Cuckooland’s Guide to the 10 Most Popular Cots & Cot Beds

Nothing quite tops watching a newborn drift off into the most peaceful of slumbers. Sleep is a massive part of a baby’s young life: the average munchkin under nine months will snooze up to 15 hours a day- even more reason to make absolutely sure their cot is a soft, heavenly place to rest those weary heads.

“There are so many different Cots on the market, which one should I choose?” Its a common question our Nursery Dream Team get asked all the time. And its the reason we’ve decided to put together a Top Ten list (because we all love Top 10 lists!) of our most popular Cots and Cot Beds to help you choose the best sleep solution for you and your wee munchkin. So… let the countdown begin, a sound nights sleep is just a top ten list away!

10. Kalon Studios Caravan Cot & Toddler Bed

Baby Caravan Cot & Toddler Bed

Having won 6 major European awards, German powerhouse Kalon Studios have combined timeless and modern aesthetics for another knockout cot. Its distinctive, primary-coloured bars slot neatly into their maple casing, taking cue from picture book drawings that delight and fascinate in equal measure. You’ll be able to watch over your child from any angle, ensuring they’re safe, snuggly and brimming with joy.

Kalon Baby Caravan Cot Bed From £920.00

9. Olivier Furniture Baby & Toddler Luxury Wood Cot Bed

Oliver Furniture Luxury cot bed

Oliver Furniture always does us proud, taking their Scandi designs and applying them lovingly to cots and kids beds. Just like their adult range, this piece is made from sustainable wood sources, so your little boy or girl gets a snooze that lets the environment rest up a bit too. Removable side rails bring the big leap from toddler to beyond down to manageable proportions.

Baby & Toddler Luxury Cotbed From £725.00

8. Lifetime Baby Cot & Toddler Bed

Lifetime Cot Bed

Sturdy and secure to the best degree, the Baby Cot & Toddler Bed by Lifetime Furniture perches serenely on any surface. Super thin bars line the edges between two thick end boards, giving a contemporary impression that’s almost a metre and a half long. Lower the mattress to 3 height settings when baby starts to reach for the stars.

Lifetime Cot Bed From £495.00

7. Roulotte Cot & Kids Bed

Roulotte Cot & Kids Bed

Babies can take the express lane to dream town with our next wheeled wonder – the impressive Roulotte Cot & Kids Bed. Catering for baby’s formative nights at first, before acting as beautiful furniture as your child grows. The Roulotte Cot & Kids Bed can roll along your nursery floor, a mini taxi cab for your child to burble happily in as they skid and swerve (really slowly and safely!) with mum’s hand at the helm.

Roulotte Cot & Kids Bed From £845.00

6. Leander Cot & Junior Bed


Leander Cot & Junior Bed in White

Small is certainly beautiful at this stage of the parenting trip, and Danish designers Leander symbolise that effortlessly with their customisable Cot & Junior Bed. As another model that reveals 5 separate transformations, this wonderful sleep station has a lacquer glimmer to its framework, in ultra-chic shades of whitewash or walnut. Comforting merely to look at, as well as to cradle sleepy heads, it’s an enlivening base for your child’s dreamscapes to take shape.

Leander Cot & Junior Bed in White From £799.00

5. Flexa Play Adjustable Baby & Toddler Cot Bed

Flexa yellow cot bed

So lovingly chunky, it could’ve come straight out of a tot’s imagination! Flexa takes another bow on our countdown with their wonderful, calming cot bed. Rounded bars make for a smooth touch as baby’s hands start to wander, while the choice of four pastel colours pretty much guarantees a chilled environment come naptime.

Flexa Play Adjustable Cotbed From £399.00

4. Flexa 5-in-1 Baby Cot Bed

Flexa 5 in 1 baby cot bed

The name says it all for this furniture king, as Flexa prove that they can reach out to several requirements in one stroke. Their 5-in-1 (yes, you read that right!) Cot Bed provides a ton of value for the penny-conscious parent, with quality beech framing that can adapt to changes in your child’s development. Different heights, removal bars and the eventual day bed form means this item keeps pace with a youngster’s rapid growth.

Flexa 5 in 1 Baby Cot Bed From £499.00

3. Lincoln 3-Piece Nursery Room Set

Lincoln three piece nursery set in white

For something a little more modern, UK designers OBaby have pulled out all the stops in their triumvirate set, which comes glazed in a crisp white finish. The cot bed features a storage drawer underneath, maximising the practical elements alongside the dresser and changing unit. When your munchkin’s passing the toddler mark, simply convert the cot into a sofa or day bed for lasting use in whatever shape their room takes next.

Lincoln 3 Piece Nursery Set From £748.00


2. East Coast Toulouse Nursery & Baby’s 3-Piece Room Set

East Coast Toulouse Nursery Set

In classic, sophisticated fashion, the East Coast 3-Piece Set forms a gender-neutral base for your nursery, with French styling that will never look outdated. The cot bed comes with protective teething rails, so growing nashers can be soothed without injury.

East Coast Toulouse Nursery Set From £835.00

1. The Snuzpod 2: 3-in-1 Bedside Crib

White Snuzpod 3-in-1 crib

Closeness is paramount between parents and a newborn, not least because you’re parental instincts want to be right by their side always (and in a flash). Feeding, soothing and tucking in your baby has never been easier thanks to the Snuzpod Bedside Crib, a three-pronged nursing tool that’s already scooped up a major industry award. A mesh-encased cot and rocking stand, it also functions as a bassinet, so you can carry your little tyke around the home.

White Snuzpod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib from £199.00

Cuckooland’s fondness for peaceful sleep is something we never take for granted. As parents who might be squaring up to feeding routines, toy boxes and all the tiny pleasures of a newborn for the first time, there shouldn’t be a single bump in the road to your darling’s slumber patterns. With any of these awesome cot models, you’ll have a happy home camper on your hands, and plenty of customised options to prepare you for their later life. All you have to do now is work on those lullabies.

If you need help creating the perfect nursery for your little one then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Nursery Dream Team on +44 (0) 1305 231 231.

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