Microfibre Doggy Bag saves the Day!

Are you the type of Dog owner that waits by the door, scanning the skies for a rain reprieve whilst beloved best friend whines at your heals? The dilemma is not so much getting wet, but the unenviable task of getting dry again. Wet muddy dog can be a real paw ache when trying to heave its water logged derrier back into the car or hightailing soaked scrawny back legs through the house to find food bowl or chewable sofa. And that’s only if you can catch Fido before he does this very poor whippet with a hose pipe impersonation. Then after what seems like an eternity of rubbing and patting wet muddy pooch down and wiping puddle up, a quick shake of the once velvet coat reveals that somehow underneath the illusion of semi dry fur there was still a layer of water – flecked with muck – large enough to fill the sink. My gosh, why hasn’t someone invented asuper absorbent dog towel that zips around the body of any size dog whilst they sit in the car or on the front door mat, it could simply suck up all the water, mud and muck in seconds? C’mon, why hasn’t someone invented this, it would mean instant fame and fortune, a star on the Humans love Canines Walkies of Fame and a Knighthood. Why Why!

Wait, not so fast…before you go off researching this idea (err, that we’ve just come up with) someone has just handed us this image. Its a super absorbant doggy towel that zips around the body of any size dog whilst they sit in the car or on the front door mat, it simply sucks up all the water, mud and muck in seconds! Wet Dog In, Dry Dog out… WOW! And you thought the Chinese were fast! Go Britain!

Microfibre doggy bag

And the benefits of this award winning, career defining invention:

  • Absorbs 10 times more water than other ordinary doggy towels.
  • Absorbs and contains sand and mud too.
  • Simple and Easy to use. Zip pouch up, rub down, release the hounds!
  • Keeps car and home clean.
  • Easy to clean, just let it dry and shake it out. Also machine washable up to 90 degrees.

We can also tell you that it comes in mud brown (to hide potential stains) and its especially ideal for dogs who love to swim and cats that think they’re dogs. Available in 5 sizes!

Oh yes and we sell it! And its priced from:

£19.99 for Extra Small Dogs (Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund, Mini Yorkie, Teacup Poodle and adventurous Cats).

£45.00 for Small Dogs (Yorkie, Poodle, Dachshund, Bijon Frise, Jack Russell).

£55.00 for Medium Sized Dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Bull Dog, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Staffy, Basset Hound).

£69.00 for Large Dogs (Labrador, Bearded & Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Samoyed, Springer Spaniel, Dalmation, Setter, Boxer).

£79.00 for Extra Large Dogs (Newfoundland, Rottweiller, Standard Poodle, Alsatian, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Mastiff, St Bernard, Great Pyranees, Borzoi).

Star on Humans Love Canines Walkies of Fame- FREE!

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