Happy Campers: Bring the Outdoors into The Kids’ Bedroom

Kids’ Bedroom Furniture is meant to provide function and style and envelope your children in a safe and familiar environment – although this should never limit your options for decking out their interior. If your family is more suited to the outdoors, gathered in a shared tent by a crackling fire, then we have a treat for you.

Our newest range of kids items bring the camping craze home, making every day a foray into the wild without ever leaving the comfort of a nightlight behind. There’s a lot to get through here, so let’s not dally for a second. Read on for our top, camping-themed bedroom tips. The only thing you’ll be pitching is a fit of giggles when you get it all into place…



As a rule of thumb, camping expeditions need somewhere soft and cosy to call your own, giving you the thrill of a hideaway that practically no-one knows about. To replicate this in a bedroom, you’ll be pleased by the amount of nature-inspired beds available, all of which encourage children to switch the outside world off as best they can.

We love the Camp Canyon Tipi Tent With Pullout Bed by Lifetime, made to resemble an authentic, American Indian set-up. It’s actually manufactured from 100% cotton, soothing young hands when they brush up against it in a dream. Suitable in equal measures as a play area and central sleep zone, tie-back curtains give degrees of privacy to your little one’s hide out.

Camp Canyon Tipi Tent With Pullout Bed

Camp Canyon Tipi Tent Pullout Bed From £245.00

Starry nights for sleepy heads

For something a little grander, but still striking an open feel, cabin and loft beds will elevate your explorer high above the jungle of teddies and toys below. The F Designer Kids Loft Bed by Rafa Kids is a safe bet for letting adventurers map their personal tastes around their sleeper. The Scandinavian build is fairly simple, allowing you to deck the lower half with oodles of treasures, throws, and souvenirs from the nature trail.

The F Designer Kids Loft Bed

The F Designer Kids Loft Bed From £1,195.00

If your little ones like a few comforts to their camping theme, our very own Kids House Cabin Bed turns any room into a forest paradise, featuring portholes and windows for a home within a home. Imagine peering out of this little abode in the morning, flush with sunlight! Changeable vintage and modern themes are on hand to make your darling’s cabin retreat look exactly how they want it to.

Cuckooland Kids Cabin Bed In House Design

Kids House Cabin Bed From £545.00

Camping comforts

Walking on the wild side doesn’t mean leaving life’s little luxuries behind. We love waking up with bugs in our hair as much as the next happy camper, but there’s something quite satisfying about sinking into a soft cushion after a long day of adventures, or switching a rickety camping chair for something a little sturdier.

Lifetime comes up trumps again with their Camp Canyon Hanging Chair, a semi-hammock that lets children bob from the ceiling like they’re caught in a gusty pine tree. It can hold two little bodies – up to 70 kg, in fact – so their favourite co-camper can help plan the next mission to the woods. We doubt many kids will get that far because this product is too much fun to slip out of! Even teenage brothers and sisters will be envious of this micro haven, which’ll give your youngest bragging rights for a change.

Lifetime Hanging Chair

Camp Canyon Hanging Chair From £195.00

For even smaller nature explorers, a Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth is bound to blow them away. It’s a deliciously furry spin on traditional rocking models, courtesy of Kids Concept, one of our favourite designers. The rocker’s adorable face is matched by its ultra-mushy hide, all the better for keeping toddlers content when hanging out at home.

Kid Concept Ride On Toy

Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth From £130.00

We haven’t forgotten the campers that gurgle the most, either. Our Levo Baby Rockers by Charlie Crane encourage ‘active bouncing’, industry shorthand for a schematic that lets babies sway to and fro with minimum effort. From the first day in your home to the time they become a strapping young tot, your babe will have plenty of preparation for family camping holidays, when the trail can get a bit bumpy.

Beech Wood Baby Bouncer

Levo Baby Rocker From £179.00

Packing the essentials

Storage is something that can make or break a camping trip – whoever leaves the dry shampoo can expect a few words from mummy! As such, camp-mad kids will doubtless be self-trained in the art of clearing up after themselves, and taking the right provisions with them.

For weekend breaks and outdoor excursions, the Madpax Spiketus Rex Back Pack is their go-to piece of kit, a cool and expressive way to keep everything they need in one place. Your brood will be jogging around like manic hedgehogs once they slip it on their shoulders, enjoying the easy clipping mechanisms. Air-mesh padding is included so backs don’t get warm and itchy, whilst plenty of pockets are there to swallow valuables up.

Madpax Spiketus Rex Backpack

Madpax Spiketus Rex Back Pack From £45.00

On the other hand, rainy days tend to limit such adventures, and the toy box will likely appear in their stead. We love the Play & Go Toy Storage Bag, available in Flamingo, Anchor, and Panda patterns. Ingeniously, it doubles as a play mat and clean-up solution, folding together when it’s time for tea. Apart from the minutes you and your children will save fumbling for bits across the floor, it’s a sneaky method of encouraging them to get rid of their own mess, a practical necessity for taking the camping itch into adulthood.

Play & Go Toy Storage

Play & Go Toy Storage Bag From £29.99

We’re always updating our collection of kids bedroom essentials, so be sure to check out what’s new when breathing fresh ideas into their den. Cuckooland is gaga for anything that brings a family together, and camping is certainly one way to do it. So keep those trailblazers in good spirits by giving them a camping-inspired bedroom they’ll cherish forever…


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