Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Camper Van Collection

Adventure takes on many forms and feeds many an imagination, but surely nothing can embody adventure quite like the great outdoors can? Camping can be a wonderful experience with the family and any form of ‘survival’ can really bond siblings, whether Bear Grylls style pushing the human spirit to the limit, or a simple two man tent at the bottom of the garden- its about getting out of the house, away from modern devices and lying under the stars. However, the great British weather isn’t always as forgiving when it comes to those great British camping holidays. So if you have a little explorer who cannot wait for the next camping holiday or simply just loves to camp, why not check out our latest girls bed (or boys who love pink); the ultra cool Pink Camper Van bed by Fun Furniture. Ok… we do have other colours, but the pink just looks so brilliant!

This amazing hand made Camper Van bed features a pop top, doors that shut and a beautiful pink canopy. This bed is perfect for little girls who love outdoorsy activities like camping and trips to the beach. And of course you’ll need some rad books about camping to go with this totally awesome bed….

childrens bedsPeppa Goes Camping by Ladybird

Recommended Age: 0-2

When Peppa’s family decide to take the camper van to the countryside, they all discover that a camper van is far from just a mode of transportation! Mr Camper Van has every bit of tech going including a satellite navigation and the ability to turn into a multi-story mobile home. The Peppa Pig adventures are loved by millions world wide, each adventure features bright illustrations and easy to follow story lines for little ones. The Peppa Pig books are perfect for exploring the wonderful world of story telling with toddlers.

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Dolly’s Diary by Clare Bromley & Holly Blackman

Recommended Age 3-4

Dolly is a beautiful camper van, she loves adventures and hitting the road. Join Dolly as she welcomes her new owners, Molly, her Mum and Dad, and their dog Fergus. Together they set off to the explore the seaside together. This wonderfully illustrated book is perfect for young readers and the story is not too taxing either. The reader will get a real sense of adventure from Dolly’s Diary and will no doubt lead to a trip to the seaside for all the family.

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LEGO Friends: Mystery in the Whispering Woods

Recommended Age 5-7

Join Andrea, Mia, Stephanie, Olivia, and Emma as they head to the Whispering Woods for a summer campout! The girls have a great time whilst camping, they build a campfire, toast delicious marshmallows and of course, share spooky stories. But when they hear the spine tingling tale of the Phantom Horse that supposedly haunts the Whispering Woods, will their weekend camping trip turn into a ghostly adventure? The Lego Friends series is a great addition to any book shelf. Each story demonstrates teamwork, friendship and adventure, perfect for little girls who love to have sleepovers with friends.

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The Rattletrap Trip by Rachel Anderson

Recommend Age 12+

Julia lives with foster mum Sarsparilla and assorted foster brothers and sisters. When Sarsparilla decides they should all go off and start a new life living self-sufficiently in the country, it’s the start of all sorts of problems and challenges, which lead Julia to start finding out what makes a family a family. Author Rachel Anderson is winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award for Paper Faces. The Rattletrap Trip tackles issues of fostering and family groups in the context of a funny yet gripping story, and is a great first addition for the young adult audience.

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We hope both you and your little explorers have enjoyed our camping adventure collection of bed time stories. If you have a particular genre of children’s stories you wish us to cover simply leave a comment below.

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