‘It’s just not Cricket’ said Cuckooland in (wind) vane.

Well its not often we receive an order from the England and Wales Cricket Board, one that we actually fought hard not to deliver… but they were adamant, something about an agreement they had with Cricket Australia. While we thank them for the order and rejoice at adding another unique animal to the list of strange orders we’ve received for Weathervanes… its just not Cricket!

Weathervane in wallaby design

SO WHAT if we lost the Ashes, replacing Old Father Time, the most famous Weathervane in the world, with a Wallaby… I mean really! Punch us in the face why don’t you, Joey! Desecrate our hallowed grounds and kick our cricket balls! Granted he’s a good looking Marsupial and beautifully made, using machined parts, individually balanced and durably coated in High Density Polyethylene! But still, we don’t agree with the sentiment. Mind you, ‘He’s A Particularly Presumptuous Young ‘April’ Full Of Obedient Losers Serving Dayglow Australian Yellow.’ Its a bit cryptic we know, so we’ll deliver a Random Act of Cuckooness to the first person who can work out our message.

Unique Weathervane in Wallaby


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