Purrrfect Presents for Pet Lovers this Christmas

So… what do you buy an animal lover who has everything? This was our conundrum when we went searching for the world’s top Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers this festive season. Unbeknown to us, and with noses twitching and furry ears in full fetch mode and tied into a cape; Cuckoolands fleet of pampered pets went straight to hound the big man himself. With the help of a homing pigeon called Sid, Rudolph the Dog Whispering Reindeer and a swift exit plan, the merry mutts returned with a sack covered in grey hair and looking suspiciously like THE BIG RED ONE. Take a peek below, it’s a collection so original and so unique with such amazing Christmas treats (to reward that dog-or-cat-mad recipient), it could almost be the same one that Santa reported as missing:

10. Freddie The Pheasant Adult Slippers

Sew Heart Felt Pheasant Slippers

We’re definitely getting chirpy with our first item, which is a must-have for surviving cold mornings; those kitchen tiles can sure be icy when all you’re trying to do is make breakfast! Freddie The Pheasant by Sew Heart Felt is our plump, comforting friend for stemming the chill from our toes, made from wool sourced with the very best, ethical standards in mind. These slippers are a novelty for farming and country types, hand-stitched with anti-slip material on the soles.

Freddie The Pheasant Adult Slippers from £39.95

9. Orla Kiely Bird House

Orla Kiely Garden Accessories Bird House

Continuing the feathery theme, we’re struck dumb by this bird house from Orla Kiely, a high-class garden accessory for anyone to gaze at starlings, blue tits and whatever else pops in and out all day. It’s super easy to clean, whilst retaining the look of a mini house we wouldn’t mind kipping in ourselves. The designer’s trademark floral finish rounds off a must-have for lovers of avian activity.

Orla Kiely Bird House from £22.80

8. Elephant Animal Bookend

Zuny bookends in Elephant design

Anybody can make use of a bookend, either for practical purposes or as a quirky shelf decoration. The Elephant Animal Bookend by Zuny hits both of these plus points, shaped adorably like a trumpeting Dumbo, his oversized head peering curiously at your décor. Fashioned from an ethical leather substitute, it’s a gift that no-one will ever forget, just like the giant in question!

Elephant Animal Bookend from £41.00

7. Hedgehog Hanging Basket Bracket

the profile range hanging hedgehog basket

It’s a tongue twister to pronounce, but this hanging bracket brings baskets full of charm to an outdoor space. The black silhouette makes it seem like you’ve just caught this little cutey-pie in the middle of a stroll around the garden. The Hedgehog Hanging Basket Bracket by The Profile Range is bound to draw attention to your walls when coupled with a few colourful flowers.

Hedgehog Hanging Basket Bracket from £27.45

6. Christmas Reindeer Doorstop

Dora Designs Reindeer Doorstop

Santa’s gearing up for his journey, so commemorate the creatures that get him on track with a Reindeer Doorstop by Dora Designs. Like a summation of all the Christmas colours you can dream of, it’s weighty enough to guard your doorways, as well as accentuating a quirky décor theme. So as you’re dashing around the house decking the halls, you don’t have to worry about propping open that pesky living room door.

Christmas Reindeer Doorstop from £22.50

5. Dachshund Cashmere Scarf

dog print cashmere scarf

Halfway down our list, we’ve finally arrived at the first pooch prezzie, and it’s an absolute corker if we do say so ourselves! Sausage dogs are skyrocketing in popularity; celebrate the prominence of the tube-esque canine by getting your friend or relative one of these fine cashmere scarves by The Labrador Company. Slinky and light they may be, but you can rest assured that they’ll wrap the lucky recipient in comfort when they step out into the cold.

Dachshund Cashmere Scarf from £45.00

4. Alice The Flamingo Adult Slippers

Alice The Flamingo Adult Slippers

We’ve already talked about Freddie, so let us introduce Alice – she’s our pinkest pal, ready for a lady’s heel to step inside for parades down the stairs. Any pair of feet will find succour in the high-grade, fluffy lining. 100% organic lamb’s wool is used in every Alice, ensuring your mum or sister has a great base for padding around the house on Boxing Day.

Alice The Flamingo Adult Slippers from £39.95

3. Cockerel Weathervane

cockerel weathervane

Parents are guaranteed to be woken up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. That means they’re pretty much already used to roosters, which gives you an excuse to show them this Cockerel Weathervane, spinning in the four winds of the winter tempest. He’ll look incredibly noble in a pale beam of sunlight, outlined against the stylish canvas of their roof to signal when snow is coming. View our collection of quirky weathervanes here.

Cockerel Weathervane from £59.95

2. Flock Of Sheep Animal Draught Excluder

Shaun the Sheep himself might be missing, but the rest of his buddies have turned up to coddle our Christmas spirit. The Flock Of Sheep Animal Draught Excluder is a foolproof method of keeping the temperature nice and toasty in a social hub. As a line of eight wee wonders, each of them has a patterned face surrounded by cloud-like balls of faux fur. They might be sheep, yet they don’t follow the herd as far as home decoration goes.

Flock Of Sheep Animal Draught Excluder from £59.00

1. Labrador Wagging Tail Dog Clock

labrador dog clock with moving tail

Nine down and one to go – and it’s a winning pick that fits any kitchen, bedroom and living space you care to mention! We’ve practically hounded different designers for dog-themed items this Christmas, as we know you can’t get enough of them. He’s man’s best friend after all, so it’s never a dull proposition to meld Rover with the domestic interior. The Labrador Company answered our call, providing a clock that wags its tail every passing second. Aside from the lush stencilled aesthetic, it mimics a real dog in other ways, such as being resistant to rough and tumble activity with scratch-proof material. Just whistle at us, and he’ll come to you…

Labrador Wagging Tail Dog Clock from £42.00

Now, aren’t these a bunch of fine specimens to get stuck into? Cuckooland is a place where animals and their greatest fans can kick back and enjoy one another’s company, even if snow is blanketing the fields of Weepawoo at this magical time of year. A pet lover will be delighted with these animal-inspired gifts, which appeal to our sense of natural splendour with a bark, yip and roar of ingenuity. For more advise on finding that perfect gift for pet lovers or even just to bend our floppy ear , call our customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231 231




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