Inspire Your Children With These Unique Children’s Beds

Looking back over my childhood years, I have become quite certain that my bed was my perfect partner in crime. A faithful friend that kept me safe from monsters at night, provided the perfect frame for cave building during the day, and reliably took the weight of my 4 stone centaur frame regardless of the velocity of my trampolineing, my bed had me covered. That said, I can’t help but feel envious of the kids today. Back then children’s beds where rarely anything more than a frame and a mattress (which if you were lucky was also comfortable), but today they come in all shapes and sizes – Racecars and Treehouses included! In todays post we explore some of the more unique children’s beds (you may browse our full collection of boys beds, and girls beds here) available to youngsters, and promise surprise, astonishment, and intrigue along the way.

Mathy by Bols

Most parents now-a-days realise the need to stimulate and inspire creativity and imagination in their children, an ethos that we at Cuckooland share; what’s a world if not full of colour and inspiration. Not content with creating the standard collection of beds, Mathy by Bols have invested their time into the creative process, capturing what it means to be a child. This has resulted in a compendium of children’s beds that will inspire creativity and imagination in your children, whether at play or rest – where else can you find a children’s bed collection that features both a caravan and a treehouse? Manufactured from only the very best materials to provide assurance that you are investing in quality, these durable kids beds are built to last as long as the imaginations they inspire. Browse the full collection here.

Mathy By Bols White childrens play bed

Lifetime Beds

With their design process encapsulating creativity and functionality, the Lifetime collection has become an increasingly popular creator of children’s beds; a sentiment it’s easy to appreciate when you see their stunning range. On the creative side we have an assortments of beds perfect of inspiring play in both boys and girls, whether they are proper princesses in need of a castle to dwell, or a hero knight who demands a fortress to defend – Ice Cream van beds, and circus beds even appear on their diverse menu. On the practicality side we have a collection that comes in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional cabin bed through to the more unusual L-Shaped bunk bed – Lifetime have a children’s bed to suit practically any need.

castle bed for boys




Kid Kraft

Whether they are taking a rocket ship to the moon to find some cheese for lunch, hitting a hairpin bend at 3000 miles an hour, or riding their pumpkin carriage to their dream castle, children love to play. What better a way to inspire these imaginative explorations than to provide your children with a real life extension of their fantasies? The Kid Kraft collection does just this with their range of children’s beds that come in the shape of their favourite daydreams. Trains, rocket ships, princesses castles are all on the menu, proving your kids with the perfect accessory to inspire their imaginations. Furthermore, the attachment that your kids may build with whilst at play could improve the feeling of security they feel at bedtime, resulting in an improved sleep cycle.

kid kraft toddlers bed


Creativity and Imagination is one thing, but what if you are simply looking for a children’s bed that will make your little one feel comfortable and safe? We acknowledge that children require security, and creating their bedroom to provide them with their own personal space can assist in settling them in to a routine. If, however you’re still keen on injecting a little creativity into your childs bedroom, a pink V8 racing car or sturdy sea-dwelling pirate ship will certainly makes things a little more ‘exciting’. A newcomer to the Cuckooland children’s bed collection, Newjoy have quickly become one of our favourite manufacturers thanks to their ongoing resolution to maintaining high quality and style.

unique toddler bed for girls

They’re all so pretty…

Investing in your children’s security and comfort is a worthwhile endeavour; depending upon their  persuasions children will spend almost half of their childhood life in bed. So why not invest in something that will truly make their childhood special? You never know where it might take them. So tell us, where you able to re-live your childhood which of the beds shown today would you love to take centre stage in your bedroom? Share you thoughts and favourites with us below.

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