Put a Spring in your Step with Orla Kiely

The unfurling of spring is now upon us! And what a sight it is – daffodils drenched in morning dew, geraniums in bloom, the emerald head of fresh leaves on a tree, birdsong, happy joggers and cyclists with cherry cheeks and children playing in the park. Yep, we love every second of it.

And its out with the old and in with the new – maybe something fresh and exciting for your outdoor space, to match the sweeping changes to the world (we’re still talking about Spring here)? A Cuckooland favourite, Orla Kiely, has latched onto the spring season with a renewed sense of vivacity. Their range has expanded, and their latest products are definitely worth a mention…


Get your gardening game on

As the days get longer, you’ll no doubt be casting an eye over the garden, and wondering how you can maximise the use of available space this summer. With family and friends about to descend, you’ll want to make the garden as inviting and attractive as possible, down to the smallest details of your plants and potting elements.

So why go for the usual crusty old plant pot!? Orla Kiely has an alternative: the Fabric Plant Bag, dashed in a funkadelic 1970s print of blacks, yellows and oranges. With effortless carrying potential, you can shift a showcase flower where it needs to be, mobilising your organic style choices. The bag is fully compatible with moisture retention and other aspects of the ‘pro-grow’ philosophy (that being high-quality, organic soil and lawn conditioners made from green waste recycling activities).

 70s Oval Flower Orange Print fabric bag by Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Fabric Plant Bag from £35.00

For the total, multi-layered face of your gardening expeditions, Orla Kiely’s Tool Box has the same visual character, wearing it on either side of its storage capacity. Perfect for the keen-eyed hobbyist – the kind of person who loves rummaging in the dirt for weeds and seeding opportunities – this box makes the perfect gift for the house proud green fingered folk. and the galvanised steel means it’ll survive the roughest of knocks, tumbles and weather.

70s Dandelion Oval Flower Print Orla Kiely Garden Tool Box

Orla Kiely Garden Tool Box from £45.00

Dining out in luxury

With spring comes an abundance of delicious food: from lamb to fresh asparagus and rhubarb, our appetites are sizzling like the slanting sun on a tin roof. It’s a great excuse to head outdoors for lunch or dinner, bringing some quality meal-ware with you.

Cuckooland has always been a fan of Orla Kiely patterns – those vivid, painterly swirls can make for an owl, flower stem, batch of pears; they can look retro or contemporary or indeed quite rustic depending on how and when they’re used and displayed. This design versatility has cropped up in the brand’s garden trays, meant for serving tea and nibbles in the midday sun. A product that’s simple yet memorable making it a fabulous gift idea for her.

Linear Stem Slate Grey Print tray by Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely Medium Tray from £30.00

They’re more than ready to land alongside your outdoor dining kits. For a pitcher of lemonade, which always goes down a treat, buy a couple of Stem Coasters, and give everyone’s glass the Orla Kiely treatment. A whole, matching set will put you in the friend for life zone for a pal who loves to host in style. There are Enamel Plates, too, for a more stately, sophisticated time outdoors.

Orla Kiely Enamel Plate in 70s design

Orla Kiely Enamel Plate in 70s design from £15.00

A bright idea for late nights

Like us, you’re doubtlessly joyful with the re-appearance of the sun. Yet, even with the clocks an hour ahead, the blaze of the sun will eventually die down, making way for a dark and slightly chilly navy sky. At night-time, many homeowners are exploring the potential of outdoor lights, which carry the mood of the day on into snuggles by the patio, or a casual glass of wine before turning in.

Orla Kiely’s Tea Lanterns can literally light the path to aesthetic success. Hang them on a branch or fence hook, or sit a run of them down by your flagstones: the cumulative effect will be a glowing, gorgeous set of floral patterns, a trademark of the brand that has, for the first time, been properly illuminated!

Persimmon Orange Linear Stem Print lantern

Orla Kiely Tea Light Lantern from £11.95

There are several colours to choose from, but we’re fans of the Persimmon Orange shade, as well as Duck Egg Blue. You’ll be using the last strains of spring light for as long as you can, then – voila! – a whole new otherworldly scope of tonal interplay comes into being.

The smell of the new season

Just let your nose sniff where it will for a moment… did you get recognise those fabulous fragrances? Honeysuckle, daffodils, the scent of the moist earth? Springtime is a lush smorgasbord of smells to infuse throughout your garden buildings, such as a log cabin or Wendy house for the kids (hint: we have loads of these brilliant garden buildings by the way!).

For instance, the Acorn Mosaic Mini Infuser Gift Package delivers a heady, naturalistic odour in a spot that suits you. With three 30ml diffuser jars, there’s plenty of choice as to what’ll permeate your spring structure: could it be orange rind, fig trees, the minty rush of the eucalyptus leaf? When you imagine the hours spent in a cosy, well-ventilated outdoor house, you’ll be dying to experiment with these smells, either for yourself or a lucky loved one.

Orla Kiely Acorn Mosaic Mini Diffuser Set

Orla Kiely Acorn Mosaic Mini Diffuser Set from £26.00

If romance is on the cards, buy your partner a Scented Candle Set from the Orla Kiely range. A floral print crosses each of the weensy candle pots, so there’s a predicator for cuddles even before the wicks get lit.

ORLA KIELY Candle Set in Rose, Coriander & Mandarin

Orla Kiely Candle Set from £19.95

Packing away the leftovers

Or maybe you’re a gardening obsessive, trimming the wilder aspects of your lawn in anticipation of a constant stream of company. Basking, drinking, eating and chatting together seems easy enough, but you’ll want a reliable group of packing implements to ensure there’s no mess, particularly when you’re rushing back from the kitchen with home-made treats in hand.

ORLA KIELY CERAMIC UTENSIL POT in 70s Green Oval Flower Print

Orla Kiely Ceramic Utensil Pot from £24.95

For such a hostess-with-the-mostest attitude, Orla Kiely have unveiled their Ceramic Utensil Pots, the best little store for your spoons, whisks and serving instruments. The flora pattern proves its adaptability once more, spanning an ovular design over the piece. Additionally, as a last grab for rural living, you could be interested in a few Ceramic Jars, there to swallow spare sugar and coffee beans (or maybe some seeds, if you’re feeling like a proud gardening guru!).

Linear Stem Duck Egg Blue Print storage jar

Orla Kiely Ceramic Small Storage Jar from £22.95

As spring continues on its merry way and into our hearts, we know that Orla Kiely ‘get’ the things that amplify our enjoyment of it. Cuckooland’s sprightly batch of designer goodies are stocked and ready for the taking – the question is, how green does your gregariousness grow?

Find out by calling our happy help-line on +44 (0) 1305 231231, or take a tour around our Orla Kiely collection today.


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