Cuckooland’s Top 10 2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Break open the port, deck the halls with boughs of holly and listen out for the ring ting a ling a ling of Sleigh Bells – Christmas is almost here!

We don’t want you getting into a complete fa la la la la la over gift buying this year, so we’ve created a Top 10 guide, designed to sleigh any stress you have over present buying and help you select a hearty man-gift for your partner, best friend or relative. Skip the high street traffic and the queues because its not true that us Brits love traffic and queuing, whoever said that needs a little bough of holly placed carefully near their derriere! Instead, put your feet up, grab a glass of your favourite tipple, enjoy the scrumptious, warm aromas of home cooked Christmas fare baking in the oven and browse through our treasure trove of great gift ideas for him! Starting with…

10. Scaramouche & Fandango Grooming Sets

Designer men's grooming set by Scaramouche & Fandango

Simplicity is everything to the fantastical male grooming brand, Scaramouche & Fandango. Cream, body washes and shampoo make for a scintillating touch-up, using all-natural ingredients across the board. Lotions and potions are often over-priced, so it’s refreshing to have a bathroom arsenal worth more than its modesty. A guy’s hair, both beardy and head-bound, is his weapon of intent, so get that quiff looking sharper than ever with these grooming essentials.

Scaramouche & Fandango Grooming Sets from 13.50

9. Corkcicle Wine Cooler

The holiday season means he’ll be stalking through the kitchen more often, nibbling at leftover spuds, so why not put him on bottle duty? Cuckooland’s found a corker of a gift in this wine cooling tool from Root 7, which chills wine to the perfect temperature. Booze buffs will savour the ice-cold taste on their tongue, as their favourite plonk goes up a notch in quality. There’s no need for drippy ice-buckets; Just freeze your corcicle, pop in the top of your wine bottle and let it chill your wine from within.

Corkcicle Air Wine Cooler from £9.99

8. Ultimate Big Cheese Making Kit

DIY cheese making kit

Usually a Christmas jumper is the only cheesy addition to the dinner table, but we’ve found something more outrageous. Your guy will have to undo a few waist buttons once this cheese-making set kicks in. It combines the ‘calories don’t count’ nature of the season with a hands-on prowess that dudes can’t resist. Featuring a handy guide and a full stock of ingredients, he’ll have everything he needs to craft up to 40 dairy delights. The kids can even muck in too, if he’s feeling generous.

Ultimate Big Cheese Making Kit from £35.95

7. GPO Attache Record Player Suitcase

French Blue Portable Record Player by GPO

Whether he’s a music dinosaur or a hipster who was born in the wrong decade, there’s no denying that a record player can turn his audio love up to 11. We’ve gotten in a spin over this vinyl wonder from GPO, housed in a suitcase for easy listening anywhere, at any time. Stereo speakers keep one foot in the 21st century, whilst mp3 conversion plants another right next to it, making for a sound addition to his music library. The Pogues will hit a barnstorming note when those hits are running off the needle.

GPO Attache Record Player Suitcase from £59.95

6. Pale Ale Making Kit

As you’re toasting the first dash of snowfall, you might have glanced at your man’s ale jar, and thought about how much he rates a good pint. Does he loudly proclaim this or that brew to be worthy of his time? Well, give him a sense of the brewers lifestyle by wrapping up a pale ale kit by Victor’s Drinks, the results of which you can enjoy together. All he has to do is add water and wait a few days – voila! – home-made ale to get those cheeks even ruddier!

Wine Making Kit from £15.95

5. Vagnbys 7-in-1 Decanter

Vagnbys 7 in 1 Wine Decanter

They say it’s the thought that counts, but obviously they haven’t seen this decanter by Vagnbys, which far outstrips other stocking fillers. That’s entirely down to the aeration, stopping and pouring assistance, amongst other features, that collide for a lush drinking experience. Men might think that size matters, yet they’ll be proved wrong when this slots into their barware set…

Vagnbys 7-in-1 Decanter from £44.95

4. Podo V2 Wireless Selfie Camera

Wireless camera for smart phone

Cuckooland has its fair share of photo fiends, all of which could pale in comparison to the wannabe Bieber or Clooney strutting his chin in front of you. If his selfies hit every angle, the Podo Wireless Camera unleashes some more, sticking to any flat surface he can get his claws on. Take a Christmas snap from the angel on your tree, or gather the whole family under one roof for an aerial shot; the possibilities stretch out like a trail of Santa’s crumbs.

Podo V2 Wireless Selfie Camera from £59.95

3. Aight 1AM Designer Slap Watch

Red Aight Watch

Men are notoriously lax at timekeeping, so busy are they fiddling with mysterious bits and bobs in the late hours of the day. Ironically, though, they’re always after the next best watch to match smart and casual wear. The Aight Slap Watch covers both of these bases, clasping lightly to his wrist with nary an ounce of pressure. Its bright, modern aesthetic leaps out from his wardrobe, ticking the minutes down to style supremacy.

Aight 1AM Designer Slap Watch from £49.95

2. Lomography D.I.Y Camera Kit

Make Your Own Camera by Lomography

The blokey brain can’t help but be satisfied by detail, technology and a do-it-yourself attitude. Like the age-old pleasure of building a Scalextric track, this D.I.Y camera project by Lomography nourishes all of these urges. Instead of storing photos digitally, it’ll bring him back to instant image-making, providing the lenses and components for a proper, old-school camera device. He can make it himself, putting those handyman skills to the test. What’s more, it allows for flash photography, lighting up those dark winter nights.

Lomography D.I.Y Camera Kit from £32.95

1. Trobla Wooden Amplifier

The Cuckooland top spot is a coveted position, yet we have utter faith that the Trobla Amplifier will knock the festive socks off your man pal. We’re still picking our jaws up off the floor, because the design moguls behind this speaker system have harnessed the rich, booming timbre of wood-based acoustics like never before. It’s a true tech triumph – naturally-sourced materials, battery-free and adapter sockets for any smartphone on the market. All of this puts the Trobla sky-high on our Christmas list, not to mention how luxuriously chic it looks amongst cutting edge homeware.

Trobla Wooden Amplifier from £84.95

For now, he may have a bit of the Scrooge effect, mumbling that presents aren’t really up his alley. This’ll change, however, when he ravishes that wrapping paper and uncovers a Cuckooland treat that’s full of awesome features! Throw your fella a bone at Christmas with any of these gift ideas, or call +44 (0) 1305 231 231 to ask our team of Elf’s what else is up Santa’s sleeve.

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