Online Award Winner offers up this year’s most Unique Christmas Gifts for Her

Online Award Winner offers up this year’s most Unique Christmas Gifts for Her recently appeared on ITV’s This Morning with a unique Christmas Gift Idea for Her – a Luxury Leather Purse that charges your phone on the go!

Aptly called the Mighty Purse, it’s made from high quality genuine leather, comes in 12 vibrant colours and is compatible with all micro USB Smartphones, which means that iPhones, Blackberrys, Samsung Galaxies, Androids and eReaders are all covered.

The Might Purse in gold shimmer Charge your phone with the mighty purse inside the might purse

The secret lies in a discreet lightweight built-in lithium battery that resides, or rather hides, in a zipped up middle compartment, tucked safely away from all your important purse paraphernalia. On either side of this genius pouch are two compartments which are large enough to hold keys, phone, makeup, perfume and lipstick, as well as credit card sleeves and an internal zipped pocket. The Mighty Purse even has a removable wrist strap to convert it into a designer clutch bag! And the angel behind this heavenly creation? Australian former model and makeup artist Ana Slavka, whose love of fashion and her own experiences of her phone running out of power when she was out and about were the inspirations behind this chic, practical bag.


Cuckooland launched the Mighty Purse in the UK in October 2013 – says buyer and director Nathalie Davis, “It’s one of Cuckoolands best Christmas Gifts for Her. It’s unusual, original, high quality, and of course it’s a Cuckoo version of a popular, functional theme. We love it, and by the measure of its immediate popularity, so do our super amazing customers!”

Cuckooland prides itself on its immaculate customer service and offers Free Delivery Options, Free Returns, and Random Acts of Cuckooness as a “thank you” to its swelling legion of Cuckooland friends and customers.

How the Mighty purse works

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