Getting your garden ready for summer: essentials for the discerning gardener

It’s starting to get warmer and kids are still playing outside at 8pm, which can only mean that summer’s on the way!  Exciting news for the discerning gardener who’ll no doubt be absolutely dying to dive back into the manure (ew) after a full winter of inactivity.  Here are some of our top tips on how to get your garden ready for the summer, with a few ideas for gardening accessories and gifts for gardeners on the way, to make your garden the envy of that curtain-twitching Mrs. Parker next door.

weed and prune your garden

Weed, prune and mulch

Good news for those who simply can’t wait for another few months, springtime is perfect for tidying your garden up in preparation for planting new flowers!  Now that it’s a little warmer, step outside and have a walk around – you might notice that there are a lot of weeds to pull, a lot of trees and hedges to prune, and a lot of soil to mulch.  Getting all the busywork done and out of the way early means that, by the time summer comes round, you have a nice, fresh garden to get stuck into.

Make a plan

Have a walk around your garden.  Now that the sun’s out, you’ll have a better idea of what it’s going to look like when summer’s in full swing; where the sun shines on your garden and where it doesn’t.  Use this advantage to make a nice, early plan – not just on what kind of plants and flowers you want and where you’re going to plant them – but on things like the best spot for a potential garden party!

create a mood board for your garden

Create a mood board

Seen something you think would look good in your garden?  Take a picture of it!  Seen something in a magazine or newspaper?  Take a picture of that, too!  Having all these pictures together in one place helps to give you a sense of what colours and shades you like the best.  If a “mood board” sounds a bit girly, well gentlemen, take note; it’s also a great way of keeping track of great ideas for gardening gifts for her!

Better yet, browse the web for garden ideas; that way, you’ll have an easier time finding out things like the names of certain plants; websites like Pinterest are ideal for creating mood boards, allowing you to take pictures from all over the web and bring them into one place, as well as allowing you to nick ideas from other people!  While you’re at it, don’t forget to follow us!

Orla Kiely gardening accessories

Out with the old, in with the new

While it might not quite be gardening season yet, springtime is the universal symbol of rebirth; the new sprouts and blossoms starting to bloom on the dead, winter tree-skeletons herald in new beginnings!  Embrace the spirit of spring by promising yourself to try something a bit different this year; make your garden feel like a new one with some of our great garden accessories!  We have a fun, quirky range of outdoor accessories to really make your garden stand out from the undergrowth, including some very unique ideas; ever thought about having a hedgehog house?  It’s definitely an experience!

On the subject of spring cleaning, springtime is always a good time to clear out your shed!  Evict the spiders (or get somebody else to), and move all the stuff you’re going to need to the front.  Better yet, fill it up with some new equipment!  The Orla Kiely range, for instance is a great way to breathe some non-intrusive modernity into your garden, and makes for a great set of gardening gifts for her (gentlemen, take note).

Start a compost heap

If you don’t have a compost heap, springtime is the perfect time to start one!  Starting a compost pile early means that the soil will be good and nutritious by the time summer rolls around, and if you’ve taken our advice and weeded and pruned your garden already, the composting process will already be more efficient since there’s no waste to use it all up!  Ideally, you want your compost heap to be placed somewhere that’s dry, and that’s neither too hot nor too cold.  In other words, keep in out of direct sunlight, but make sure it gets some sunlight!  This might be tricky, but if you’ve done your garden plan, you might have a good idea as to where it’ll belong – somewhere that gets the sun for half of the day is ideal.

Oh… and not too close to where you’re going to be having your barbecues.  Which brings us onto our next tip…

Barbecue area!

If you follow our social networks or are a regular browser of out blog, you’ll know that we’re all about barbecues at the moment!  But since barbecues are a Great Summer British tradition, you don’t want to be left out in the cold!  You’ve got your plan and you’ve got your mood board – find a good place to set some paving stones down, a table and some chairs, and begin to plan this summer’s greatest barbecue!  Be sure to check out our BBQ and Outdoor Dining stuff for a few ideas – I’m sure you’ll find something in our colourful range to match your mood board!

Also be sure to check out the revolutionary Lotus Grill BBQ. This smokeless grill cooks to BBQ perfection, and cleans quickly and easily… it will encourage you to BBQ more often and will leave you with more time to entertain your guests.

Garden furniture

And what’s a garden party without a nice bit of outdoor garden furniture?  If you’re stuck on ideas for gifts for gardeners this year, outdoor furniture may be an unusual choice, but it’s certainly a unique one that shows you’ve given family (and important friends) a lot of thought!  Our wide range of quirky garden furniture is tasteful and unique, and is guaranteed to add a personal touch to your garden!

So there we have it!  It may be a bit early to be getting dirty hands and knees, but it’s certainly not too early to plan how you’ll exercise those green fingers.  We hope our guide has given gardeners and gardeners-to-be some great ideas – not to mention gift ideas – and that we’ve helped you to plant some early seeds, ready to grow into the envy garden of the neighborhood!!


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