The Definitive Guide To The Lotus BBQ Grill

Here at Cuckooland we are experts on a lot of innovative lifestyle accessories; from quirky furniture to kids beds and even retro phones. But one thing we know about more than anything else is BBQ’s. Yes, your faithful cooking companion is considered a coveted piece of genius here at Cuckooland HQ. Which is why we wanted to impart the knowledge of a thousand BBQ’s to our dear readers, starting with our guide to the Lotus Grill. This gauntlet of information is not to be taken lightly; for once you have the knowledge of a BBQ king you will be forever known as the greatest BBQ’er around. Friends, family and even work colleagues will flock to your summer sanctum of awesome cooking with scant regard for how stunned their taste buds will be.

Lotus Grill in yellow

What Our Customers Say – Lotus Grill Reviews

Our favourite BBQ buddy is of course the Lotus BBQ Grill. This epic fire pit of awesomeness creates the best kind of BBQ food. It is portable, light, and even comes with its very own carry case! But don’t take our word for just how amazing the Lotus BBQ Grill is; check out what our customers have to say;



“just right for us. am loving it..”


“Bought this as a Christmas gift for our son, so not used yet, but looks really good. We saw one on a trip to Iceland this summer and my husband was so impressed we had to have one in the family.”



“looks amazing and guess what? works amazing as well. Tried it the first night after receiving and it was as quick as advertised.”


“Wish I had had it 20 years ago!”



“Does exactly what it says it will and have used it four times for four people each time. Still have enough charcoal for another two cook sessions. Slightly small surface area but not an issue and it washes up so well. No charred and horrid remains to contaminate new food.”

“I absolutely love this BBQ – at last a BBQ that can be easily cleaned and packed away and it gets better … it uses hardly any charcoal and heats up really quickly!”

Lotus Grill International

To make it into the Cuckooland hall of fame for cool products you need to create something that changes the way people do things, for the better. Innovation, quirkiness and unique design all have to play a part. Lotus Grill International not only ticks all those boxes but many more. Lotus Grill International have taken the humble portable BBQ and turned it into something that is more lifestyle accessory than product that ends up in the back of the cupboard for the rest of time. Lotus possess well over forty years of BBQ producing know-how which has resulted in an award winning design rivaled by none. Lotus Grill international came about from the development of the internationally patented Lotus Grill in 2010. Operating independently from its parent company, Lotus now produces the most popular portable Barbeque grill as well as BBQ Accessories, worldwide. These amazing credentials are why we are proud to be the biggest Online Retailer of Lotus BBQ Grills in the UK, bringing our customers a BBQ which will change the way they dine alfresco.

lotus grill international


It’s not surprising that The Lotus Grill has picked up awards for its cutting edge design and innovative technology. These include;

How It Works

If awards are anything to go by, it’s easy to see that The Lotus BBQ Grill is known for its revolutionary design and it’s this design that makes it one-of-a-kind. Lotus uses cutting edge technology to create a BBQ that is ready in around four minutes, sounds incredible? Well that’s because it is!

  • The Grill uses a battery-operated fan that is built in to the unit to supply fresh air over the charcoal thus producing a smoke-free cooking experience.
  • With the air stoking the heat around the charcoal, the grill is ready to cook delicious food in just a few short minutes.
  • The temperature can actually be controlled by adjusting the battery operated fan to ensure you have the optimal temperature for whatever you’re throwing on the barbie!
  • The unique design means that greasy deposits from food will not touch the lit charcoal which means no excess smoke.
  • Safety is always a big feature when it comes to a BBQ and this is why Lotus included a double wall around the grill to ensure the frame and base doesn’t get too hot. This is a vital feature when dining with small child around.
  • When it comes to cleaning the Lotus Grill is easy to dismantled, quick to clean and can even be placed in a dish washer.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.36.14

Take a look at this video and you will see just how easy it is to use the Lotus Grill

The Lotus Grill Range

The beauty of the Lotus Grill isn’t just in the cooking technology but in the design. Lotus is available in a stunning range of vibrant colours, from passionate red to sun worshipping orange. You are sure to find some variation of your favourite colour in this awesome range.

In early 2015 Lotus launched the New Lotus MiniGrill as well as launching the original Lotus Grill in silk white. These two new options have already proven to be popular. The miniGrill is especially well loved as it features a smaller, lighter design as well as a removable grill plate that doubles up as a handy camping stove.



The Lotus Grill XXL

Cuckooland fanatics may have an affinity with the Lotus range, but the brand has really outdone themselves with an extra-large version of this distinctive grilling tool! Think of it as the big brother to what we’ve previously been gazing at – only this sibling has the legs (literally!) to make your backyard parties come alive…

Yep, it comes attached to a pair of looping wheels so you can lead it to an appropriate corner in the yard as guests turn up. It’ll swerve to wherever you have space for it, locking into a stable position with the front-end ‘feet’. Then, when you’re serving guests, take it for a spin, as the Lotus XXL is perfectly safe for mobile cooking. The grill top is almost 58cm in diameter: a little under twice the measurements of the classic Lotus. With the stand, however, it’s a fair bit heavier, weighing in at 21.8kg. That won’t matter though since the pull handle/wheel combo ensures it never feels like dragging a stone up a hill. The item is smooth, responsive and easy to grip when you’re guiding it around.

Most of the XXL’s features, as you might guess, mirror those of its smaller brethren. It still sparks to work via a fan system – however, as there’s more surface to heat, you can expect the cooking time to increase by another minute on average (bringing it to five). There are also two charcoal containers instead of one, there to match your grander grill batches. Like our other Lotus models, it’s perfectly fine to graze the side of the grill with your hand or elbow: the double wall remains in full effect. What’s more, you can take the pit off the stand if desired, setting it down for a grass-hugging meal in the sun.

If you’re worried about cleaning and maintenance, don’t be! The Lotus XXL can be taken apart, piece by piece, for fitting in the dishwasher, or prepped for a thorough hand wash. The inner bowl is the only component that’ll be splashed in grease from your food; once you’ve taken it apart from constituent bits, there’s merely the need for a gentle chemical spray, a spot of warm water, and a circular washing technique that covers all of the rim.

Before we get back to other Lotus subjects, just imagine the absolutely amazing amount of meat you can sizzle on this beast! Let’s do a quick exercise – say you have burgers around 12cm in diameter and sausages that are 9cm long, 2cm wide. You can comfortably have three of each on the go at once, meaning you could deliver 30 portions in 25 minutes, with the cooking time we’re promising.

Lotus Grill XXL in Red

Lotus Grill Accessories

Not content with being on of the most coveted producers of portable BBQ Grills internationally, Lotus also produce a huge range of accessories which can turn your humble BBQ into an Eastern inspired cooker! The Lotus Grill BBQ Teppanyaki Plate is an example of this ingenious thinking and it will transform a simple BBQ into a Japanese delight. Lotus produce BBQ hoods that will compliment a slow cooked meal perfectly. Also in the range of accessories are BBQ Tongs and Barbeque Basting Brushes all available in the signature Lotus colours. And to compliment the perfect grilling temperature the boffins behind Lotus have even created BBQ grill bags, Lighter Gel and BBQ Beechwood Charcoal.

BBQ Hood by Lotus Grill

Take The Lotus Grill Anywhere

Unsurprisingly, the lotus grill is loved by many because of it’s versatility, you can literally take it anywhere and produce fabulous BBQ’d food. Here are just a few of our suggestions for the perfect environment for creating the perfect BBQ setting.

A Park

Awww the piece and tranquility which comes with a national park is something that is craved by many a hard worker. So when you throw in some delicious food and maybe even a few cheeky drinks, you are sure to create an epic dining experience that may attract some of the cuter forms of wildlife. Why not grab a few friends and create an epic ‘Party In The Park’ style event, all you need are some ingredients, a Lotus Grill, some beloved friends, beer/wine and hopefully sunshine.

The Holiday Village

If you are partial to a get away, village style, then the lotus grill will make the perfect addition. Britain, France and Holland and littered with amazing holiday villages which are perfect for all the family and who could resist cooking up a storm on a wooden deck whilst watching the sun set over the south of France. Get those bags packed and don’t forget the grill!


If you enjoy being one with nature and think hotels are for wimps than you no doubt love to camp. There is something entirely simple about camping and it allows us to get back to what’s important – the great outdoors, our loved ones and some awesome alfresco cooking. So of course you’re going to want to pack a Lotus Grill with you, and thanks to the recently launched MiniGrill you can pack a cooking implement that doubles up as a stove. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the great outdoors.

The Beach

Burger on the beach? Yes please! The beach is the ultimate summer hangout for a lot of folk and it’s easy to see why; Soft sands, awesome waves and enough sun to see you through to next Summer. But have you ever tried a BBQ on the beach? It makes the whole experience ten times more fun. All it takes is a little bit of prep to enjoy one of the greatest days out of the year. Fill a cooler with food and drinks, grab the Lotus, pack up the car and away you go on your epic sandy adventure.

On Holiday

It’s only natural to crave our much loved foods while abroad and that’s why taking the Lotus BBQ Grill with you will make every sense in the world. Not only can you cook up a storm with your beloved portable BBQ but also you can do it while surrounded by the scenic delights of your chosen destination. The Lotus Grill brings the taste of the Great British BBQ to any holiday and you may well attract the attention of the locals with your awesome cooking skills.

At Home

As the saying goes, there is no place like home. What surrounding could compare to the layback sanctum of your garden, surrounded by your nearest and dearest? Your home is your castle and it’s where you create the best in culinary excellence. With a Lotus Grill by your side there is nothing stopping you from hosting the perfect BBQ soirée from the comfort of your home.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 21.43.12


Over time we have amassed a fair few BBQ recipes that work perfectly with a Lotus Grill, here are just a few examples of our favourite ones;

 Top 3 Healthy Lotus Recipes

If you’re planning on a picnic, day at the beach or excursion a good tip is to prepare the Marinade or Vinaigrette before you leave the house (they keep for quite a while, so these could even be prepared before you go camping/on holiday and are great to use with other recipes and dishes!).

All Recipes serve 4 and come with a warning of seriously tasty and extremely moreish! Read the full post here.

The Ultimate Lotus Burger!

Tada… its a recipe for the humble Burger! Adaptable, Dependable, Versatile, Social, Nostalgic, Simple- the Burger is the Worlds Number 1 Comfort Food. Corporations have built empires, crossed oceans, crushed stigmas and conquered taste buds from Tennessee to Timbuktu… with not much more than a Patty and a Bun! And the Lotus Grill is genius at making it – with temperature control being a major factor in the cremation (err… creation) of the perfect Burger; Lotus Grill has a unique device to give the temperature that all important boost without you having to play Charcoal Jenga- a little switch and a built in fan (assuming everyone knows that a little ventilation makes those coals glow like magma… good, thought you would). Lotus BBQ Grill – the perfect portable BBQ for the perfect portable meal. Right now… where the shreks the Burger Recipe I hear you cry? See the full recipe here.

Blackened Steak with “Can o’ Beer” Marinade

Nothing tastes better in summer than delicious BBQ’d meat, that first bite of a mouth walking smoky steak is enough to invoke the fondest of summer time memories.  However, with the negative press currently surrounding the carcinogenic affects of the humble BBQ it can put some people off.  But fear not, Cuckooland has the perfect and somewhat surprising solution, beer! A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that marinating your meat in beer decreases the threat of carcinogen compounds by a whopping 53 percent! Struth those Aussies were onto something!

Cuckooland has teamed up with BBQ champion Ben Bartlett, to develop a range of beer-based marinades that can be used alongside the famed Lotus Grill, another piece of BBQ kit that has been proven to lower carcinogenic risk. We have included three mouth-watering recipes, which are sure to delight BBQ fans as well as safeguard the health and well-being of your family and friends.

Read the full recipe here.

The Perfect BBQ For You

So my dear King or Queen of the BBQ, you now have all the knowledge needed for a summer long session of BBQ delights. Whether you’re on the go or at home the lotus grill BBQ is simply the perfect BBQ for you. For tips, advice or further information, why not get in contact with one of our BBQ experts today? Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231 231 9-6pm Mon to Fri or email

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