Gorgeous Gift Ideas for Baby’s Very First Christmas

With Christmas barrelling towards us, a few of you might have already received an extra special gift – that of a beautiful newborn, a burbling bundle of joy that’s slotted right into your life as if they’ve always been there (ok, who are we kidding, the first year is more like a complete trainwreck and a screaming shakeup, and then comes the ‘slotting into your life’!). But a baby’s first festive holiday puts it all into perspective: it’s the start of what will be a cavalcade of great memories together, starting with baby’s introduction to crinkly wrapping paper, strange blinking Christmas lights, shiny tickly tinsel and multi coloured dissolve in the mouth paper hats.

And that’s where we come in- we’re not just a Cuckoo land full of suspect advise surrounded by a sea of misplaced opinion – we’ve also got beautiful sun kissed mountains of uber cool gifts for the whole family! So without further adieu, here’s our 10 best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies. Not for Baby to go out and buy, we mean here’s our 10 best Gift Ideas for Mommy or Daddy to buy Baby to make Christmas memorable and awesome and to get the biggest gummy smile:

10. Play & Go Toy Storage Bag

tidy toy bag by play & go

In the inaugural months of your baby’s mark on the world, there’s probably been a hefty helping of mess to scoop up now and then. Toys, building blocks and bears that need a home can be stored safely away in the Play & Go Storage Bag. With its lovely palette of blue, red and white, it’s a colourful addition to nursery décor, featuring a quick-pull drawstring for ease of use.

Play & Go Toy Storage Bag from £29.99

9. Bo Rabbit Soft Toy

Tagtales Bo Rabbit

For the babe who loves nibbling soft ears and noses at night, we have Bo Rabbit by Ragtales to give them a crib companion for the ages. Many of us remember the first huggable animal toys we’re given – some of us still call on them now and again. Provide your mini-me with a friend in Bo, who can take all the pinches, kisses and drooling love your munchkin can throw at her.

Bo Rabbit Soft Toy from £29.95

8. Wooster The Dachshund Pull-Along Toy

Ragtales pull along toy in Dachshund design

Sausage dogs’ cylindrical cutesiness is emphasised in this pick from toymaker Ragtales, who’ve fused wheels to Wooster’s wee legs so baby can take him for walks around the house. There’s a lot to lap up here: the characterful eyes, the pert tail sticking out from his rear, and the red lead with Velcro-release functionality.

Wooster The Dachshund Pull-Along Toy from £24.95

7. Billowy Butterfly Multi-Activity Play Gym

Baby play gym in butterfly design

Developing minds are constantly hunting for the next thing to touch, fiddle with, or spin delightedly over their heads. The Billowy Butterfly Play Gym by Little Bird Told Me makes sure your wriggling bundle of joy never gets bored when you plop them down for a moment. A mat and head rest keep baby in a satisfying position whilst they play with trinkets suspended on the artful, dome-like frame. They’ll be emerging from the cocoon of their nursery in no time; best to let their attention take flight and explore their environment, eh?

Billowy Butterfly Multi-Activity Play Gym from £54.95

6. Children’s Stack-Up Donkey

Moulin Roty Childrens Stack-Up Donkey

Education comes in any form we choose – the more fun it is, the better your babe will grasp how shapes and colours intertwine. We have a solid punt in store with a Stack-Up Donkey by Moulin Roty. A dozy mule’s head rests on top, asking for the rest of his body (made up of different sized blocks) to be assembled however your little one likes. With bold colours and a fun design, this stack up donkey is a classic play set to get busy with…

Children’s Stack-Up Donkey from £19.95

5. Fifi Rabbit Baby Rattle

Ragtales rattle in rabbit design

Combining the aural stimulation of a rattle and the adorable looks of a fluffy rabbit, Fifi is your babies latest creature confidante. She’s wearing a dress that’s wrapped right around her shaking belly, which baby will hear as they send it soaring through the air. This is another Ragtales entry on our list, and for good reason: their knack for plush childhood companions is tough to ignore.

Fifi Rabbit Baby Rattle from £12.95

4. Children’s Hippo Pacifier & Comforter

Moulin Roty Children's Hippo Comforter

Everyone likes hippos. We’d all love to hug one if they weren’t so grumpy, but luckily Moulin Roty have made that doable, designing a soft-touch toy for baby to treasure. Aside from the silky main body, our hippo has varyingly-textured hands and feet, allowing baba to test their physical perceptions and have a blast while doing it.

Children’s Hippo Pacifier & Comforter from £19.95

3. Sophie La Giraffe Muslins Gift Set

Sophie La Giraffe Muslins Gift Set

We’re stepping up the pace now towards the end of our countdown, opening a cracking set of teething and touch-play accessories for your baby to go wild with. We mean this last part literally, as esteemed French designer Sophie La Giraffe have kept true to their namesake. Behold a chewable, long-necked balm for gummy assaults on pliable surfaces. Along with three muslin comforters, there isn’t a child in the world who won’t be enraptured by this giraffe-themed gift for growing bodies.

Sophie La Giraffe Muslins Gift Set from £38.95

2. Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth

Your squirming ball of giggles won’t know what a mammoth is yet, but you can bet they’ll understand that our pal Neo is a special case in comfort! His furriness is complemented by sleek, grip-able handles that let tots sway away to their heart’s content. There aren’t many rockers with this level of textured wonderment, so Cuckooland counts Neo by Kids Concept as one of our fave gift choices.

Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth from £129.00

1. Victorian Steam Train Pull-Along Toy

Victorian Steam Train Pull-Along Toy

Embrace the past and present of English excellence with the Victorian Steam Train Pull-Along by Orange Tree Toys. It’s an emblem of what made our country so ingenious, whilst tapping into the current strains of high kids’ fashion. We were amazed to discover that Prince William’s son, George, was recently sighted having a blast with it, a grin stretching over his face as he tugged it around the garden. If it’s good enough for the royals, you can give your baby a slice of the same standards, at a very reasonable price to boot!

Victorian Steam Train Pull-Along Toy from £16.00

Choo choo – we’ve come to the end, and what a ride it’s been… we’ve met some new acquaintances and a slew of tasty play features from every angle of baby bliss. The seal on your first, amazing Christmas as a proper family is almost there for the taking; all you have to do is narrow down your purchases, deciding what your munchkin really wants from Santa’s bag. Or take a peek here at our complete Baby Gift Collection which is full of awesome Baby Shower Gifts too!

If you’re in need of any other suggestions, our baby gift experts are on hand, snuggled in festive jumpers whilst they take stock of all the Cuckoolands treasures. Call our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 to place a halo of happiness on your cherub’s head this season.




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