Love Your Pet Day 2015

Before you start planning Mothers Day or Fathers Day this year why not make a mental note to celebrate a day dedicated to your furry friend; Love Your Pet Day. Thanks right folks, the 20th February marked a special occasion in your pets personal calendar. Love Your Pet Day is all about appreciation and love for that one special pet in your life who offers cuddles on cold nights, fetches (and destroys) the post and who has your back when the going gets tough. Britain is a well known nation of pet lovers and many homes up and down the country  celebrated this day of recognition. We may have missed the recognised date of the event, but it’s never too late to show your pet just how much you love him or her with a unique gift from our wonder emporium of cute and darn right quirky gifts for pets and pet lovers alike.

Shout It From The Rooftops

How much do you love your pet? Enough to carry a photo around with you? Enough to share a bed with them? How about enough to shout it from the rooftops? Nothing says I love my cat more than a larger than large weathervane which stands majestically on your roof. Let the the whole neighbourhood know just how dear your little kitty-kat is to you with a wonderful weathervane and leave you cat wondering just how their shadow got on top of the house?!

cat and kitten weathervane


A Bed For Your Best Friend

Lets be honest, your furry friend prefers to sleep on your bed more than the floor so why not treat them to their very own luxury bed (and free yours up again.) The Raised Rattan Dog Bed with Dotty Raspberry Mattress is the perfect bed for a pooch who knows what style and comfort is all about. After all he’s slept on your Tempur mattress for long enough.

 rattan dog bedA Friend For Your Furry Friend

With our busy lives its not always possible to keep your pet entertained 24/7 so which not get a little friend for your furry friend? The Pepe the Cat Doorstep will help keep the door open as well as keep your kitty entertained. Heavy enough to do it’s job but soft enough not to hurt your toes, the Pepe the Cat Doorstop can take some serious jump and claw action without breaking a stitch.

Pepe the cat doorstop

Time for Walkies

Time gets away from the best of us and to your dogs dismay this can mean delays in that much needed walk. So ensure that your pup never misses his walkies again with a Labrador Wagging Tail Dog Wall Clock. This Wagging Tail Clock will help keep track of time, not to mention add an adorable feature to your wall.

labrador Wagging Tail Wall ClockPick Up A Doggy Bag

With their long coats and constant running around, dogs tend to stay nice and warm most of the time. That is of course with the exception of the weekly dip in the lake, pool, puddle or sea. Yes, dogs do like water, and dirt, and mud, and anything that’s wet and smelly and clings to their fur. So make the trip back from the beach or park a comfortable one with the Microfibre Doggy Bag. Our Microfibre Doggy Drying Towel doesn’t just absorb ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too.

 mircofibre doggy bagLeading With Style

Leads come in all shapes and sizes these days but one things for sure; the minute that lead comes out  your pooch is sure to do a dance of joy at the thought of walkies! Add a touch of style to your morning strolls with a Bette Dog Collar and Lead. This fun and funky lead and collar features a bright and beautiful polka dot design to show off your dogs inner stylista.

 bette dog lead and collarThe Fashion Forward Pooch

There is really nothing cuter than a little doggie in a coat, jumper or bow tie. Treat Rover to an adorably cute ensemble from our collection of pets clothes. You can find everything from a Pug Neckerchief to a Balmoral Tweed Coat and even a White Club Shirt.

dog white club shirt


So celebrate a day of pet appreciation this February with Love You Pet Day and give them something they’ll love too. Why not share your favourite pet accessories with us either in the comments section or on Facebook.

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