Put The Stylus To The Groove This Christmas!

With sales of vinyl albums now at their highest level for two decades, those with a passion for vinyl will be well catered for this Christmas. Launching November 2015, Cuckooland is excited to introduce the GPO Bermuda Record Player (right). Hotly tipped to become the must-have Gift for Him this Christmas, the Bermuda is reminiscent of the ‘Dansette’ from the early 1960s. It features removable legs for freestanding operation and is housed in a faux-leather briefcase for portable use. This stunning replica is perfect for playing old vinyl and there will be some serious dad dancing when Pops starts spinning his favourite Slade records!

This portable turntable features built-in twin stereo speaker and can play all your old 33/45 and 78’s. Dad can even record all of his old vinyl to a USB stick supplied. Built-in RCA audio out allows connection to additional speakers.

GPO design record player in retro design

GPO Bermuda Record Player Launch date: November 2015

GPO Record Player in retro green design

GPO Attache Record Player New for 2015 From: £75.00

Available in a range of colours, music-loving dads can listen to their favourite vinyl (33s, 45s or 78s) anywhere with the Attache Retro Record Player. Made of wood and bound in leatherette, this briefcase-style record player features built-in twin stereo speakers and comes with a USB stick so that Dad can record all his vinyl records on the go too!

New colours for 2015 include Apple Green (left) and Jet Black. Also available in Vintage Brown, Pillarbox Red and Sky Blue.  The Attache can be connected to additional speakers via RCA audio output and supports all three record speeds. Like the Bermuda, this briefcase turntable features a USB port to record vinyl to the usb stick supplied.

The new Rydell Radio launching October 2015 is perfect for 50’s lovers and a great gift under £30. Whether it’s the fashion or the Happy Days of the 50s you love, you’ll feel born to hand-jive with the four wave analogue Rydell. Carrying MW, LW, SW and FM, this radio is available in black and cream and can be plugged into a mains socket or taken with you using batteries.

Features include rotary dial buttons for tone and volume settings and easy to read rotary turning dial.

Rydell retro radion

GPO Rydell Radio Launch date: October 2015

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