Famous Kids’ Bedrooms you’ll fall in love with, including one of a future King.

Celebrities Kids bedrooms you’ll fall in love with…

If MTV has taught us anything, it’s that a) Spring Break rules and b) we’re all a little bit obsessed with the contents of celebrities’ “cribs”. The cynics might argue that this little taste of the high life is just an excuse for egotistical musical artists to rub their money in our faces, but to others, it’s a vast font of creative ideas for interior design. So with that in mind, what better way to celebrate our week of kids’ rooms than to take a look at some of the most outrageous – and, surprisingly – some of the less-outrageous, celebrity kids’ rooms? Welcome to our crib.

Kourtney Kardashian

Okay, so Kourtney may not have committed herself to buying one of our Lifetime Furniture kids beds just yet, but it would appear her and sister Khloe are fans of the Lifetime tent bed; a recent Instagram photo sharing the love.


How much fun does this look?! #mightNeed! @khloekardashian brought to my attention. #thanksKokes

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Mel B

We’re not going to make a “spice up your…” joke. Oh, go on then. Spice up your kid’s room by taking a page out of Mel B’s design catalogue! We hope you weren’t expecting leopard print and “zig-a-zig-ah” (we don’t know what that is, but it sounds naff), because this former Spice Girl’s room for her daughter, Angel Brown (stay with us) is more Posh than it is Scary, making use of a subtly elegant golden colour scheme with a tasteful dash of pink. Truly a nursery fit for a princess!

Ashlee Simpson

Bronx Mowgli Wentz (once again – stay with us here) was the result of the short-lived marriage between pop singer Ashlee Simpson and pop-punk bassist Pete Wentz. However, despite his star-studded parentage, little Bronx actual has quite a humble sleeping quarters which you’d be forgiven for thinking just belonged to the kid down the road! Albeit, the very lucky kid with one wall set aside for a huge Disney mural! A very boyish blue room for parents expecting a young man.

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Cake Boss

Buddy Valastro, the face of TLC’s Cake Boss, and wife Lisa also went for a more humble approach to decorating their new son, Carlo’s, nursery. Opting against a sickly-sweet sugary room decorated just like one of his cakes, however, the Valastros’ nursery resembles something more like a salad, with an earthy green colour scheme and an artsy wall mural of a tree to finish it all off! Despite the outdoorsy design, however, little Carlos will hardly be sleeping rough in that luxurious-looking cot! What enviro-mum or eco-dad wouldn’t want to take a leaf out of the Cake Boss’s book (or rather, his tree)?

Oh, and there’s a rocking-giraffe. Not a rocking-horse, a rocking-giraffe. How cool is that?!

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Beyoncé & Jay-Z

If little Bronx Wentz and Carlo Valastro’s rooms were humble and downplayed, allow us to introduce you to the polar opposite. Perhaps the most talked-about celebrity baby over the past couple of years, Blue Ivy Carter’s (I give up) $1 million nursery suite at the Barclay’s Centre in New York City isn’t going to be anything run-of-the-mill. As well as a $16,000 crystal-studded high-chair, Jay-Z’s also installed a wide-screen TV so that she can see her dad performing live. Lucky her.

Quite a means away from gold-plated, tacky bling, however, B and Z have gone for the eco-friendly option with a handmade, non-toxic, recyclable crib, giving Blue Ivy quite a humble night’s sleep. Or at least, that’s what we’d be saying if it didn’t cost $3,500.

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Prince George

No pictures of this one, folks. We tried, we honestly did, but the Duchess of Cambridge has apparenty become very wary of candid cameras recently. Although we haven’t actually seen our future king’s chambers, we can gather that Kate and Wills are big fans of themes. Apparently, George’s bedroom at home has an African theme, with “toy elephants and rhinos around the room”. Not only that, but the Prince’s nursery away from home will be themed on the books of Beatrix Potter, which undoubtedly means a fantasy playground full of adorable, anthropomorphic rabbits! Great for future animal lovers!

Let’s just hope George doesn’t develop his father’s passion for hunting…

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So that’s our run-down of our favourite star-studded (and not so star-studded) celebrity kids’ rooms, as well as some of our least-favourite kids’ names (unfortunately we couldn’t find very much information about little North West’s nursery). We hope you’ve enjoyed your five minutes of fame, and we hope that you’ve been inspired! For more ideas, be sure to check out our top-of-the-range Mathy by Bols beds and kids’ room decor and furniture.

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