How do you like your eggs in the morning?

It’s not rocket science – eggs are the breakfast of champions! Low in calories, a rich source of protein and packed with essential nutrients and vitamins for good health – so why do we only eat them on a Sunday? Whether runny, medium or hard-boiled, we all still find it a hassle timing everyone in the families’ eggs to perfection. Say hello to the new Eiko Egg Cup Boilers, helping to make it easier for families to get their whites-and-yolks just the way they like them.

A boiled egg and dippy soldiers is quite simply the best thing ever. Whether hard-boiled or soft, perfecting the morning egg is a trick many have tried but few have mastered….until now. Say hello to Eiko, the all-in-one stackable egg cup boiler, making it easy for everyone to get their whites-and-yolks just the way they like them.

unique egg cup boilers

Eiko egg cups Ooze style

Eiko hooks on to the side of the pan and holds the egg in place, so there is no need to worry about the egg cracking when it is added to the water. It is shaped so that the egg hangs down in the boiling water, but the handle remains cool so that you won’t burn yourself. When the egg is ready, the removal no longer requires a balancing act with spoons and hot eggs, simply unhook Eiko and transfer straight to the table. The cup doubles up as an instant egg cup, perfect for all those impatient egg eaters.

Just hangin’ out

The cup boilers are different colours, so there’s no problem telling the difference between Junior’s runny yolk and Grandpa’s hard-boiled eggs. All you have to do is remember which colour belongs to which egg eater, and remove according to your boiling times. Use with the matching spoon and it will not change the flavour of the egg like metal ones are thought to do.

quirky egg cup boilers

Eiko Egg Holders

The sciencey bit

Eiko is made of heat and scratch resistant high-gloss polycarbonate plastic, and can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees C. Eiko should not be used with gas cookers.

Eiko is available from from 1st April 2014. Each set includes 4 egg cup boilers (orange, yellow, blue and green) priced at £12 per set. Matching spoons are also available for £6 per set of four.

That’s all yolks!

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