The Most Extreme Ways To Keep Fit In 2015

With January officially over, many of us now find ourselves freed of the shackles of New-Years-Resolution commitments (and if you hung on longer than a month… well done!) But fear not, for you are not alone. Millions of people around the world tend to break their resolution in February for a number of reasons. One of the most easily broken resolutions is the ‘Keep Fit’ goal many of us make at the start of the year. But if you have found that the gym just isn’t your thing or that bootcamp is like pushing treacle (or something brown and less sweet) uphill, then we have a blog for you. Indulge in some fantastic and all together crazy sports from around the world. These extreme and unusual sports may motivate you to get back on the exercise horse or maybe even climb into the Zorb.

Extreme Ironing

Once a mundane chore, or pleasant activity to most Grandmothers, ironing has had an extreme facelift. Yes, welcome ladies and gentlemen to the wonderful world of EXTREME IRONING! Created in the 1990’s by a crazed genius in Leicester, extreme ironing sees participants attempt this Sunday evening chore in the most unlikely of places, from mountain tops to motorways. Just be sure to take your Eau Good Water Bottle with you to help stay hydrated.

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How do you fancy climbing into a giant inflatable hamster wheel and chucking yourself downhill? Not for the faint hearted, extreme Zorbing sees participants throwing themselves off steep inclines for adrenaline, and we assume fun. Thankfully many Zorbing activity sites have gentler inclines for the faint of heart. Also, should you feel a little battered following your downhill romp, soothe your aches and pains with a Pill Hot Water bottle.

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Chess Boxing

Do you enjoy Chess? Do you enjoy Boxing? Then you’re sure to enjoy Chess Boxing! This balmy game is for the brainy and the brawny as participants interlay rounds of boxing between rounds of chess. We’re pretty sure that after a few rounds of Boxing, the Chess becomes harder to concentrate on, what with numerous blows to the head and all.

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Wife Carrying

Finland is known for a wide variety of exports, but our next extreme sport isn’t one of them. Wife Carrying is a sport that sees male competitors carrying a female counterpart through an extreme obstacle course to win the coveted first place prize. What’s the prize you ask? The winner is awarded the weight of his “wife” in beer.

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Muggle Quidditch

JK Rowling has created an entire universe of wonderful characters for young adults in the form of Harry Potter. And with theme parks, outfits and studio tours, the Harry Potter franchise is still at an all time high. Which is why our next extreme sport is so popular. Muggle Quidditch is essentially the fictional game of Quidditch played on solid ground. A much better idea as there are not many Dumbledore’s around to wave a wand and catch a competitor who’s hurtling towards the ground.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.09.24

Volcano Boarding

If you’ve ever tried your hand at surfing or snowboarding then our next extreme sport might be for you. Volcano Boarding requires participants to race down the side of a 2,380 ft volcano at speeds of 50 mph. Thrilling, yes. Cool, maybe. Extreme, most definitely!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.10.13

Crocodile Bungee

Some may already consider bungee jumping to be somewhat extreme, crazed or even dangerous. But for those of us born without fear, Crocodile Bungee is the perfect sport. Death defying participants are required to bungee jump into a stretch of water that’s home to Mr and Mrs Crocodile and their countless, razor toothed offspring.

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Powerbocking sure does have a fan in our office. Fun, fast, and cool, the Powerbocking stilts are a cross between low stilts and pogo sticks. The idea being that you can bound around large areas and do stunts that are strictly reserved for cartoon characters. Where do we sign up?

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 15.15.01

Air Kicking

What do you get if you cross Dennis the Menace with a Rocket Scientist? An Air Kicks machine! Air Kicking sees participants launched 26 ft into the air over a swimming pool or foam pit. the Air Kicks machine works by propelling participants through the air in a pre-calculated, parabolic trajectory using a special combination of air pressure and water recoil technology. This is what happens when the mischievous kid in school excels at Physics.

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No doubt our list of extreme sports have sent your adrenaline soaring, heart racing and blood pressure through the roof! So if extreme sports is just a little too extreme for you, why not make small, healthy changes instead. The Lotus Grill is a wonderfully health conscience way to prepare BBQ food. The smokeless cooking technology means that you can prepare food which is healthy and tasty for the whole family.   If you have any favourite extreme sports of extremely tasty and healthy recipes for delicious BBQ food, please do leave us a comment in the section below.

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