MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year! What a completely Cuckoo year its been…

And we plan to offer our Super Amazing Customers even more Wow Weird & Wonderful experiences next year!
Merry christmas from Cuckooland

Here are 5 cool Cuckooland things we did in 2013:

  1. We gave away FREE Gifts with every order, in the mix were Boutique Chocolates, 8 in 1 Manly Tools, Voluspa Scented Candles, Love Heart Wooden Picture Frames and a whole host of other fabulous freebies.
  2. We gave away 30 Random Acts of Cuckooness- and not just any old product- in the mix were our BESTSELLERS like our Pill Hot Water Bottle (£34.95) and our Mighty Purse Leather Purses (£79.95) that charges your phones. All given away absolutely FREE to fans & customers who like us and our crazy ideas.
  3. We offered FREE Standard Delivery on orders in the lead up to Christmas.
  4. We offered FREE Express Delivery on items over £50- to help with last minute Christmas Shopping.
  5. We WON the “Launch Site of the Year” at the Online Retail Awards. YAYY- take a peek below!

Why shop with cuckooland this christmas?
Here are a few things already confirmed for 2014:

  1. Improved Customer Experience with a new Dynamic Basket and more editable features (1st version already out!).
  2. More FREE Gifts during occasions.
  3. More FREE Delivery Options.
  4. More Random Acts of Cuckooness.
  5. A better “Share the Trend” Experience so our fans and customers can share Cuckooland products, images and content and receive credits to spend on our site.
  6. New Cuckooland Gift Vouchers.
  7. A Cuckoo Publicity Stunt.
  8. Stylising this Blog!

A special thank you to YOU – our super amazing customers for your incredible support in 2013! We couldn’t be doing this without you. Have a Fabulous Christmas!! Here’s to 2014!


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