Retro-style. Powerful sound. Assemble-It-Yourself. BOOM.


Berlin Boombox in Blue

It’s time to welcome back the fun of the 80s ghettoblaster!  Set to be a booming retro gift this Christmas, the Berlin Boombox Smartphone Speaker is the unique creation of Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender. Made from strong recycled corrugated cardboard, this eco-friendly DIY speaker creates minimal plastic waste and arrives flat-packed for easy (and fun!) self-assembly. There’s no compromise on sound either – the German engineered speakers and amplifier deliver the best possible audio experience. Available in 6 designs, this colourful, portable speaker is sure to appeal to the coolest kids on the block!

Berlin Boombox Classic, £59.95
NEW Berlin Boombox Bluetooth, £84.95

The original Berlin Boombox works by connecting to the headphone jack in your smartphone, which is then held in the ‘tape deck’ space. But iPhone 7 owners need not despair – the new for 2016 Bluetooth® 4.1 edition is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, for hours of wireless tunes!

Berlin Boombox in Yellow

Montana Berlin Boombox, £69.95

Berlin Boombox in White
Berlin Boombox is a creative gift in more ways than one. For artsy folks, the Montana version comes in an unprinted white colour, with 6 acrylic markers, so you can create your own special edition design. And with replacement cases also available, it’s easy to reinvent your style!


  • Retro-style smartphone speaker.
  • Made from recycled cardboard.
  • Flat packed DIY kit for self-assembly.
  • Compatible with any smartphone via headphone jack or Bluetooth.
  • Speakers: 2 MIVOC PRO 75mm/3” full range 4 Ohm, 60 – 20.000 Hz
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries, which will give you 200 hours of music.
  • Available in 6 colours.

berlin boombox

View the Berlin Boombox at Cuckooland here.

Watch the video here.

Berlin Boombox Gift Box

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