Have Yourself a Gift Hamper Christmas

The gift-giving season is well and truly under way; chances are your head is already spinning with loads of brilliant ideas for those lucky recipients on your list (and a little mulled wine!). If only there was a way to lump lots of stuff together, all with a neat little bow and one easy purchase…

No free set of Reindeer antlers for guessing where this is going! Yep… our hampers are the be-all, end-all pick for the festive period. Proof that quality and quantity don’t always need to be mutually exclusive. Our Gift Hampers are chock-a-block full of quality goodies, booze and Christmas snacks, and here are 10 of our very best:

10. The Magic Of Christmas

Virginia Hayward The Magic Of Christmas Hamper

Let’s initiate our Noel-themed countdown with a fab starter hamper, appropriately dubbed The Magic Of Christmas. In essence, the seasonal spirit doesn’t have to be stacked with bells and whistles (apart from the sleigh sort…) to cheer people up. This package sets you in fine form with a loved one, unleashing spiced apple chutney, cheese baguette bites and delectable mince pies on their dinner table.

The Magic Of Christmas Luxury Hamper from £72.00

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9. A Touch Of Class

Virginia Hayward A Touch Of Class Luxury Hamper

Every girl loves a little luxury. The Touch Of Class hamper is a sure-fire hit with women across the age spectrum, decked out in Ritz-worthy shades of lilac and gold. A bottle of Prosecco lords over it like a grand dame, gathering a cadre of mixed truffles and nuts below it, whilst quality olive twists are ready to dive into her cocktail after work.

A Touch Of Class from £132.95

8. A Christmas Tradition

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 18.30.35

For the connoisseur of classic tastes, this hamper has a handful of flavours – oats, chocolate and puds tinged with cider. Hamper queens Virginia Hayward aim for the traditional predilection with their collection of buttery and marshmallow-inflected titbits. Standouts include choc-coated ginger snaps and a pair of South African wines.

A Christmas Tradition Luxury Hamper from £157.95 

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7. Pure Indulgence

Pure Indulgence Luxury Christmas Hamper

There are goodies here that everyone in the family will love – we’d call it the summit of hamper standards, but there’s a whole lot more to come! Fruit cake, olives, jam, coffee, four bottles of vino… the list goes on and on, capped off by Graham’s Fine Ruby Port for an after-dinner tipple. An armada of family favourites shapes the perfect hamper for a growing brood.

Pure Indulgence Luxury Hamper from £259.95

6. The Celebration

Virginia Hayward Celebration Luxury Christmas Hamper

Sorry, did we say that our last gift represented some kind of pinnacle? We’re forgetting ourselves: The Celebration hamper takes the biscuit for Christmas miracles, as well as liver pate, stilton, salmon, brandy and a festive ham that’s ideal for Boxing Day. There’s enough food here to feed an army of elves, and your lucky recipient will need all the extra calories they can get to make it through their hosting duties. Rounding it off is a hefty assortment of drinks, including gin, champagne and single-malt whiskey.

The Celebration from £750.00

5. Wine & Cheese

Wine and Cheese Luxury Christmas Hamper

Let’s dial it back a bit for our next hamper, which offers a more modest (though no less delicious) way to someone’s heart. Three kinds of cheese sit in their special hyacinth tray waiting for a biscuit to scoop them up, and that’s just what the Wine & Cheese set provides: a late-night snack washed steadily down with a vintage Chilean red. It’s a superb complement to parlour games when charades begins to wear thin…

Wine & Cheese from £35.95

4. A Taste Of Christmas

A Taste Of Christmas Luxury HamperColumn 1

Have you ever thought, in your deepest dreams, that main courses are overrated? We know that the turkey, trimmings et al are the weight holding a Christmas meal into place, yet those of a sweeter persuasion will just be hankering for trifle and cake. Get that sugar-rush into their system with A Taste Of Christmas, which we dare say is the best friend for biscuit obsessives. Clotted cream and Cornish shortbread hit the high notes on their tongue, joining popcorn, jam and hand-cut crisps in snack heaven.

A Taste Of Christmas from £106.95

3. Christmas Cracker

Virginia Hayward Christmas Cracker Hamper

Show-stopping hampers don’t need to break the budget. Brimming with all the treats a couple or family will be hungering for this Noel, the Christmas Cracker is well worth your attention. By that, we mean pickle preserves, chilli biscuits and truffles with a richness their store cupboard can’t hope to match. Grandparents might relish the spiced fudge sitting at the back, a moreish companion for the red and white French wines!

Christmas Cracker from £66.95

2. For The Love Of Chocolate

For The Love Of Chocolate Luxury Hamper

Advent calendars condition us from an early age to be mindful of chocolate when there’s a tree in our living rooms. It’s as much a kernel of Christmas as stockings, baubles and uncles snoozing at 4pm; hence, we’ve found an awesome hamper for chocoholics, containing half-coated fudge, drinks and numerous other spins on the humble cocoa bean. Everything comes in a round, decorative box that’ll look swish on a kitchen counter.

For The Love Of Chocolate from £35.95 

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1. Love From Santa

Love From Santa Luxury Christmas Hamper

The competition’s seriously heated up now, and were rubbing our hands together in anticipation of the top hamper gift we’ve pulled out of the sack! Surprisingly, it’s another sack altogether, one that flies straight from the North Pole to your recipient’s doorstep! While it’s not the most extravagant choice on our countdown, the Love From Santa hamper is adorable: a feast of berries, nuts, special marshmallows, sundried tomato bites and a bottle of shiraz for good measure, it’s bound to go down a treat on Christmas day.

And how is it presented? In Santa’s carrier of course! A draw-string jute bag holds the items in a plush scarlet cove, as festive as anything we’ve seen this year. As such, we reckon it’s a worthy winner of the top spot on our countdown.

Love From Santa from £35.95 

(So sorry, this Hamper is now out of stock. Click here to view our full collection of amazing Gift Hampers, all items displayed on our site are in stock)

Now that the hamper trail has come to an end, you must have some imaginings for the guy, gal or special family member in your life. Cuckooland is flush with rosy cheeks and love for all and sundry – make sure your dear ones get the hamper selection they deserve when the 25th December swings around. For other gifts, or to narrow down these purchases even further, call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to speak to our dedicated Christmas Gift team.



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