The Seven Deadly Sins of Christmas Gift Giving

The twinkling lights, the white snow capped hills of a frosty dreamscape against the backdrop of roaring fires and gluttonous sessions spent with our loved ones – these are just about our favourite things in the world. No we’re not talking about a skiing holiday that never materialised, we’re talking about Christmas! But there is one aspect of Christmas that sends a shiver down our spine colder than Jack Frost on a Slushie bender… terrible gifts! We have all been responsible for sending the less-than-thoughtful gift; the oversized reindeer jumper which will see the light of day for one day a year, or the Filofax to the forgetful uncle who will of course, forget where he left it come January. So let us set you, dear readers on the path of the righteous gift giver by highlighting the seven deadly sins of christmas gift giving;

7. Thou Shalt Not Buy One-Use Items!

Much like the Reindeer jumper, a gift that cannot make more than one appearance a year fall into this category. Put down the christmas tie, novelty hat/scarf/gloves set. This is not a special gift and will slowly gather dust in the bottom of a cupboard before being ceremoniously replaced with next years ‘themed’ gift.  Save the money and effort by opting for a scarf that can be used all year round or a stunning pair of Marilyn Pure Wool Gloves.

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6. Thou Shalt Not Give Ridiculous Personal Grooming Gifts!

Ok, so everyone’s belly button collections fluff, but we are unsure of anyone’s need for a belly button fluff remover! A person’s belly button fluff is their own personal business and you as a gift giver have no right to dictate how they collect said fluff.  So steer clear of an offensive orifice cleaning device and give the gift a man will truly love like the Apple Cider Making Kit.

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5. Thou Shalt Not Give A Novelty Calendar!

Once the staple gift of grannies up and down the country, the novelty calendar is now an endangered species of christmas gift and here’s why: When you have access to the date/time/calendar on your phone/tablet/laptop/desktop you certainly don’t need Cliff Richard to show you what date it is with some questionable poses. Find some truly inspirational gift ideas for her here.

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4. Thou Shalt Not Give A Gifts That Look Like Chocolate But Isn’t!

Teapots, calculators, soap the list is endless for these types of gifts. Who seriously likes to receive the gift off yummy goodness but ends up with a disappointed taste in their mouths due to a cleverly disguised gift. So instead give the gift of real chocolate with a delicious Christmas Sweet Tree made entirely of smooth Galaxy Chocolate…..yummmmmm!

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3. Thou Shalt Not Buy Celebrity Endorsed Gifts!

We love celebrities. From their personalities to their fashion, they are breakers of norms and builders of trends. However, just because a celebrity endorses something, doesn’t always make it a good gift to give.  Take for example Paris Hilton’s Prosecco In A Can, she may be rich and beautiful but we highly doubt she drinks Prosecco In A Can and neither will you. So leave those celebrity endorsements behind and give a gift she will love with a Mighty Purse. Whats more this very fashionable bag has a built-in charger which is compatible with most smart phones!

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2. Thou Shalt Not Buy Novelty Socks for Children!

We cannot stress this sin enough, kids do not like socks! It really doesn’t matter how cute/funny/bright/adorable they are, kids DON’T like socks. Avoid the tantrums and tears come Christmas Morning with something they will truly love like the Rufus & Ted rocking horse.

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1. Thou Shalt Not Buy Seemingly Helpful Gifts for Woman!

We women like to converse about our irks in life, this is a fact and one we cannot get away from. I, Zebarella often talk of my dieting, career and home frustrations out loud. But beware, although I might complain about aspects of my life, that does not mean I want a seemingly helpful gift. Gifts such as scales, a new mop or any Idiots Guide To (anything) is grounds for a public act of rage. Stick to thoughtful gifts guys such as candles, hot water bottles or winter accessories to avoid the ice cold stare of death!

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So stay on the angelic side of your gift recipients this year by avoiding the above and giving gifts which will be loved for years to come. We love to hear from our dear readers so why not leave a comment with the worst gift you have ever received and share the giggles this festive season.

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