Happy National Hammock Day!

The humble hammock has been with us for hundreds of years, and yet this simple and straightforward solution of finding somewhere to sleep that kept you safe and dry, shows no signs of being replaced. On the 22nd of July we celebrate National Hammock Day (it really is an actual thing… Google it), so what better a way to show our appreciation of the hammock than an entire article written for the comfiest of beach side resting devices.

unique and unusual hammocks

What is a Hammock?

As if you didn’t know… The hammock is basically a sling that is made from rope, netting, or fabric, which is then suspended between two points, and it is primarily used for sleeping and resting. Construction is usually via a woven network of twine, or one cloth panel or more or even thin rope with thicker rope that is stretched between 2 anchor points such as posts or trees. Hammocks are popular with backpackers, and some even come with mosquito netting and storage pockets, and the majority of hammocks come pre-made, but some of the more serious hammock aficionados prefer to make their own hammocks. At Cuckooland we stock a unique collection of hammocks which are ideal for relaxing in the garden this summer.

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The Hammock – A Very Brief History

The hammock can trace its history back to the ancient inhabitants of South and Central America, and they were designed to allow people to sleep away from the often damp jungle floor, as well as keeping the sleeper away from bugs and other animals. Later, hammocks were a popular choice for sailors, soldiers and explorers, as they are easy to use and do not take much to carry around. These days, hammocks are popular across the globe with backpackers, campers and with those people who just like to kick back and relax in their own garden on a hot summer’s afternoon.

The hammock was popular with sailors on long voyages as the swinging motion of the hammock is usually in tune with the movement of the vessel, in addition to which, sleeping in a hammock whilst onboard a ship, helped to avoid the dangers of falling on the floor during rough seas.


Finding Comfort in your Hammock

A lot of people who have never used a hammock fear that they are not stable enough and that they might fall out when they are asleep. However, these fears are groundless, and the hammock is designed to envelope the user, so that there is virtually no chance of being thrown on to the floor.

There are many advantages to making use of a hammock, which include portability, convenience and above all, comfort. A hammock that has been hung properly will conform to the contours of the user’s body, allowing for even support on all sides, as well as doing away with the problems of pressure points, which are a consequence of sleeping in a bed. A lot of people who have problems with tossing and turning when trying to sleep in a standard bed, find that when they sleep in a hammock they awake the following morning in the same position that they fell to sleep in. In addition to which, the gentle swaying of the hammock can help people to get to sleep more quickly, as well as providing a sense of security and warmth.

Another group of people who can benefit from sleeping in a hammock are those people that suffer with back pain, as they will find that the extra support they get from a hammock helps to alleviate back pain and stiffness. Of course, using a hammock is not going to be to everyone’s taste, but those people that have used hammocks can testify to how much better their night’s sleep can be.

The Different types of Hammock

Most hammocks come made from polyester or cotton rope, although more contemporary ones can be made from polyester, but the most traditional type of hammock is the rope hammock. These hammocks have spreader bars, which aid in keeping the sides separated, which helps to keep it open, and these hammocks can be easily slung between a couple of trees or posts. At Cuckooland we also have hanging hammocks and hanging chairs which are perfect for losing yourself in a good book or enjoying a cool glass of Rose. We even have a very cute baby Hammock!

baby hammock

The rope used in cotton hammocks help to stretch the hammock to match the contours of the user’s body, and they can be much more comfortable than polyester rope hammocks. However, polyester hammocks are better at withstanding higher humidity levels, salt water and even UV rays. Nevertheless, they are not as flexible when compared to rope hammocks.

When sleeping in colder climates, there is the option to use hammocks that come with a quilted lining, as these are much more comfortable, as well as offering more warmth than a traditional hammock. Whereas a rope hammock only has one layer of fabric, a quilted hammock has two layers, and these layers are separated by a fibre filling for better heat retention.

Hurrah for Hammocks

Celebrate National Hammock Day in style by ordering one of the unique options from Cuckooland – we guarantee that when you find yourself on a hot British summers day with a urning to relax in the garden you won’t regret it.

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