Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Pirate Collection

Ahoy Matey! Grab the family parrot, hack off a leg (no not really, just bend a leg and place your knee into a peg leg prop) and throw on a patch!  It is I, Captain Cuckoobeard, here to bring you the very best bedtime stories for ya crew… Now, we all know that bedtime is a great time to explore the wonderful world of imagination and as you have a story-hungry crew of little pirates, there is an ocean of stories available in this genre. So let us steer you through the choppy waters and onto a treasure island filled with the best pirate inspired stories for your little salty sea pups.

The pirate bedtime collection is inspired by the Children’s Pirate Ship Bed by Newjoy. A children’s bed which is every bit as unique and creative as it is study and durable. Built for those long adventures out on the open seas, this fun and imaginative bed features cutting edge design with detail which has been created using the latest 3D and UV printing technology. The Children’s Pirate Ship Bed would make a brilliant addition to any pirate inspired bedroom and is sure to keep your budding sea captain happy for many years to come.

children's pirate bed

Pirate Pete by Nick Sharratt

Recommended Age: 0-2 Years

Join Pirate Pete as he sets sail on the briny seas for an interactive adventure with your little ones. Created for small children, each page features six cut-outs to choose from, so it’s up to you and your first mate what’s in the treasure box, in the sea and in the sky. This fun first pirate book has been created for little ones who enjoy interacting with a story. Featuring bright, chunky illustrations this wonderful book is ideal for toddlers and as your mini pirate grows, they will have fun devising their own story with the cut-out pieces.

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Yo Ho Ho! A-Pirating We’ll Go by Kaye Umansky

Recommended Age: 3-4 Years

In Yo Ho Ho! A-Pirating We’ll Go, you and your first mate will join a band of five lively little pirates as they go in search of adventure and of course treasure! Learn how to dance a jig on the brig, how to correctly wear a pirate hat and discover just how terrible pirate food really is! This fun and fast paced story is full of whimsical rhymes and verses and features colourful illustrations to keep your mini captain happy. But be warned, these pirate rhymes are quite addictive and you will no doubt be reciting those learned lines when you least expect it!

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Lego Pirates – Brickbeard’s Treasure by Hannah Dolan

Recommended Age: 5-7 Years

For children starting their independent reading journey this is the perfect book. Designed for Level 1 readers, Lego Pirates – Brickbeard’s Treasure is a treasure hunt like no other! Join captain Brickbeard as he leads a crew through shark infested waters in the hunt for buried treasure. The formatted lego illustrations will keep children engaged as the story progresses through a humorous backdrop of pirate mayhem. If your child is pirate crazy and lego mad, this is definitely the book for them.

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Pugwash and the Ghost Ship by John Ryan

Recommended Age: 5-7 Years

We simply could not have a pirate themed story collection without the infamous Captain Pugwash! Spanning more than six decades, the original captain Pugwash was created in 1950, made into a number of television shows and has created much loved nostalgia throughout the generations. In Pugwash and the Ghost Ship we find our much loved captain commanding his crew into a spring clean of the Black Pig. What starts as a simple ship renovation ends up with our beloved captain in another life or death situation with only young Tom, the cabin boy to save him. The Captain Pugwash series is a great set of adventures to be passed down through the family and will create fans for future generation to come.

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So there we have it my little landlubbers and salty sea pups, a complete series of stories fit for any pirate in the making.We hope that you and your merry band of pirates enjoy the high sea adventures and madcap treasure hunts featured in our recommended stories. If you have a bedtime story theme you would like Cuckooland to explore, feel free to contact us today.

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