Santa’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2016

Two common emotions we feel at Christmas time are ‘stressed’ and ‘excited’ – unfortunately for us grown ups we feel the ‘stressed’ part more and we tend to leave the ‘excited’ bit to the kids. Well, that’s just not right is it? When did we lose the fizz and pop of Christmas cheer in favour of frowns and folly? Lets get it back, Christmas shopping doesn’t need to be a chore! Come and take a peek at Cuckoolands unique collection of Christmas gifts and let us bring the wow and wonder back into your life. Starting with a little online shopping (the likes of which you would probably never have experienced before) – unique high quality gifts and lifestyle products combined with the most personal and professional customer service know to man and womankind (and Zebras). Have a gander and a gasp but most importantly have a blast. Because that’s how Christmas should be!

Right then, socks and stockings up, lets begin with the Top 10 Kid-centric pressies from Santa’s bag:

10. Snurk Children’s Mermaid Duvet Set

Snurk bedding in mermaid design

If you want to make a splash this festive season, then turn your daughter’s bed into a mini ocean, with her as the star of the sea. The mermaid bedding Set by Snurk lets her wake to the flick and swish of a mystical tail, transforming her into the beautiful creature she adores in movies and storybooks. It’s 100% cotton, snug enough for the lightest of sleepers to disappear into.

Snurk Children’s Mermaid Duvet Set from £44.95

9. Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish Giftset

Kids Nail Polish by Nailmatic

Little girls tend to have a fascination with dressing up like mum or aunt, or their big sister with the cool eyelashes. A touch of Nailmatic Nail Polish introduces them to the pleasures of glitz and glam. Her toes will be wiggling with joy by the fireside this year, cast in shimmering pink. And don’t worry, it’s water-based for an easy wash-off when she has to help peel the sprouts!

Nailmatic Kids Nail Polish Giftset from £19.95

8. Bob & Blossom Tutu

Designer dress-up tutu by Bob & Blossom

The dance-mad kid needs every opportunity to show off, and Christmas time is perfect for impromptu talent shows. Your whole family will be beaming helplessly as your daughter twirls into the living room wearing this adorable tutu by Bob & Blossom. Made for all budding ballerinas,  it comes in sizes for babies, toddlers and young children. Gorgeously adorned with a satin ribbon, she’ll look the part of a royal ballet dancer, enjoying the super elasticity and comfort of the waistband.

Bob & Blossom Tutu from £32.00

7. Berlin Boombox Smartphone Speaker

Berlin Boombox Mobile Smartphone Speaker

The 80s were a glorious time for many parents; we can’t refuse the occasional callback, even if our kids don’t understand why we’re so obsessed. Thankfully, the Berlin Boombox melds a bygone decade with the digital tech we’ve grown to cherish, transposing a beloved speaker design for smartphone compatibility. Your teenager can build it from scratch, as it comes with a handy guide for locking its cardboard-based frame together.

Berlin Boombox Smartphone Speaker From £59.95

6. Bay Tree Wooden Doll House

Designer Wooden Dolls House

UK designer Le Van Toy is no stranger to impressive, stimulating play pieces, but their three-storey doll house is the most eye-catching of the bunch. There’s everything a child needs here for their imaginary friend’s life to seem closer to home than ever. Open up this wooden treasure and behold its best features: a staircase, amazing decorations and circular windows, ready to shed light on that teeny tiny furniture.

Bay Tree Wooden Doll House from £109.95

5. Wraps Wristband Headphones

Wrist Wrap Headphones

Tangled wires are a nightmare, especially if your fingers aren’t old enough to fiddle with them very well. Kids and teens can be averse to neatness, but they’ll appreciate the saving grace of these headphones by Wraps, which loop around the wrist when they’re not blaring audio. A simple, ingenious solution to a problem we’ve all faced, they also function as fashion accessories. There’ll be no more cries of frustration when your son is heading for the bus, wanting his favourite band to join for the ride.

Wraps Wristband Headphones from £19.99

4. Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth Elephant

Kid Concept Ride On Toy

Daddy doesn’t get to be the only caveman this Christmas! Your darling toddler or babe will have great fun riding Neo, our fur-tastic mammoth ride-on toy by Kids Concept. With a luxurious coat, he’s ready to trumpet the art of textured play, inspiring little monsters to grasp and savour every minute they spend moving back and forth in his shoulders. Neo’s definitely a faithful eli-steed, even if he can’t eat the carrot from the hearth on Christmas eve.

Neo Rocking Ride-On Mammoth Elephant from £129.00

3. Princess Castle Play House

princess play tentColumn 1

For indoor and outdoor games, your munchkin can have a taste of royalty, as the Princess Castle Playhouse lands into her life like a dropped drawbridge announcing her arrival in a land far, far away. A couple of her gal pals can fit inside, gushing over secrets together, using the complementary storage bag for any toys they bring with them. It assembles effortlessly, propping up your daughter’s fantasies in a bright pink fashion. This stunning castle by Win Green will take pride of place in any fairytale kingdom.

Princess Castle Play House from £154.95

2. Ratatam! Kids Unicorn Dress-Up Disguise

Ratatam! Kids Unicorn Dress Up

Unicorns tend to be the rarest beasts in a made-up world, and we reckon your child deserves to mimic them – after all, they’re equally special, charging towards the next great thing in life over and over. This unicorn disguise by Wild & Soft is made from material that resembles real fur, lined in cotton to make the jumps, preens and skips as grandly comforting as one could ask for. If they find a knight to play with, or a wizard in a dressing gown robe, there’s no telling how much fun they’ll have.

Ratatam! Kids Unicorn Dress-Up Disguise from £89.00

1. Doodle Duvet Cover With Wash Out Pens

Snap the Christmas crackers and break out that Noddy Holder scream, because we’ve reached the end of our Cuckoo countdown. And what’s rounding it off, you ask? Well, we have the ultimate gift for those little doodlebugs! The Doodle Duvet Cover with Wash Out Pens by Doodle By Stitch allows creative kiddies to let their imagination run wild with possibilities. Budding artists can spend hours doodling away on their giant notepad style duvet with the blessing of mum and dad. Simply pop the duvet cover into the washing machine and like magic the fun can begin all over again.

Single Doodle Duvet Cover From £40.00

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Spreading the love amidst a cavalcade of turkey trimmings. While the kids may not know it, family Christmases tend to linger in the memory long after they’ve outgrown their stocking.

Cuckooland is filled to the snow covered brim with awesome inspiration when it come’s to Christmas gift ideas. Why not chat to our dedicated team of elves on +44 (0) 1305 231231 who are always happy to help solve those Christmas gift-giving conundrums.

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