Let’s Play Hide-and-Sleep!

NEW Cupboard Kids Beds are the ultimate sleep/play/soothe station!


New from Dutch designer Woood this summer is the stunning Cupboard-style Cabin Bed with Folding Doors! Available in White and Grey, this unique bed not only makes a great play den during the day, but can also help soothe children who experience sleeping difficulties at night, by blocking out external lights and distractions. The ultimate fusion of style, fun and practicality, all for the reasonable price of £545 – view it online here now!

Cupboard Bed in Grey, £545

The perfect solution for smaller rooms, the Cupboard-style Cabin Bed by Woood combines a bed, play area and storage, all in one! Made of solid, quality pine, with folding doors, star cut-outs and internal shelves, this beautiful bed will see children through from toddler to teen. Designed and crafted in Holland, this is the ultimate bed for hide-and-seek fanatics – it even has a window for peeking! Installation and mattress options are also available.

woood cupboard bed in grey
woood cupboard bed in white for girls

Cupboard Bed in White, £545

Ideal for Scandinavian or neutral style bedrooms, the Cupboard-style Cabin Bed in White features pretty heart cut-outs in the folding doors. The white colour can be calming for little ones, and the enclosed style of the bed can help children with sleeping difficulties, as it blocks out light and sensory distractions, creating a ‘womb-like’, safe space. You may also find it discourages night wandering – after all, who would want to leave this bed?!

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