Glorious Gifts for Great British Bake Off Fans

If you’re anything like our Cuckooland team then you’ll no doubt be suffering from a serious case of ‘Bake Off Blues’. If your week just doesn’t rise the same, if the fizz has gone from the office conversation or if your feeling as flat as an overbaked meringue, then you my friend are like the millions of other Bake Off fans who need an extra helping of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Unfortunately we’re only treated to one delicious series each year, but there is a sweet solution that just might save the sanity of many cooking enthusiasts this Christmas; Cuckooland’s Glorious Gifts for Great British Bake Off Fans!

Chocolate Cake Baking Kit – £17.95

Naturally we have to start with something that’s sweet, luxurious and sure to make Mel and Sue salivate. Not only does this wonderful kit contain all the ingredients to make the most perfect chocolate cake worthy of a star baker title, but it comes with all the right utensils too! This easy-peasy kit is an ideal gift not only for Bake Off fans but for the whole family too.

chocolate cake making kitHome Butter Maker Kit – £17.95

Alas, for those of you who have already mastered the humble sponge cake, how about we take it up a gas mark? Why not try your hand at a bit of home-made butter making. This ingenious kit contains everything you will ever need to make delicious home-made butter. It also comes with a retro style jar to store the butter in. Lets be honest, baking is all about the presentation anyway. butter making kit

Kids Flowerpot Bread Home Making Kit – £14.95

If you have a mini Paul Hollywood in the making then this is the perfect Christmas gift! The kit contains everything you need to cultivate a master baker. The Kids Flowerpot Bread Home Making Kit is a simple, easy to follow kit which features oh-so-cute flowerpots for delicious mini loaves from your mini bakers. You could even do you very own Bake Off come Christmas Day to see who can make the best loaf!

flowerpot bread making kitGoat’s Cheese Making Kit – £22.50

For those aspiring chefs that take food creation seriously, a Goat’s Cheese Making Kit will make an excellent gift this festive season. Each luxury set contains everything you need to create your own delicious home made fresh cheese, all you need is little milk, a spoon and a pan. Whats more the kit contains enough mix to make 10 batches. If you prefer a bit of Mozzarella, Ricotta or even Halloumi then fear not, we do these too!

cheese making kit

Pizza Dough Home Baking Kit – £14.95

Not all bakers have a sweet tooth and so the Pizza Dough Home Baking Kit is the perfect addition for a culinary kings or queens who love savoury over sweet. This impressive kit contains everything you need to start your very own Pizzeria including a baking tray, rolling pin and dough mix. The easy to follow instructions make this a perfect gift for families with children of all ages.

pizza making kitMixed Berry Cider Making Kit – £14.95

Make your own (Mary) Berry inspired Cider this Christmas with the Mixed Berry Cider Making Kit. As seen on Dragon’s Den this nifty kit provides the simplest way of creating your very own home brewed cider. This unique home cider kit has everything you need, just add water. With the ability to make 10 pints per kit you will soon find yourself surrounded by festive drinkers, wanting a taste of your home-brew.  Not a fan of berry cider? No problem, the range of home brewing kits also features apple cider, pale ale and dark ale.

cider making kit


So if Television can’t serve you another slice of cakes, bakes and drama this year, we can bring you some awesomely unique Christmas gifts for all the family. Why not try your hand at creating the perfect christmas cake? A Star Baker award will go to the best recipe posted below in the comments section.

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