Gorgeously Unusual Christening Gifts

The Christening of a son or daughter is one of the most important social ceremonies any young family can experience, and it’s a day of celebration for the baby’s parents, God parents and other members of the family. At this time, the baby is too young to keep any memories relating to the big day, so it is up to the parents and the family of the child to make sure that there are plenty of things to look back on when the child gets older, and what better a way to do that then by gifting a present which is truly unique? In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the more unusual, individual and quirky Christening gifts that money can buy.

Traditional versus Quirky Christening Gifts

One thing that can help a child to relive the day of their Christening is a special Christening keepsake. The primary Christening gift that parents purchase for their child is the Christening gown, and some parents often use Christening gowns that they wore, or that have been handed down through the generations. For other members of the family and for the God parents, there is the small matter of purchasing a suitable Christening gift or keepsake that can be enjoyed by both the parents and the child. The more traditional forms of christening gift include blankets, bibs, bonnets, engraved jewellery and much more. However, more people are looking for christening gifts that are a lot more unique, and even quirky, which can be beneficial, as more traditional gifts can lose their appeal and uniqueness over time. Let’s face it, not every christening gift has to be a trinket to be treasured forever (many of them will eventually find their way on to a Car Boot sale). Why not consider a gift which both the children and parents can enjoy immediately?

One of these Gorgeous Minimink Throws

Ensure the special youngster in your life is always cuddled and warm with this beautiful Minimink throw. Doubling as a throw, wrap, and rug, this faux fur wrap is as luxurious as it is practical – ideal for new parents and babies alike. An adorable gift for new babies and baby showers.
  • The rug/wrap/throw measures 100cm square and has cream jersey lining
  • Machine washable and low tumble dry.
  • We recommend this size as the best one for a new baby as it is the perfect size for a rug, pram wrap or throw.
  • The perfect gift for a new baby or even to use as a small fur throw / wrap for larger children and adult

unusual christening gift ideas

This Incredibly Cute Bonnet

This beautiful Earflap Baby Bonnet is handmade from 100% Baby Alpaca, Fine Handknit with crochet ties so hat stays on. stretchy fit to suit most ages – newborn to 1 year. Perfect new baby girl gift, baby shower present or christening gifts.
christening gift ideas

A Very Cool Racing Car Spoon

Child getting tired of the traditional aeroplane flying food into their mouths? Why not spice things up with this gorgeous racing car spoon? Hand painted and carefully crafted from stainless steel and wood, this quirky cutlery piece would make the ideal christening gift for budding racing drivers.

unique christening gift

Personalised Keepsake Baubles

Okay, we appreciate that some of our readers may wish to keep things traditional. If you are looking for something a bit more unique than a traditional gown or blanket there are keepsakes that can you can give that are dedicated to the child and its parents. A lot of these keepsakes are made from glass, which can be just perfect for hanging on a tree during the holidays, or for putting in to a glass display cabinet.

personalised bauble

Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas of some of the more quirky and unique Christening gifts out there at the moment. However, these are just a few of the more unusual gifts that are available, and if you wish to get something a little bit different, it is important to start thinking outside of the box.



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