Quirky Gifts for Quirky Girls

Zoe Deschanel is the undisputed queen of  quirk; not only is she a great female role model but she has single handedly made the quirky girl ultra cool. There are now legions of fans who regard Zoe as the ultimate in style and substance when it comes to all things quirky.  From the slightly retro fashion senses to the off-beat hobbies such as knitting, the quirky girl is all about doing things that make them happy. What we at Cuckooland love about quirky girls is their display of pure self expression, whether it’s a nicely crocheted hat or homemade cookies accompanied by a favourite China tea set. So when it comes to finding the perfect quirky gift for your favourite quirky girl we have you covered, after all Cuckooland is the home of unique gifts & quirky things….

Leather Satchel Bag in Aquamarine by Bohemia

The quirky girl is without a doubt responsible for the biggest fashion revolution this side of the 60’s. The high street is teeming with knitted jumpers, coloured socks and moccasins. So, any self respecting quirky girl will of course favour the satchel bag.  Once a staple of all British school children, the leather satchel is truly iconic and here in lies the appeal.  The Leather Satchel Bag in Aquamarine by Bohemia has been handcrafted by skilled artisans and created from 100% high quality leather, which means this cute and fun accessory will last a lifetime. The Leather Satchel Bag comes in three sizes which means it can be used as a simple handbag, or for transporting your handy craft tools from place to place.

leather satchel

Knitted Lambswool Hot Water Bottle Cover by Catherine Tough

If there’s one thing quirky girls love its home comforts. Gone are the days when these girls stand in line outside a bar in a dress and heels.  No, the quirky girl demands comfort, from their clothes to their home furnishing, the quirky and unusual is also part practical and necessity. That’s why your quirky girl will go cuckoo for a Knitted Lambswool Hot Water Bottle Cover by Catherine Tough.  As the nights become longer and colder give your unique lady a super soft and luxurious hot water bottle cover to keep her nice and snug during those cold nights of winter. These beauties are designed with the utmost care and are hand made right in the very heart of England, meaning they are of the highest quality.

wool hot water bottle

This Liberty Print Lavender Owl Doorstop by Catherine Tough

Take a look around your quirky girls home and what do you notice? Lots of bright and beautiful knick-knacks which turn her abode into a sanctum of the slightly strange and stylish. Why not add to her collection of unique objects with the Liberty Print Lavender Owl Doorstop. Not only is this loveable doorstop wild in colour but it also features a fresh lavender scent.  All it takes is a gentle squeeze to release the wonderful scent into your home.  Give you quirky girl a real hoot with this loveable owl doorstop.

owl doorstop

Home Butter Maker Kit by Boska Holland

A quirky girl is a jack of all trades.  She can mend, fix, up-cycle and remodel all with seemingly effortless application. Her reupholstered chairs are divine, the designer 50’s dress she found at a flea market is out of this world and her homemade cakes are so good Mr Kipling is after the secret recipe! So give your girl a gift she will love to make with the Home Butter Maker Kit.  This all in one butter making kit is perfect for a girl who knows her way around the kitchen.  Neatly packed into a retro jam jar, this nifty little kit has everything she needs to make the perfect butter for her homemade fruit scones.

home made butter maker

Dachshund Cushion by The Labrador Company

It’s a well known fact that all woman love cushions.  Whether its for the bed, sofa or a good reading chair, the humble cushion is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to comfort and self expressionism.  Our quirky girls are no exception to the rule. True they would probably prefer to design and make a cushion themselves. However, the Dachshund Cushion will still make an awesome gift for someone who not only loves dogs but also loves owning a vast amount of cushions.  Made from 100% cotton and filled with feathers, the Dachshund Cushion will have pride of place in her mismatched living room.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 14.18.42

The above are but a few suggestions from our extensive range of unique and unusual gifts for her.  Cuckooland exists to bring you only the most unconventional gifts from around the world, whether that’s a gift for a birthday, christmas and just to say thanks. We have everything you need to really dazzle and delight when it comes to gift giving.

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