensure Android and iPhone compatibility, and is available in a range of designs, allowing you to find a Seyvr Chargeable Wallet perfect for your man.

 SEYVER charger walletRetro Romance

Your man has impeccable style and taste (obviously), so what do you get such a man? Well, how about something that will appeal to the retro lover in him? The Attache suitcase retro record player is the sort of gift that possesses so much cool, it needed it’s very own suitcase to contain the awesomeness. This spectacular Vinyl player will take pride of place in the home of any cool cat and what better colour than in heart melting red this Valentine’s Day.

retro record player

A Gift As Good As Gold

For guys who enjoy a nip of the strong stuff the Ted Baker Hip Flask is right up their street. This sophisticated flask is perfect for any bearded gentleman who loves nothing more than riding his up-cycled bicycle to the latest deconstructed watering-hole on a Sunday afternoon.

ted baker gold hip flask

So there we have it, our list of the very best Valentine’s day gifts for our lovely readers. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments section below.

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