The Greatest Festival Ever and You Probably Slept Through It!

On Saturday 3rd January a momentous event happened. This event might have passed you by but we can guarantee you celebrated it in your own little way. This truly magnificent event was of course, the Festival of Sleep! That’s right boys and girls, there is an official festival of sleep, praise be to your pillow! The origin of this incredible day is unknown, but it takes place on the 3rd January every year to give us all a well deserved rest after the festive period. So in true Cuckooland style we will bring you lovely snoozers the greatest beds ever created in celebration of the laziest…. erm, we mean most relaxing day of the year.

The Sandwich Bed

Taking a lettuce leaf out of Homer Simpson’s book of life, the humble sandwich is the perfect addition to a comfy bed. So imagine how amazed Mr Simpson would be with this awesome sandwich bed!  Featuring realistic layers of cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. You won’t know whether to sleep in it or eat it!

sandwich bed

The Bird’s Nest

Have you ever wanted to curl up into a warm ball of happiness just like little woodland creatures do? Well we have found the next best thing; the bird’s nest bed. This super comfy bed has oversized squishy pillows to cuddle up to, and a recycled cardboard outer nest making it eco friendly too, just like the real thing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.41.40


Pups Need Sleep Too

It isn’t just us human that need a comfy bed, certain quadrupeds love them too. Dogs are particularly fond of their beds as any pet owner knows. This has resulted in a growing demand for luxurious doggy beds and it’s easy to see why any pet pooch desires, nay, demands a Classy Louis XVI style dog bed in Pile Grey. Fetch human, fetch!

luxury dog bed

The Sleep Trap

It’s sometimes hard to catch 40 winks with a demanding lifestyle, but what happens when a bed catches you?! This trap bed is the ultimate in sleep catching design. Although it looks like a dangerous contraption for catching small (or large) creatures, we can assure you its of a sturdy structure and the box section will (probably) not fall down.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.45.07

The Caravan of Love

You just don’t get cooler than this awesome Caravan bed when it comes to unique beds. Unfortunately this is a strictly ‘for kids’ kind of bed. This amazing bed features interior shelving, a door that closes, an additional outside storage box and it even has a pull out bed for sleepovers.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 11.37.05


Game of Thrones or Beds

If you’ve been enraptured by Game of Thrones this next bed is definitely for you! Featuring a design that would make a viking sleep soundly, this King of Kings bed is not for the faint hearted.

games of thrones bed

The Chilled Bed

Some people can’t sleep in warm rooms; the need to maintain a cool temperature is a must for these people and you don’t get colder than this next bed. This bed actually resides in the ice hotel. A purpose built hotel that offers guest a night on the ice surrounded by furs to keep warm. Brillllliant!

ice hotel bed

The Outdoor Bed

That bed, that view, that warm weather…. why would you ever sleep inside?! This next bed is a real dream come true for lovers of landscape and sunsets/sunrises. We have it on good authority that this just might be the comfiest outdoor bed ever created.

outdoor bed

The Treehouse Bed

Lets be honest, we all wanted a treehouse as a child, so imagine how lucky the kids of today are when they can have their very own treehouse bed!!! This ultra cool bed features a top bunk which doubles up as a treehouse. Go on, admit it, you’re jealous.

treehouse bunk bed for boys

So there we have it, the coolest beds ever created to celebrate the coolest festival of all. Remember to put a reminder in your diaries for next years’ Festival of Sleep and celebrate in style with a truly awesome bed.

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