The Most Outrageous Gifts for Men

If like me you have casually daydreamed about that big lottery win, you will have inevitably considered how you might have spent the money. After your mansion, holiday, super-car and bengal tiger it might (emphasis on might) be time to consider what you want to buy others too. So with Christmas approaching and a bank account full of Lottery money why not take a few minutes out to plan your spend with the help of some of the worlds most outrageous gifts for men. Just in time for the festivities and that big lottery win…..(yeah right!)

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac / Bot.1960s

The Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac is the creme de la creme of sophisticated gentlemen’s drink. Known as the best Cognac producers in the world, Remy Martin have a dedicated line of perfectly aged Cognacs which come in dazzling decanters to be placed in full view for all to see. Even if the man in your life doesn’t drink or like Cognac, this bottle is sure to let everyone know he’s a connoisseur of all things refined. But be warned, at an eye-watering £2,999 a bottle this is not a drink to be mixed with Coke!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.41.20A Genuine Batmobile!!!

Yes you read that correctly, a Batmobile! Hammacher Schlemmer produce gifts for the outrageously rich and for a mere $200,000 you can have your very own, fire-spewing Batmobile. Each car is custom made and takes almost a year to complete. The body is a Lincoln chassis with 430-horsepower, 383 Blueprint Crate engine and a Monster TH350 automatic transmission.  It also features accessories include a glowing detect-a-scope screen, a Bat-beam ray that raises from a hood-mounted antenna, and empty rear parachute packs.  Basically it has everything a man could possibly need to become a crime fighting superhero.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.52.39An Executive Football Box

For the football mad man in your life this would be a dream come true. Owning an executive football box is like stepping into another world. Not only can he enjoy the game in all its glory but he will be treated like a top footballer with the sort of hospitality only the stars enjoy.  Take for example the Executive 8 Seat Box at Manchester United. For £40,800 + VAT your man will enjoy private outdoor balcony seating, access to all home Premier League and Domestic Cup fixtures, flat screen TV, four-course à la carte meals, selected complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks, a gift of a framed signed Manchester United shirt and private parking.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.24.36

Buck Island, British Virgin Islands

If your fella fancies himself as something of a Bond villain or a Richard Branson type, why not treat him to his very own Island. Buck Island is located off the south-east of Tortola, along the Sir Francis Drake Channel in the British Virgin Islands. This breath-taking island has vertical cliffs and soft white sand beaches perfect for exploring and admiring. It also has it’s very own properties including a 2 Bedroom Main-house, a master suite, a two bedroom suite and two guest cottages for when you have the in-laws over. Buck Island comes with a very reasonable price tag of $30 million. *Jaw-Hits-Floor.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.25.12

A G550 luxury jet

No self respecting millionaire would be caught without a little weekend ‘flyer’. Loved by Actors and CEO’s the world over, the humble Jet is now a must have mode of transport for the busy billionaire.  Take for example former Tesco CEO, Philip Clarke who has just splashed out a whopping £31 million on the Gulfsteam G550 luxury jet. This nifty little plane is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines and can take 8 passengers on journeys of up to 12 hours. The jet includes a dedicated crew rest area, a private stateroom, conference area and entertainment space. Not to mention the softest, hand-tailored leathers and real wood finishings.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.25.36

A Nirvana Yacht

If your man has ever dreamed of life on the seas or the luxurious indulgence of a god, then we recommend a Yacht. Considered the staple of any rich or famous person the world over, a yacht is the height of status and social calling (or for those with buckets full of cash). But you can’t just get your man any old yacht from the local yachting club, no, your man deserves only the best – The Nirvana! The Nirvana is one of the worlds most expensive yachts, $252 million to be precise. For that astronomical sum you get a bar featuring an exotic reptile house, floor to ceiling windows in every cabin and a VIP stateroom. The silver engraved elevator services all decks as well as a private sunbathing area with Jacuzzi, salon with terraces over the sea and a fully equipped gymnasium/spa, all filled to the brim with opulence. What a bargain!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 10.32.13

So there we have it, six completely outrageous gifts for that wonderful man in your life (lottery win permitting.) But for those of you who don’t have a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool filled with cash never fear, for we at Cuckooland have you covered with the best gifts for him this Christmas. You might not be a millionaire yet but you can certainly put a smile on your someones face with our unique and quirky gifts.




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