Seyvr Power Wallet – The Coolest Christmas Gift For Him

It doesn’t take much to keep a man happy but when it comes to gift giving, well there’s just something about the whole selection process that conjures up images of a tired Zebra wading through mud. Generally because he’s made sure he’s surrounded himself with all the things he wants anyway! And shower gel and socks are so last year (and the year before and the year….) You know his likes and dislikes but why do we end up procrastinating over how long we procrastinate when it comes to choosing that perfect gift for him? Well fear not my dear readers for I, Zebarella (gift advisor extraordinaire and nimble mud skipping Zebra Centaur) am here to show you the BEST gift idea for any man And my top pick will make a great Christmas Gift for him, guaranteed to not only satiate his stylish side, but will also satisfy the technophile that we know resides at the core of every man. Introducing the Seyvr Power Wallet.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Him

Wonderfully crafted from Cowhide leather, this slim, compact wallet would make a pretty great gift for the man in your life. And the unique Cuckooland twist… Its a luxury leather wallet with a slimline mobile phone charger (emphasis on high quality not gimmicky)! The Seyvr Power Wallet is certain to Wow your man with it’s incredible dual functionally. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, click here to see the full spec for the wallet.

Seyvr wallet with phone charger

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