Get Your Nuts Out For Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Today we’re all bright eyed and bushy tailed… why? Because today, the 21st of January, is Squirrel Appreciation Day! YAYY! Its time to celebrate our favourite garden and woodland critters. Whether you’re head-over-heels for red, grey (maybe not so much!) or even the rare black squirrel, enjoy this day of appreciation by planning a trip to the local park to stare at all the dens and dreys in the hope of spotting these little ratbags or better still, why not create a garden feeder that will coax these swishy tailed little tricksters out of their slumber and into rodent prepping mode (meaning preparing for a long cold winter). Here at Cuckooland, the Squirrel holds a very special place in our hearts, not just because they look so darn cute or because they give our mutts a jolly good workout but also because our Directors maiden name is Squirrel! Strange but true.

So in celebration of this auspicious occasion, we have a whole host of squirrel inspired treats for the home, garden and children. Here are seven reasons why we love all things Squirrel related:


Squirrels Can Climb Anywhere

So those little furry friends can get just about anywhere. From treetops to inside vending machines (yes, this was in fact witnessed by one the members of our team). So what better way to pay homage to these captains of exploration than to adorn your home with it’s very own squirrel upon high. Our Weathervane in Squirrel design not only looks the bees knees, it also makes a great gift for the garden. Show off your proud love of those tiny acrobats with a Squirrely Wind Vane.

Traditionally British Wind Vane

Squirrels Love Children

Worlds collide when two species meet with equally cheeky intentions. Squirrels and children are similar in many ways. They love exploring the great outdoors, can hide food for months on end (as any parent who’s emptied a school back will agree) and are super cute. This Squirrel Appreciation Day get those munchkins in on the act with a gift for the kids in the form of The Little Thoughtful Gardener Kids Kneeling Pad. Whether it’s weeding, planting or burying acorns around the garden, your little one’s knees will be well protected as they get the garden ready for some super cute visitors.

Vibrant Woodland Animal theme Kids Kneeling Pad

Squirrels Are Organised

As much fun as it must be to be a squirrel, it’s also a lot of hard work. Planning for a year of season changes sounds challenging. Summer is a breeze but Autumn will require much hunting and gathering for the Winter months. This meticulous planning means that Squirrels are natural born organisers, which is the inspiration behind our Boot Rack in Squirrel Design. When it comes to country and garden gifts the Boot Rack in Squirrel Design hits all the right notes. Handmade to order, a boot and wellie rack is an incredibly useful home accessory and will keep your floors clear of mud and home organised.

Boot and Wellie Racks

Squirrels Can Warm Your Heart

Squirrels are adorably cute and sweet little loveable creatures who will become life long friends with the right amount of food. And if that statement doesn’t warm your heart, we have the super snuggly Knitted Lambs Wool Pink Squirrel Hot Water Bottle. Warm and cosy, these beautifully soft lambswool hottie covers will keep you snug and cosy. Well known as a natural remedy for aches and pains, this super soft squirrel design hot water bottle makes the perfect gift for her and will keep that lucky recipient warm all winter long.

soft lambswool hottie cover

Squirrels Are Master Guardsmen

When it comes to creating the perfect winter hideout, squirrels know a thing or two about insulation. From eating and keeping warm, to building a draught proof tree house, the squirrel is the master of home creation. Which is why our Hazel Nut Brown Squirrel Door Stop is so good at his job of keeping your home in draught free check! Sir Squirrel makes and a great gift for animal lovers and he will guard any door against unwanted cold air, woodland creatures or double glazing salesmen.

Doorstop in squirrel design

Squirrels Live In Enchanted Woods

When it comes to fabulous surroundings, Squirrels really do know how to set up shop. No matter the season, an enchanted woodland is all the scenery you will ever need. So be the Squirrel and deck your walls with the Enchanted Wood Designer Wallpaper. This dream-like paper will transform any room into a wondrous place of wild imagination and fun. The soft colours and muted tones will bring out the best in any room and make your home feel truly enchanted.

Aubergine on soft Lilac Woodland Wallpaper

Squirrels Have The Best Tree Houses!

When it comes to their homes, Squirrels really do have it made. Up high, looking out over the woods and with enough space to raise an army of squirrels. Whereas parents have to be practical, kids can follow suit with their very our Tree House Bed! The Mathy By Bols Kids Tree House Cabin Bed will attract any cute swishy tailed kiddies into a cosy night of slumber. What’s more, this creative kids beds comes in a range of colours and finishes to make that tree house suitably unique.

Mathy By Bols Tree House Bed

Here at HQ, we love all creatures of the woods, especially our acorn burying little friends. Join us in paying homage to them by adopting a squirrel emblem (not a squirrel – they prefer the open air!) that shows just how much you love mother nature and all the weird and wonderful animals in the world we call Cuckooland.

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