Gifts that Raise a Glass to Oktoberfest – A Typically German Gift Guide

Here at Cuckooland, we love a tradition as much as the next person. If ever there’s an excuse to bring family and friends together, we waste no time in finding ways to make your celebrations special. Germany doesn’t get enough credit for its role in shaping seasonal traditions, from the Easter bunny to the markets that make Christmas so magical. But if there’s one tradition that is unmistakably German, it’s the vibrant knees up that has gained a popular following – Oktoberfest.

As the world famous beer festival fast approaches, we’re celebrating all things German. From our favourite German brands to gifts that are ideal for Oktoberfest, this guide is guaranteed to get you in the mood for bratwurst and beer.

A Toast to Tradition

Of course, Oktoberfest isn’t all about drinking. A family event celebrated worldwide, it features everything from funfairs to indulgent German food. However, if beer is your tipple of choice, then this is definitely the festival for you!

Whether you’re getting in the spirit of tradition, or shopping for someone who loves a pint at the weekend, we’ve got just the thing. Waste no time in starting the celebrations with a Chillsner Beer Cooler, designed to instantly chill your drink. Simply pop it in the freezer between uses, and when your friends arrive with warm beers, make them feel at home (and slightly confused but downright impressed) by slotting one into their bottle!

in beer cooler by chillsner

Chillsner Beer Cooler From £24.95


However, if you’re not a beer drinker, never fear. Our barware collection has something for everyone, from the whiskey sipper to the wine connoisseur. If you want to celebrate Oktoberfest in style, our silver-plated champagne bath is the BMW (just sounds better the Bratwurst) of Beer & Wine Baths. With enough space for 6 bottles of wine – or countless bottles of beer – it’s the perfect gift for friends and family members who love to host a get together.

Champagne Bath

Silver Plated Champagne Bath From £130.00


Preparing for Oktoberfest in advance? Keep the drinks flowing during your party or gathering, by brewing up your very own brand of cider. Home brewing kits are the perfect gift for the man in your life. Making up to 20 pints in just 10 days, you’ll be party-ready in no time. These kits also make a great Christmas or birthday present if you know someone who loves a novelty gift idea!

Apple Cider Home Brew Kit

Apple Cider Home Brew Kit From £9.95

Sizzling Hot BBQ Gifts

Nothing goes better with a pint (or litre!) of beer than a hotdog. But what is it about German sausages that makes them so superior? Is it the secret ingredients, their gigantic size, or the drink that washes them down? We’ve been puzzling over this question, and think we’ve finally found the answer. Its how they’re cooked.

The Germans know how to throw an al fresco feast, and there’s something about cooking on a grill that gives any meaty dish an unbeatable flavour. Designed in Germany, the innovative Lotus Grill BBQ is the perfect alternative to a bulky outdoor grill. Portable, smokeless and easy to clean, the instant charcoal makes it easy to light, even in blustery autumn weather! So you can enjoy that beautiful chargrilled flavour, all year round.

Lotus BBQ Grill in Orange From £129.00


Want to take your grilling game to the next level? With a claim to fame for making it into the Guinness World Records after cooking hundreds of bratwursts on the world’s tallest grill, you can be sure that Thuros know their stuff when it comes to barbeques. Our Thuros grill collection includes everything you need to throw a sizzling hot Oktoberfest party, from the grill itself to must-have accessories such as wind deflectors!


Complete Your Feast

Grills are great, but it’s not all about the meat. What better way to accompany your burger than with a zesty salsa or a big bowl of fresh salad? If you know someone who loves getting creative in the kitchen, buy them a gift that will have their neighbours green with envy.

German eco-designer EMSA has created a colourful collection of herb pots, ideal for growing your favourite herbs at home! From powerful pesto pasta made with home grown basil, to a spicy tomato, chilli and coriander salsa, EMSA products will brighten up your kitchen and freshen up your culinary creations with some grown-at-home goodness.

Emsa Herb Pot

Emsa Herb Pot With Bell Jar From £12.95


Prefer picnics to BBQs? Keep your food and drink cool for hours with a Packit Chiller to carry your treats. Whether you want to chill your wine en route to the party or you’re planning a day out with friends and family, these vibrant cool bags are perfect for eating on the move, whatever the season. With built-in freezeable gel and designs for both kids and grown ups, they make entertaining away from home easy.


Winter is Coming

Oktoberfest may be reminiscent of beer, bratwurst and lederhosen, but it’s also a reminder that summer has come to an end and winter isn’t far behind. Welcome in the cooler nights with a new hot water bottle, to keep cosy when the temperature drops. But not just any water bottle – after all, this is another German invention. We love the Pill Hot Water Bottle from Authentics for so many reasons. Firstly, because it’s cleverly made with a safer design that stays hotter for longer.

What’s more, when you buy our exclusive pretty in pink bottle you can support a worthy charity along with giving someone a thoughtful gift. We give 20% from each sale to Breast Cancer Care, meaning you can keep an important cause close to heart, whilst snuggling up to your funky new hot water bottle this winter.

Hot Water Bottle in Pink

Pill Hot Water Bottle In Pink From £29.95

So there you have it, our ultimate guide to making this Oktoberfest memorable. Raise a glass to the land of litre beers and larger-than-life sausages this autumn with a few German-themed gifts for friends and family. Whether you’re searching for Oktoberfest essentials or a present an upcoming occasion, these innovative gift ideas do Germany proud, and are bound to make that special someone smile!

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