Bring On The Fire With a May Bank Holiday BBQ

You know what its like, you get a taste of something good and you want it all the darn time. Well folks that’s exactly what happened over the Easter Bank holiday. We got a taste of warm(ish) weather, an extra long weekend and enough fun to sink a dinghy. As greedy guzzlers of fun we naturally need another bank holiday and thankfully May is just around the corner! So let us help you prepare for the next wholesomely awesome Bank Holiday. All you need is a bit of good weather, friends and family, an outdoor space and of course some quirky Cuckooland additions to make the best BBQ ever. So get that note pad ready because we’re about to relight your (BBQ) fire with a guide to the must have BBQ accessories of 2015.

The Lotus Grill – From £139.95 – Includes FREE Lighter Fluid, FREE Charcoal & FREE Carry Bag (and FREE Delivery!)

Do you want a BBQ which not only cooks delicious food but also impresses the guests with double quick cooking times? Then you my dear reader need a Lotus BBQ Grill in your life! This revolutionary BBQ Grill is like no other. Ready to cook in a few short minutes, it’s powered by innovative technology which allows for a smokeless & therefore healthier and cleaner BBQ experience. But what we really love is that the Lotus Grill comes in every funky colour under the sun. Shamazing!

Lotus Grill in yellow

The BBQ Teppanyaki Plate – From £85.00

If you’re a fan of far eastern cuisine you can now use the wisdom and wonder of the East in your BBQ. With the Lotus Grill Teppanyaki Plate you can flat grill or ridge grill food to perfection on your Lotus BBQ. The Teppanyaki Plate offers a unique twist on a bbq staple. Cook steaks, chicken, seafood and much more to like a true samurai of the fire pit with a Teppanyaki Plate.

Lotus Grill Teppanyaki Plate

The Pod Kettle Charcoal BBQ – From £134.95

Voted Best New Product at the 2013 Summer Outdoor Living Exhibition and it’s easy to see why. The Pod Kettle Charcoal BBQ is a fantastic addition to any outdoor area. The Pod Kettle Charcoal BBQ has a striking design, heat proof and water resistant properties and possesses the strength of ceramic without the weight. Featuring a ‘handle and wheels’ design, the Pod Kettle Charcoal BBQ can be moved around the garden with ease.

The Pod Kettle

The Basting Brush – From £5.95

To truly set yourself apart from the rest, it’s important to marinate that meat! Plain bangers and burgers aren’t going to cut it at your epic BBQ. So employ the skills of a Lotus Grill Basting Brush and introduce the best flavours to meat and veg. Available in a great range of colours the Basting brush will ensure your tasty offerings are talked about for years to come.

Lotus Grill Basting Brush

Well Done Social Table Top Charcoal Grill – From £99.95

BBQ’s are all about the social element and you don’t get more social than a Well Done Social Table Top Charcoal Grill. This quirky table top grill allows guests to sit around an open fire and grill food to their personal liking. It’s like a DIY BBQ for all your guests! Suitable for up to six guests, the Well Done Social Table Top Charcoal Grill will revolutionise outdoor grilling and take your BBQ experience to a whole new level.

Table Top BBQ

Grill Maestro 4 in 1 Separable Tongs – From £19.95

Why bring the entire kitchen draw to a BBQ? With the Grill Maestro 4 in 1 Separable Tongs you get four utensils in one. The spatula, knife, fork and tongs will all come in very handy when you’re working on your BBQ masterpiece. This is a gadget which is reserved for experienced BBQ’er or outdoor cooking enthusiast’s who know exactly how important these 4 essential grilling utensils really are!

Grill Maestro tongs

Kadai BBQ Fire Pit – From £220.00

You just can’t beat a bit of tradition and the Kadai BBQ Fire Pit is every bit the traditional BBQ. The larger than average BBQ has an grilling area that can take some serious meat quantities. The Kadai BBQ Fire Pit is absolutely perfect for large BBQ’s and gatherings. With it’s good size, the Kadai Fire Pit can also double up as a patio heater and conversational fire pit. Perfect for those who love regular al-fresco dining.

Traditional BBQ Fire Pit

Bakerstone Pizza Stone Box – From £99.95

Love outdoor dining but not a fan of the BBQ? We have just the thing for you; the Bakerstone Pizza Stone Box. This amazing box will convert a three burner gas, charcoal grill or BBQ into an outdoor pizza oven!  With it’s revolutionary design the Bakerstone Pizza Stone Box can heat up to 400 degrees just like a real pizza oven. Wow your guests with a taste of Italy with this fabulous addition.

Bakerstone Pizza BBQ Attachment

Lotus Grill Hood – From £54.95

If there’s one accessory your Lotus Grill bbq needs it’s the matching grill hood. This sleek and stylish addition features a transparent safety glass lid, adjustable ventilation slot and includes a built in thermometer which converts the Lotus Grill into a perfect outdoor oven. You can BBQ like a true master as well as whipping up outdoor food that requires a little more heat with a Lotus Grill Hood.

BBQ Hood by Lotus Grill

The Pod Table Top Charcoal BBQ – From £79.95

Don’t have the space for a conventional BBQ, then look no further. The Pod Table Top BBQ is the space saving BBQ which comes in all the colours of the quirky rainbow. This state-of-the-art BBQ is made from a heat proof, water resistant material with the strength of ceramic stone without the weight. This light and bright BBQ makes cooking outside a breeze and it’s easy to move around making it perfect for the garden, balcony or decking area.

Table bbq by POD

We hope we’ve inspired all our fans of the great outdoors to enjoy a BBQ or two over the May Bank  Holiday. Why not take a look at our full range of BBQ’s and BBQ accessories here.

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