Cuckooland’s Top 10 2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

“Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me…” Go on, admit it: it’s tough to resist the feminine call for Christmas joy. As your partner, sister or mother sets about hanging baubles and holly in the living room, dying to get you over for a glass of mulled wine.

Resisting would be churlish, wouldn’t it? And arriving empty handed or unconvinced your Christmas pressie’s going to impress would be even worse! Luckily, Cuckooland is a seasonal saviour – we’ve narrowed our Christmas Gift Selection down to 10 wonderful pressies, making that decision a ho-ho-whole lot easier…

10. Wraps Headphones

Classic Pink Wraps

Music and fashion have always had a close relationship. Let your fave lady dive into that alignment with Wraps Headphones, a super-funky listening tool that curls around the wrist like a mooring line with style. It rids the perpetual issue of tangled cables and blushes in a wide array of colours for her casual wear to go gaga with.

Wraps Headphones from £14.99

9. Nordic Grip Non-Slip Boots

Girls are well-versed in tottering around on flat ground. But when the streets and pathways are blasted with ice, it’s a pain to get anywhere whilst looking great to boot, literally. Thank the brainy problem solvers at Unikia, then, for coming up with these fabulous pairs of non-slip shoes. They grip onto all sorts of surfaces without diminishing a curved, kooky aesthetic.

Nordic Grip Non-Slip Boots from £41.95

8. Caroline Gardner Design Bags

A woman’s bag is her universe and might be just as cosmically gigantic inside. Caroline Gardener is one of our newest, juiciest designers, bringing leather-based luxury to the female wardrobe, with ample pockets and space for her stuff to be stored on-the-go. Decked in a series of patterned hearts, it’s an awesome gift that no girl can pass up. If she loses herself in there, we don’t blame her!

Caroline Gardener Design Bags from £10.00

7. Caroline Gardener Cosmetic Bags

Did we mention that we love Caroline Gardener right now? Well, let us prepare a clean sweep for your lady’s dressing routine, as any of these cosmetic bags put the finishing touch-up on her morning prep. Toiletries, eye shadow and face cream have a home for life when she’s getting ready, joining eye masks and shower caps with a fruity sense of fun.

Caroline Gardener Cosmetic Bags from £14.00

6. Stitch & Story Knitting Kits

It’s all well and good searching for a hat on the high street, but don’t you want to give your girl something that’s totally unique? She can create her own headwear with this knitting kit from Stitch & Story. Complete with a bobble, sewing guide and Kraft bag for her gear, you’ll ease her into an amazing hobby, although she might squirrel herself away for hours at a time once she gets a taste for it!

Stitch & Story Knitting Kits from £35.00

5. Bath House Handbag Treat

Prosecco Indulgent Bath Set

“Oh my Gosh!” she’ll squeal as she strikes gold and you can be sure she won’t be disappointed by the goodies within. When she looks inside the opulent package, she’ll see that you’ve got her more than a pretty carrier: premium toiletries, like bath salts and lip balm, sit waiting for her leisurely attention.

Bath House Handbag Treat from £10.00

4. Orla Kiely Wash Bag

Orla Kiely designer wash bad in sunset flora design

Not many prints jump out as being entirely unique. Orla Kiely has been a Cuckooland staple for as long as we can remember, yet they’re not resting on their laurels. That trademark blend of pastel and flower designs has filtered into gift sets, as well as wash bags that bring a sense of honeysuckled air to the bathroom. Rural fashionistas will love it; those green fingers will be cleaner than ever!

Orla Kiely Sunset Flora Wash Bags From £28.00

3. Mighty Purse Phone Chargers

Cream purse with usb charger

We’ve all felt it – the sad sink of the soul when our phones switch off, juice all gone. Busy ladies like their devices charged to the max, almost as much as having a swish bag to strut with to meetings. The Mighty Purse hits both of those targets, encasing a charging cable within so that she won’t run foul of 1% battery life ever again. At least not when she’s dressed to kill…

Mighty Purse Phone Chargers from £59.99

2. Lamography Retro Cameras

Lamo’Instant Automat Camera

Digital conveniences, sometimes, are the exact opposite of being easy. A girl on a night out, or on a beautiful gallivant abroad, wants to snap pics like a wannabe paparazzo. But she’ll probably never get around to printing them off, which is why a retro camera from Lomography makes her artistic edge more immediate. With instant photo printing and various lenses to customise each shot, these items have a classic practicality that never says “cheesy”.

Lomo’Instant Automat Camera from £89.00

1. Podo Wireless Selfie Camera

Smart Phone Handsfree Podo Camera

We aren’t done with a picture-perfect Christmas quite yet! Rounding off our countdown is the Wireless Selfie Camera by Podo. Prepare for a gallery of cool shots from any angle, as the Podo camera sticks to any level surface. The only limit to her selfie skills is how much free time she’ll have to hone them, using all the weird pouts and poses we secretly love. Wireless transfer between her smartphone stores every snap where it belongs, so you can scroll through them together, giggling away to yourselves…

Podo Wireless Selfie Camera from £59.95

The paper hat from the cracker might be wonky, and the turkey might be drier than she likes, but for your precious female companion, there’s 10 more chances for Christmas magic in this collection. We can’t wait to cleave through our wrapping paper on that bright, crisp morning, and the thought of your pal or partner doing the same frankly warms our cockles if we do say so!

Beat the seasonal sprint to your haul, and get stuck into gift-buying nice and early. Our Christmas elves can be reached on +44 (0) 1305 231231 to squeak out further suggestions. This year, you’ll sleigh the competition for your girl’s affection, with some Cuckooland quality you can count on.



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