Add Instant Zing To Your Outdoor Space With An Outdoor Rug

Summer is in full swing and we are all revelling in the extra long days, warm nights (mostly) and social gatherings, which come as standard with British Summer Time. For those savvy summer planners, spring was the time to get the garden in order for all those summer soirées. However, for the rest of us busy bees, the garden may still look like a bit of a jungle and the decking may have seen better days. So in this crazy world of modern convenience we have just the thing to add instant zing to your outdoor space – an outdoor rug! Whether it’s a balcony, deck, patio or garden, you can instantly transform the look of your outdoor area with one of these ingeniously stylish (and never needing to clean) external rugs and we’re here to show you how.

Beautify The Balcony

Creating a comfortable outdoor space from a tiny balcony doesn’t have to be Mission Impossible. Yes, a balcony tends to be a smaller space but that’s no reason not to create a stunning outdoor area for summer evenings. Maximise the space with benches that double up as storage, use wall space for vertical gardens and don’t be afraid to incorporate some vibrant colour into the mix. An outdoor rug can add the illusion of space too. By selecting a long, rectangular rug with vertical stripes like the Outdoor Pond Stripe Rug by Dash & Albert, you are able to elongate the space perfectly. What’s more, the bold and beautiful colours will add real lift to drab or dreary balconies which have little or no colour.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.24.05
Dash & Albert Outdoor Rug

From £129.00

Pretty Up The Patio

A Patio typically has more space than a balcony but it does have some drawbacks. Many patios are made of slate or stone, which means the lack of colour can sometimes take away from the stylish aesthetic. By adding an outdoor rug to a stone patio, you can create a unique aesthetically pleasing feature. A grey patio can perfectly highlight the bold patterns and colours of an outdoor rug, giving your outdoor space an instant makeover. The Istanbul Outdoor Rug by Fab Habitat is the perfect patio rug. The bronze and aqua tones will balance the contrasting greens of your surroundings to the neutral tones of the patio. One things for sure, the Istanbul Outdoor rug will turn your neighbours aqua green with envy!

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.23.51
Fab Habitat Outdoor Rug In Bronze & Aqua

From £44.95

Deck Out The Decking

A decked area is the perfect place to relax and watch the sun go down. The rich wooden tones and chilled feeling of a decked area is what makes it so popular. So why not bring out the beautiful red tones in the decking with the Lhasa Rug by Fab Habitat. This super soft and durable rug is perfect for a decking area and will add vibrant colours that compliment the wooden tones of your surroundings. This stunning outdoor rug features a beautiful Eastern pattern that will give a warmer look to a modern outdoor space.

Fab Habitat outdoor rugs

From £44.95

Complete The Courtyard

A courtyard done right can become your very own sanctum. By embracing the stone structure and surroundings you can create something of an old world stone garden. Add in a water feature to balance the elements and you’re on to a winner. But where Courtyards can lack in colour, an outdoor rug can make up for in creative opulence. The Cleo Rug by Dash and Albert incorporates the wonderfully earthy tones of the courtyard whilst adding texture and structure to an outdoor space.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.18.29
Dash & Albert Outdoor Rugs

From £695

Get The Garden Looking Gorgeous

If your lawn is a bit lacking in greenery and is patchier than a patchwork blanket, an outdoor rug can give it some much needed love. An extra large rug can cover up those garden bald spots and make that lawn far more inviting. The Picnic Lounge Outdoor Rug from Fatboy is the perfect addition to an expansive lawn space. The extra large picnic rug features a traditional design and colours that pop! The easy to clean rug is perfect for a family picnic in the garden or lounging about with friends and a few drinks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 13.53.37
Fatboy Outdoor Rug

From £235

Giving that outdoor space a quick make over won’t require a team of experts and buckets of money, simply add a little bit of style to transform your garden this summer. With out stunning range of outdoor rugs, you can turn any dull space into a social hot spot.

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