How To: Get Kids Excited about Going Back to School!

After six (or more) weeks of lazy days playing in the garden, sleepovers with friends and vegging out on the sofa, getting kids excited about digging out their uniforms and going back to the ol’ 9am–3:30pm grind can be tough, to say the least. If the thought of that last night of the summer holidays already has you reaching for the gin, read on for Cuckooland’s Top 5 tips on how to avoid bedtime tantrums and even get them excited about the start of the new term (yes, really). Good luck!

#1. Cool school stuff
Kit them out in something they can’t wait to show their friends at the school gates! This doesn’t have to mean designer shoes or expensive stuff – kids are pretty easily impressed, and there’s bound to be things they need for the new term anyway. Obviously, every school has their own uniform rules, but items like backpacks and pencil cases are usually fair game, and there are some incredible designs around. Check out this spiky 3D offering in metallic silver from MadPax – what little one wouldn’t be excited about packing their school books into this on Sunday nights?!


MadPax Metallic Spike Backpack in Silver, from £55; Behold Pencil Case £6.50


#2. Ace homework space
Homework is arguably the worst thing about term time (for you, and your budding genius!) It’s one thing knuckling down at school where all their friends are in the same boat, but giving up valuable time at home to study can leave children feeling resentful. Help keep them motivated by creating a cool kids desk space or homework corner – use bright colours and funky accessories to make it feel fun, and somewhere they (hopefully) won’t mind spending a couple of hours each week!


Task Table Lamp in Mustard Yellow, £59; Kids Locker Desk, £350

#3 (Small) uniform rebellions
Things like having to remove nail varnish or funky hair colours that they were allowed to experiment with over the school holidays, but aren’t ‘uniform-compliant’, can make the new term seem dull. Try to find ways that kids can still express themselves, without getting into trouble, such as wash-out pastel hair colours. Nailmatic Kids also offer a range of chemical-free, wash-off nail polish that little ones will be able to put on when they get home from school, and easily wash-off in time for assembly the next morning!


Nailmatic Kids Wash-Off Nail Polish Gift Set in Jungle, £19.95

#4 Fun lunches (Funches?)
Anyone who’s ever struggled at work on a Monday morning knows that the thought of lunch can really help get you through. Eating well is essential to maintaining concentration and energy levels, not to mention a good mood, so try to make their packed lunch something to look forward to. That doesn’t have to mean unhealthy treats – something as simple as cutting sandwiches into shapes or arranging fruit into faces can make lunch infinitely more exciting when you’re 6 years old (although you might have to up your game for tweens!) Check out BBC Good Food and Good Housekeeping for school lunch inspiration.


Happy Jackson Yay Lunch Box, £5.95


#5 After-school activities
Whether it’s a new extracurricular activity, an after-school play date with friends, or the promise of a trip to the park at the weekend, their first few days back at school will be easier to bear if they have something fun to look forward to when it’s all over (until next week that is!)


Ready to face the new term shop? If you prefer to do it from the sofa with a glass of vino (us too!), check out Cuckooland’s Back to School selection for cool lunch boxes, pencil cases, school bags and more!

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